Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Home

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One’s home should be a sanctuary – a place to recharge, connect and relax. In this article, we share some simple ways to remove negative energy from the home and fill it with happiness and good vibes.

Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Home

For Indians, especially Hindus, the month of Shravana is the fifth month of the Hindu solar calendar and is dedicated to worshiping Lord Shiva and observing fasts. Therefore, it is believed that following auspicious and cleansing rituals leads one to purity and abundance and helps in getting rid of negative energy within and around. Therefore, it is important to keep your house and environment clean. In the Indian tradition, it is also believed that the goddess Lakshmi prefers to live in a clean and tidy house.

Ultimate Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Negative Energy At Home

Burning natural incense helps purify the environment. This is one of the puja rituals followed in the month of Shravan and other auspicious days. Also, according to Vastu Shastra, one east corner in the house should be activated by keeping water symbols like a water fountain. It helps to attract happiness and positive energy.

Remove negativity from your home and create a positive environment. This can be achieved using the simple methods described below.

Negative energy exists and is all around us. Sometimes, even if we try to be positive in our lives, bad energy can be present in the house. Negative energy can cause illness, arguments and conflicts in the family. It makes people lazy, depressed and bitter. Negative energy drains favor from the mind and body and makes you feel low and tired. If your home space feels dead, it may be time to clear negative and negative energy from the home.

So, here’s how to get rid of negative energy at home. Try these simple ways to clear negative energy and bring new, healthy energy into the home.

Diy Aura Cleansing Spray For Clearing Negative Energy

Take advantage of the positive power of sunlight. Open the curtains to let natural light into the room. One of the easiest ways to cleanse toxins and remove negative energy from your home is to simply open the windows. Anger and stress are signs of negative energy in the home. Clean the house to let fresh air in and bad energy to leave. An increase in natural sunlight can improve depression symptoms and elevate a person’s mood.

Keep the negative energy out of the house and let the negative air out. When it is possible to get fresh air into the rooms, open all the windows. Also, shake the pillows, blankets and rugs in the room.

According to Vastu Shastra, breakable items like furniture, watches etc. should not be kept in the house. Although these items do not add to the decoration of the house, they attract negative energy. Therefore, these items must be removed or repaired.

Confusion leads to anger and negativity. This is one of the signs or symptoms of negative energy present in the house. It also causes stress and blocks positive energy. So, how do you get rid of negative energy from junk in your home? Minimizing space helps to feel more relaxed and open. Donate or donate unused items. Plus, cleaning makes things easier to see. Learn to fold books and clothes in the closet. Use organizers and dresser boxes to keep small things organized.

How To Smudge Your House To Invite Positive Energy

According to Vastu Shastra, salt has the quality to remove negative energy from the home. Add sea salt to the water when washing the floor. However, this remedy should be avoided on Thursday. Sea salt in a glass bowl will keep negativity away from the home. If there are Vastu defects in your bathroom, then, salt will help you to reduce the negative effects. Hardening the door with rock salt water prevents negativity.

If you are moving to a new house, make sure you clean and sanitize the surfaces. This will help eliminate the negative energy present in the house, especially from the previous owner.

Plants absorb toxins from the air, help filter negative energy and create positive energy, peace and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, keep a Tulsi plant in North or North East as it can remove all negative energy and create positive energy. A lucky bamboo plant will bring happiness in health, as well as love life. Aloe vera, the succulent plant, resists bad luck and negative energy and is known to purify the air. Jasmine attracts positive energy and helps with relationships. Money plant, peace lily and spider plant bring good feelings and happiness and ward off bad vibes.

Sage is an aromatic herb used both medicinally and for food. Burn shingle leaves and let the smoke clear the air in your home. Before you start burning the shingle, open a window to let the smoke escape. According to Feng Shui, sage helps remove negative energy from the home. Use camphor lamps or diffusers as they are effective for clearing the space of negative forces. Camphor lights, especially during the evening at home, are a great way to develop positive energy. Sandalwood and lavender have incredible healing powers to neutralize negative frequencies.

Get Rid Of Stagnant Negative Energy From Your Home And Office

In Indian culture, burning incense sticks is a common practice to invite positive energy and eliminate negative energy present in the home. Incense smoke helps create a pleasant environment and has been an integral part of spiritual practice and meditation for years.

Lighting scented candles and essential oils also works wonders for removing negative energy. The smell of oranges symbolizes good things like sunshine and helps lift the mood. You can infuse orange essential oil at home by adding a few drops to water.

The door of the house is the place from which positive energy enters the house. The doors and windows of the house are gateways for this energy. Therefore, it is important to clean these areas and ensure that negative energy is removed by planning the space properly.

Setting up a home altar is an effective way to get rid of negative energy and positive attraction. The altar should have useful items that attract luck, wealth and protection. Therefore, you can buy things like incense, candles, statues or pictures, crystals, books, flowers, etc.

Best Crystals For Protection Against Negative Energy

Sound moves energy around and has the power to turn negative energy into positive energy. The music of the bells helps break a negative energy pattern and promotes a healthy energy flow. Tibetan singing bowls are another way to balance the energy in your home. A simple remedy for clearing stagnant or negative energy in your home is to place a hand bell throughout your home. The best way to remove negative energy in the house is to sing or listen to it.

Put a bell in every corner of the house and its rooms, and at the door. The pleasant sound of a bell or wind chimes ward off bad energy.

Water fountains in the home generate positive energy with the soft sound of water, creating a calm and relaxing environment. The correct location of the water fountain is important, because it directs the energy of the house. The water source is ideal for Vastu home orientation to the north as it invites positive energy into the home. Install the water fountain in the living room, near the main door, so that negative energy does not enter your home. The fountain should be placed in such a way that the water flows towards your house and not towards the exit of the house.

A happy home is one where energy flows freely and serves as a place to relax and inspire you and your family. Sometimes when heavy items are not moved for a long time, they collect a lot of dust under and around them. Rearranging the furniture will help move the energy. Clean and rearrange the furniture and update the home decor. Even rearrange the furniture in the nooks and crannies because that’s where unstable energy can accumulate. Arrange furniture in such a way that it does not hinder movement.

Ways To Purify Your Space

Using healing crystals can promote the flow of productive energy and eliminate negative, toxic energy. Crystals can transform the energy of your body, mind as well as the environment. Hang crystals on windows and doors, or place them in corners and near doors, to ward off negative energy. Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for clearing the energy of your space. You can also use selenite crystal, rose quartz, jade stone and amethyst for cleansing effects. Black Touraline helps dispel and dissipate negative energy. Use crystals creatively as part of your decor or place loose stones in a bowl for powerful healing properties.

Mirrors, if used correctly, can double the positive energy of an area by absorbing negative energy. Placing a mirror on the front wall, facing outwards, helps to remove negative energy. at all

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