Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password – Hikvision product users often ask: “What is the Hikvision default/standard password if I forget the IP camera password?” This article will explain that:

1. For older products that have already updated the firmware, the default password / standard password is no longer valid. But if you have never updated firmware, try default password/standard password 12345.

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

2. >= For all new Hikvision products manufactured in 2017, the default password / default password is no longer valid. Therefore, before using the product, it is necessary to activate and set the password through the steps detailed in this article. And if you forget password, you need to recover password using XML method as described in previous article here.

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Before proceeding with the activation steps, make sure you have prepared the required plugins and software for activation as follows:

The requirements mentioned above are the most economical, if you have a POE switch (and only if the IP camera supports POE), another option can be used to replace the DC adapter (on adjusting with the camera specifications, read .camera data) and 2 network cables about 1 meter each.

This activation step is limited to cameras only. Therefore, this tutorial can also be used for other Hikvision product devices that require activation first.

The following circuit configuration uses an IP camera as an example, if the device to be activated is not an IP camera (eg Hikvision Fingerprint Time Terminal) then the camera image can be changed to the appropriate device. The connection remains the same as using a network cable.

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Make sure the adapter used is suitable for IPCam. To avoid burning the camera, pay attention to the polarity (high and low poles) and voltage. Connect the appropriate adapter to the IPCam and then connect the adapter to an AC power source. The network port on the IPCam can be connected directly to a computer. After the computer is connected to an AC voltage source, turn on the computer and then follow the activation steps below.

1. After IPCam is activated according to the above step, activate SADPTool. The SADP tool can be downloaded from the following Hikvision official website: https://www.hikvision.com/en/Support/Downloads/Tools. In the image below, it can be seen that the camera position is still disabled when detected by the SADP tool.

2. Click on the check mark to the left of the ID. At this point you will be asked to enter the administrator account password that will be used by IPCamera in the future. Enter the password you will use in the New Password text box and repeat with the same password in the Confirm Password text box. Then press the Activate button.

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

Hikvision IP Camera Hikvision Access Control Terminal Activate Hikvision Connect to Hikvision IP Camera Hikvision IP Camera Hikvision SADP Camera Hikvision Fingerprint SADP Device SADP Device This article will show you how to reset a Hikvision NVR, DVR, or IP camera password. If you have lost or forgotten the password, then just follow this guide.

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There are many methods on how to reset Hikvision password and all these methods depend on the product date and model.

Older Hikvision devices can be reset using a password generator tool, newer ones can be reset using another tool that exploits a software bug on the Hikvision platform.

The latest version can be installed using the export mode via the SADP tool (send the code to the Hikvision support team or your dealer/retailer). Here we will explain these methods, try them out and find out which method works in your case.

There are two parts to setting up a password for a Hikvision device. First, you need to identify the serial number of the unit and you will use this serial number to generate the reset code.

Hikvision Password Reset

Second, if you are trying to update a DVR or NVR, you may need to use the current system date. This is easy to find, just check the camera feed on the monitor and look for the date stamped on the video.

Basically, you need to find and check the serial number of your device (IP Camera, DVR, NVR). You can find this serial number on the label/flash attached to your camera or recorder.

Another way is to use the Hikvision SADP tool to get the serial number. This tool will monitor your local network and list all Hikvision devices found on the network. It also displays specific information such as IP address, unit model, serial number etc.

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

You need to download and install the SADP tool (Get SADP at this link, install version 2.0). After SADP is installed in your computer/laptop, run it and all your Hikvision devices on the network will be listed there.

Setting The Admin Password

The serial number of each device (Camera, NVR, DVR) is under the Device Serial Number column (check the image below). You need to copy it to use it in the next steps. Note: You must install SADP version 2.0, sometimes called “Old SADP”.

Note the row number marked with a red circle. Copy it as we will need it for the next steps.

This tool may or may not work for your IP Camera, NVR or DVR. Please follow the instructions very carefully and be correct in all your entries in the tool.

Devices on newer firmware require a more secure password reset process (this method will not work). This tool will only work with cameras running firmware older than 5.3.0. And for recorders (NVR or DVR) made before 2017. None will work for anything new, but it’s worth a try if you don’t know when the unit was manufactured.

Hikvision Ds 7608ni Q2/8p 8 Channel 4k Uhd Nvr Ds 7608ni Q2/8p

Access to Hikvision password generator. Enter the device serial number and current date on the camera or NVR (this is important, the date entered must be correct).

Important Note: Some Hikvision devices (probably only NVRs) display their model number appended to the beginning of their serial number. You may need to remove this from the account you log in to the device.

For example, if the serial number shows as DS-7208HVI-ST0123456789AAWR987654321WCVU and the device model number is DS-7208HVI-ST, the actual serial number is 0123456789AAWR987WCAVU.

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

Once you get the generated code from the above tool, you need to enter it on the SADP software and reset the password. Note that this reset requires you to install SADP version 2.0 (remove any previous versions). Select the camera and enter the security code on the box. After reset the password will be 12345.

How To Reset Password Quick Guide

Exploits backdoors found on Gitbub and on Hikvision devices. Download the software from here (Google Drive link) and install it on your computer/laptop.

It doesn’t work for all firmware versions, but maybe it will work for you. Nothing to lose if you give it a shot. It works for Hikvision firmware versions listed below:

There are five simple steps to recover a password using this tool, and you can skip steps 3 and 4 in most cases. Connect your camera to the network, find the IP of the camera using the SADP tool and also get the HTTP port (default is 80).

Enter the IP address and port on the device. Then click on Get User List and select Administrator account from the list.

Hikvision Default Password

Set a new password and click “Reset new password for selected user”. After that, your camera will have your new password or will be assigned the password “12345abc”. Try both to see which one works.

Method 3. Reset the Hikvision password by sending an email to the Hikvision support team or your local dealer/reseller.

This method works by sending an email containing the serial number of the Hikvision device and replying with the reset password to the Hikvision team or your dealer.

Hikvision Nvr Default Admin Password

Before you begin, you cannot use an older version of SADP for this method. Uninstall the old SADP and download the new version (looks like the screenshot below).

Step By Step Configure Hikvision Nvr Ds 8664ni I8

Step 1: Open SADP and select the camera or NVR you want to reset by clicking the box next to the device on the left side of the list and then clicking the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the Output tab on the right. SADP window.

Step 2: Click the Export button on the pop-up to export the configuration file, and then choose a folder to save the file that is easy to find. After you have extracted the reset file, the camera/NVR you are restoring should remain on until the reset is complete.

Step 3: Open your emails and attach the configuration file to the new email, send this file to Hikvision support team or your local dealer/reseller. They will verify your purchase and send a reset code. Once you get a response from them, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Open SADP and go back to the previous export pop-up, this time you have to go to step 2 and click the Import file box, then click the folder icon and find the configuration file we sent you, open it so the file path is as follows In the box that appears, enter the new password twice at last and then click OK.

Hikvision Ivms 4200

By resetting the password you can now open the Internet Explorer browser, find the IP address of the device and login.

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