Good Netflix Movies For 13 Year Olds

Good Netflix Movies For 13 Year Olds – At this time, we are no longer looking for prestige viewing. This is also upsetting. What most of us long for is a great comfortable watch. And there’s nothing more comforting than a giddy, hair-raising, hilarious teen movie. It’s hard to explain why these movies are so comforting. Perhaps because the emotions during this age are so raw and strong that they leave an impression even years later. Maybe because the first blush of love is always the strongest. Or maybe it’s because teenagers have absolutely no filter, so the dirty jokes come out of their mouths.

The best teen movies on Netflix do some, if not all, of these. Whether you want a heartbreaking romantic flick, an awkward comedy, a sweeping melodrama, or a movie that uses high school as a metaphor for society at large, Netflix has a teen movie that will fit the bill. (Especially for romantic comedy fans: with movies like

Good Netflix Movies For 13 Year Olds

, Netflix is ​​sweeping away all the rom-com angles.) Hey, you can even find a teen sci-fi movie with time travel elements. Just remember, as you look back on your days of acne and lacquer combinations, what it took to make it to the other side and into adulthood.

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Proved to be such an unexpected hit that a sequel was inevitable. This time, Elle still has to juggle her relationships with her boyfriend Noah and her best friend Lee while making college decisions. A third film is reportedly in the works, shot secretly alongside this one.

Based on Jennifer Niven’s novel, the film follows two troubled teenagers who become romantically involved when they are assigned to work together on a school project. But are their feelings enough to overcome their personal problems?

, must navigate the ins and outs of her first real relationship—which gets even more complicated when a new boy enters the mix who might be even more suited to her.

Two teenage girls form a new friendship. The catch? One is the other’s ex’s new boyfriend and they keep the friendship behind his back like it’s an affair.

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Football player Paul enlists Eli, who makes money on the side writing essays for other students, to write a love letter to a classmate named Aster Flores. The only problem? Ali also has a crush on Aster.

It’s a teen movie…with a bit of time travel. Two high school prodigies hack their time travel ability, but one of them uses it to try to change a traumatic event in her past with consequences for the present.

Noah Centineo, Netflix’s beloved heartthrob, stars as a man who offers his services as a fake date to earn money for college. Of course, real feelings are involved. Camila Mendes co-stars as Shelby, the snobby girl who thinks she’s out of her class but wants to win.

You probably already know the story of Lara Jean, whose meeting sister sends personal letters to her top five crushes of all time. But this is the movie that first gave the world Noah Centineo, so there is absolutely no harm in seeing it again.

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Four friends make a bunch of rash decisions in their last two weeks of high school – not that any of us would know anything about it. Lucy Hale, Aukwafina, Catherine Prescott and Alexandra Shipp star in this tale of teenage frolicking.

The movie that gave us Noah Centineo? Here he plays Jamie, another vulnerable heartthrob, this time opposite the shy and unpopular Sierra (Shannon Purser of

Modern day situation where she starts a relationship with Jamie – except he thinks her phone number belongs to someone else. How long can he keep the mistaken identity?

Two super-competitive debate champions are thrown for a loop when they have to stop going head-to-head and – ouch! – Work in a team. This movie is for anyone who loves rival-versus-friend stories like

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Like so many teenagers before him, Alex Truelove is in his own love triangle. Only this time, he can’t decide between Claire, his longtime best friend (as usual)—or a boy named Elliot.

If you’re in the mood for something about self-love, this movie follows a plus-size teenager (Danielle Macdonald), the daughter of a former beauty queen (Jennifer Aniston), who signs up for a beauty pageant to crack her mom up. – Only to find out she inspired others to try.

Although Netflix famously didn’t release its box office numbers when the movie came out, the company’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said

It was “one of the most watched films in the country, and perhaps the world.” Perhaps the simple love triangle is why it is so popular: it follows best friends Elle and Lee (Joey King and Joel Courtney) as their relationship changes as they age – and Elle falls in love with Lee’s brother (Jacob Elordi).

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When their mother goes to prison, Deidra and Lanny hatch a heist plan to keep them out of foster care. Although this sounds like a dark setup for a movie, it’s actually a comedy! And it gets even better with the performance of Ashley Murray, aka Josie

Some movies take a romantic view of the teenage years – Lady Bird does not. Instead, it follows a high school senior as she wanders through her senior year of high school, trying to navigate her relationships with boys, old friends, new friends, and her mother.

For something with a more supernatural bent, this movie follows the Groundhog Day style pattern where the main character has to live the same day over and over again. This time, Zoe Deutch plays a bad girl who relives the day she dies in a car accident. Can he learn from his mistakes and end the cycle?

The movie follows an awkward teenage prodigy who, after graduating from Harvard (naturally), spends most of her life in her apartment until a friend makes her a to-do list. The things on it? Make a friendship, get a pet, get a job, etc. Anyone who puts off growing up can relate.

The Best Teen Movies On Netflix (november 2022)

The Irish film follows a young outcast at a sports-obsessed boarding school whose luck begins to turn when he unexpectedly hooks up with the school’s rugby star. However, things turn sour when the school’s homophobic atmosphere begins to strain their friendship.

Parents who were around in the 80s remember Jem as a really, really, really outrageous cartoon, but this movie is all live action, with a more modern take on what it’s like to deal with overnight stardom. It was directed by John M. Chu, who also produced it

Based on the beloved novel by Stephen Chbosky (who also directed the film), Perks is a mind-bending tale of first love, matching and mixing types.

In this graphic novel adaptation, arrested teen Scott Pilgrim wants to date Ramona Flowers, but first he must defeat her seven evil exes. After the battles, can he learn what goes into a real relationship?

Of The Best Pg Movies On Netflix Right Now

Amanda Bynes stars as an American woman who heads to London in search of the father she’s never met, only to find out he’s part of the aristocracy. Can she be accepted by him – and make him light up? This is great for those looking for early 20s nostalgia.

If you like your teen movies to be of the VIP variety, this one promises to make you crack up. In it, Mandy Moore plays a good girl who begins a romance with a rebellious teenager after being assigned to tutor him.

After watching all these teen movies, you must have found a bunch of tropes used over and over again in teen movies. This spoof movie pokes fun at all the clichés while referencing some of the most famous teen movies of the 80s and 90s. It even takes place at John Hughes High School.

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Best Teen Romance Movies On Netflix 2022

From intense dramas to light-hearted sitcoms, these shows hit the mark when it comes to bringing young people’s stories to life. Plus, teen shows tend to push the boundaries of what can be seen on TV – the days of corny after-school specials are long gone, as modern shows tackle topics ranging from self-discovery to some of the biggest Issues that young people face today. . Netflix is ​​home to some of the most binge-worthy teen shows on TV, thanks to their crazy cliffhangers and love triangles that make shipwrecks out of loyal lums. From supernatural sci-fi hits like

, it is

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