Gifts For Someone Who Has Lost A Pet

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Anyone who has ever experienced the excruciating heartbreak of losing a pet will recognize how much open space it leaves in our lives. Our pets become much-loved and valued members of our families and their loss is absolutely devastating.

Gifts For Someone Who Has Lost A Pet

When someone you love and care for loses their furry, feathered or scaly companion, it can be really hard to know how to comfort them. As well as offering your support, if you’ve been looking to give them something of sentimental value in memory of their lost pet, we have a small range of respectful and customizable pet loss gifts in the pet loss section of our website.

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Our angel wings keychain is a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them as they go through this difficult time.

The Angel Wing Keyring comes engraved with your words and displayed in one of our ‘Made Just For You’ material pouches. You can also choose to include a personal message card if you’d like.

The piece can be kept in its material case and taken out whenever they want, or they can place it on their keys as a small memento of their lost friend. I hope it brings them some comfort and even lets them know that you are there for them if they need you.

Anyone who has a pet knows how much they are valued and loved as part of the family. Losing a furry, feathered or even scaly friend is never easy. Commemorate years of walks in the park, belly scratches and soft snuggles with our amazing ‘Memories Are Forever’ candle.

Cat Pet Loss Gift

Gift this beautiful candle to a friend who broke up with his beloved girlfriend. Or why not give it to yourself to remember them?

This piece is the perfect pet memorial for yourself or to show sympathy. Send your condolences by giving them something to remember their beloved pet by.

The candle comes with a ‘Memories are forever’ tag, along with an engraved lid with ‘Take time to remember’ etched into the metal. We also put a pack of MW Studio matches and a candle care card in the box.

Engrave on the piece a meaningful message for a friend who just had to say goodbye to his beloved girlfriend. Or why not give it to yourself and engrave the name of your beloved pet so that you will have something precious to you for years to come.

Unique Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Lost A Pet

This piece is the perfect pet memorial for yourself or to show sympathy. Send your condolences by giving them something to remember their beloved pet forever.

Each item comes packaged in one of our stunning ‘Made Just For You’ envelopes to keep it safe for years to come, and you can also choose to include a card with your own condolence message.

A beautiful handmade key chain featuring a photo of your choice on the front and an engraving of your choice on the back of the silver disc.

Each keychain is made to order. Send us the photo you want us to use and we will enclose it in a glass dome and attach it to a silver disc for you. We will then engrave your custom message on the back.

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After ordering, send us your photo at [email protected] along with your order number. Note that we will crop your image in a circle. So, make sure all the details you want to include are in the center of the image – see the guide in the images section for assistance. Not sure what to get a loved one who lost a pet? Here are nine heartwarming gift ideas to celebrate the lives of beloved pets. From left to right: Getty, ShakChew, Chewy

Losing a pet, especially one you loved, is hard, especially at a time when so many of us depend on our pets for companionship or comfort.

While decisions at the end of your pet’s life and in the moments afterward are never easy, there are resources to help you begin to process your grief. The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine has the Gone Best Friend Project, a telephone hotline that can connect bereaved pet parents with counselors and resources for coping with loss. Your vet can also put you in touch with your resources locally or have someone on staff who can talk to you.

It can also be difficult to find a way to remember a cat or dog that has been with you for years. Here are some tips on how to remember a beloved pet, ease the sense of loss, and memorialize your furry companion this holiday season.

Forever In Our Hearts

The right pet memorial gift captures a moment in a pet’s life or finds a way to communicate the pet’s meaning as a companion.

A little wind music is a way to take a moment to remember a pet’s life with this 18-inch wind chime from Pawprints Left By You. The hanging bells feature a paw print charm and a song honoring the life led by a companion dog.

It’s hard to know exactly what to do right after their pet dies. A Paw Pods Biodegradable Casket gives you an option if you want to bury a pet’s remains or ashes. The backpack can be decorated on the outside and has enough space to include favorite toys or a note. You can also plant the included paper with the seeds to grow flowers in your pet’s favorite spot in the yard.

If you decide to cremate your pet, the best friend services urn can be a way to safely store your pet’s ashes. The pitcher is made of brass, decorated with a series of hand-carved paw prints and is available in three finishes: slate, ebony or brass. Pet Memorial Gifts, Pet Loss Memorial Frame Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts, Paw Prints Sympathy Frame Gift For Loss Of Dog And Cat

A photo that captures a happy time in the lives of a pet and pet owner is one way to preserve the pet’s memory. The Pearhead Pet Frame has the words “Forever Loved” on the bottom, along with a black ribbon and a paw print charm hanging from the right side of the frame. The black frame fits a 4×6 inch photo.

Extra large fleece blanket featuring a favorite pet from Picture It! Can feel companionship when someone is missing a furry friend. This blanket stretches 50 inches by 60 inches and is machine washable.

Maybe your dog had a beautiful smile or your cat always looked like he was up to something. Custom Pet Portrait Etsy seller ShakChew creates a black and white pet portrait from a photo you submit. Print sizes range from 8×10 inches to 24×36 inches, or you can get a digital file to print the portrait yourself.

A designated place to keep photos, notes or items that remind you of a beloved pet can be an important part of preserving the dog’s memory. Estee seller BelvedereCollections creates wooden boxes engraved with the dog’s name, breed, life dates and a short obituary.

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After a pet dies, you don’t just need a hug; But you miss having a friend to hold your hands with when you’re sad. My Petsies Pillows are something you can actually hug. The pillows, which include a picture of the pet, are available in three different sizes and designs.

Some depict the passage of a pet as it crosses the Rainbow Bridge, and Etsy seller Elysium Memorials honors that sentiment with this Memorial Stone Keepsake Urn. The urn is made of hand-blown glass, fits in your hand and has an opening at the base with a stopper that can hold a small amount of pet ashes.

The personal nature of pet memorial gifts means you may have some idea of ​​how you want to remember a pet in your life. Online pet stores, large retailers and artisan markets have a number of ways you can tailor gifts for someone who has just lost an animal companion or can spark an idea for how to remember your family pet.

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