Get Rid Of Oily Hair Without Shampoo

Get Rid Of Oily Hair Without Shampoo – In fact, if you wash your hair without shampoo (just use water and a brush), you’ll be amazed at how low your hair stays.

Thanks to Lucy AitkenRead, beauty columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and author of the best-selling guide to donating shampoo.

Get Rid Of Oily Hair Without Shampoo

The water-only (WO) hair washing method, also known as “No Poo Nirvana”, allows you to rediscover your hair in its purest form.

Oily Hair: How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Without Washing

Shampoo takes all the goodness out of your hair, pulling you into an endless cycle of washing, drying, straightening and moisturizing to give you the illusion of healthy, shiny hair.

Let me ask you a simple question: What happens if you don’t shampoo your hair every day or every other day?

Apart from feeling a little more greasy, it’s not too bad if you don’t go on a date every day!

It wasn’t until 1957, when the first pH-balanced shampoo appeared in advertisements in magazines such as Vogue, Glamor and Harper’s Bazaar, that shampoo became mainstream.

The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair And Dandruff

The romantic images of feminine beauty and purity from the Breck Girls ads became a sensation, and women began to glorify shampoo as a necessity.

The shampoo industry is a billion dollar cow, and will continue to sell the illusion of PURE BEAUTIFUL hair every day.

But trust me: Nobody has time to read the small pictures to see what’s hidden in them.

Basically, you just abuse your hair with chemicals, then apply more chemicals to restore it to health. You are stuck in an endless cycle.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Naturally: Washing Tips And More

Does your hair really get so dull and dirty every day that it needs a lot of foam?

If you don’t take a dip in a puddle, your hair won’t get dirty. It’s sebum on your skin that makes you shrink.

Every time you shampoo your hair, the harsh sulfates in shampoos reset the sebum production on your skin. I call it “Hard Reset” which sends the scalp into shock and imbalance mode.

You see, the scalp’s main job is to produce sebum that maintains its hydrogen potential (pH). pH is critical because it protects your skin from bacterial infections and keeps your hair lubricated and healthy.

How To Fix Greasy Hair In Less Than 5 Minutes

When shampoo disturbs the pH balance, the skin triggers its defense mechanism to produce excess sebum and restore the balance.

I’m going to show you how to wash your hair without shampoo with just water. And I want you to feel the difference.

If you’re still unsure whether you should stop using shampoo, let me tempt you with the immediate benefits:

According to a study by Bionsen – a natural deodorant company, the average woman adds 515 different synthetic chemicals to her body every day!

Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Without Washing

Okay, I’m not saying pack your bags and go live in the jungle. But every little change helps. If you can stop shampooing your hair and see positive results, who knows…

Learn to be aware of the healthy effects of sebum on your hair. Even though it feels bad when you think about it, the body does it for a good reason. So learn to make sebum a hair friend instead of an enemy. The trick is to manage it properly.

If you grab 2 pieces of coarse and dry hair fibers and rub them together…

Similarly, when your hair is properly lubricated with sebum, the fibers will easily unravel. You don’t have to fight them every day!

How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair |

So don’t let shampoo dry your hair to cause friction. Once you get the hang of washing your hair without shampoo, you’ll see that you don’t have to spend time fighting those pesky knots.

It will save you time and your brush will not look like a graveyard for your damaged hair, especially if your hair feels dry after washing.

You don’t need silicone-based plastic-like products to coat your hair as heat barriers. Sebum is the best natural hair conditioner it can do for you.

And unlike heat protectant sprays, sebum doesn’t bake and stick to the straighteners to build up residue.

Oily Hair: How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

By cutting back on unnecessary hair products and keeping your hair care routine simple, you will find that your hair behaves well.

Exfoliation is a deep gentle technique that helps your scalp loosen and release excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells trapped at the roots.

You can also use green tea as a scalp tonic to loosen dirt, stabilize sebum production and remove dead skin cells.

Preening draws the oil from the base of the hair to distribute it over the length and ends.

Can You Train Your Hair To Be Less Greasy?

And their porous structure allows them to soak up natural oils like sebum and gently release them as you brush while retaining the rest.

By brushing the hair, the natural bristles gently sweep sebum away from the scalp to distribute it to the drier parts of the hair for a more natural look.

Washing your hair with cold water, on the other hand, doesn’t do enough to dissolve excess oil and dirt.

Therefore, you should stick to the hot water medium. It does enough to remove dirt and melt away all the excess oil that makes the hair greasy.

The 15 Best Shampoos For Oily Hair 2022

To finish, wash or rinse the hair with cold water to close the cuticles and make the hair smooth on the outside.

Benefits of washing hair in cold water: “Cold hair rinsing removes excess product without removing all the moisturizing ingredients. (Women with curly hair know that more moisture equals less frizz, too.) It also closes the cuticle cells, which has two benefits. First, it locks these ingredients and water inside the hair shaft. And when the cuticle layer is closed, the cells lie more flat, which means that the light is better reflected by the hair. More meditation equals more clarity.” Says Kally Papantoniou, MD, dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC. Source:

By closing the cuticles and pores of the scalp, cold water also seals in moisture and prevents dirt from entering and accumulating.

I use the Deva Curl Microfiber towel because it creates less friction and therefore causes less frizz in the hair.

How To Choose The Right Oily Hair Shampoo?

Microfiber has one denition or less and is 100 times finer than human hair. With approximately 200,000 fibers per square inch, a microfiber towel creates a much larger surface area to absorb moisture.

As a result, patting or simply wrapping it around for 10 minutes will dry your hair faster without any effort.

Although it can take up to 4 weeks to transform your hair using the No Poo Water Only (WO) method, it is well worth the journey.

According to dermatologists, the skin’s skin stops producing sebum after 5-7 days of not washing. So you have to give it time to adjust.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

But don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have to wash your hair for a certain amount of time, by all means, do it.

I recommend using the DevaCurl No Poo Shampoo (sulfate free). It will not irritate your skin and also maintains a good pH balance.

First, replace your shampoo with a sulfate-free one like I mentioned above. This will at least put you on the right track.

Do it gradually until you find the sweet spot where your hair is no longer screaming for chemicals.

Neutrogena Exfoliating Healthy Scalp Clarify & Shine Shampoo For Oily Hair And Scalp, Anti Residue Shampoo With Pink Grapefruit, Ph Balanced, Paraben & Phthalate Free, Color Safe, 12oz

When you wash your hair with just water, you want to make sure your water source is good and not do a number on you.

I live in London and I can tell you this… The water that comes out of my tap is terrible.

The only good thing about hard water is that it neutralizes shampoo with such high alkalinity and positively charged minerals.

Otherwise, it leaves a residue on your skin and hair just like the slimy white stuff you see around your faucets.

No Shampoo For 5 Years: An Honest Faq

Hard water makes hair greasy by leaving behind mineral deposits that shampoo can’t wash away. Over time, they mix with sebum to form a sticky paste that attracts dirt and dust.

These sticky residues can also block the pores of your skin to cause hair loss or prevent healthy hair growth.

Use a hard water test kit. It works in 15 seconds to tell you how bad your water is.

Unfortunately, many of us have no choice but to live with hard water. But don’t let this get in the way of a shampoo-free hair care journey.

The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

It helps stabilize sebum production, allows you to go days without washing your hair, and keeps you away from toxic chemicals.

The easiest and most natural way to wash your hair without shampoo – with just water and a bristle brush.

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How To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo (using Just Water & This Cool Brush)

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