Horse Trailers With Living Quarters For Sale

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Trails West knows all about lifestyle and the importance of smoothness on the trail. That’s why we design every horse trailer with space to fit your needs. We take the extra step to build the trailer shell and complete the housing at our facility in Preston, Idaho. When you buy from us, you get a horse trailer with the same quality as your salon inside and out. We do this to make sure you don’t have to worry so you can spend time enjoying your family and horses.

Horse Trailers With Living Quarters For Sale

Our living room trailers come in a variety of options, but all are gooseneck trailers. So whether you have two, three or even four horse companions, everyone can ride in maximum comfort. We offer 7-Foot and 8-Foot bases, with all kinds of amenities and color combinations. This is the best horse trailer with space you can find on the market.

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Still have questions? Be sure to check out our blog for some great tips on what to consider when buying a horse trailer. What’s better than traveling the country, exploring new places? Well, traveling with horses, of course! If you love horses, the thought of going on an adventure with your horse is appealing. Or maybe you are planning a trip around horses, for competitions or just to ride horses in a new area. No matter the reason, one of the best ways to travel with a horse is to use a horse trailer with live quarters. You can stay close and enjoy the new scenery next to your horse. Here are some of the best horse trailers with comfortable living space for your family and your horse.

The Cimarron Norstar horse trailer is crafted with style, durability and safety in mind, with your family and your horse in mind. Put your own stamp on your trailer by personalizing it inside and out. There are configuration options for slant loads and straight load areas for your horse. This trailer has features and is designed for safety and comfort for you and your horse. The Cimarron Norstar trailer also has the perfect combination of rustic charm with plenty of features. It includes an entertainment center with TV, satellite dish, radio, CD and DVD player. You will never lack power with a converter and generator. You will also appreciate the carbon dioxide detector to ensure safety when the gas stove is in use. Not only is this trailer thoughtfully built, but it has more than enough room to sleep six comfortably.

If you want to transport up to six horses, the Horse Motorcoach Horse Trailer may be right for you. This large horse and RV hauler can tow up to 40,000 pounds. There are configurations between two and six stalls so that horses can ride comfortably in an excellent mobile stable that can be configured for direct or oblique loading, with enough space and storage space. There is also an outside hayloft and plenty of storage. You have several options for first class lounges, with many upgrades to choose from. Some of the facilities include awnings, maple cabinets, skylight over the shower, heated floor, additional slide out, 43″ Smart LED TV, DVD player, radio and speakers. The spacious interior provides all the space you need to enjoy this trip horses No need for different tracks and trailers with many drivers, this is all in one amazing car vehicle.

If you are looking for an affordable option with comfortable and convenient amenities, the Platinum Coach Outlaw trailer is a great choice for you. Not only can it accommodate up to five horses, but it also has some great features in the living room like a sleeper sofa and HDTV. There is also a large storage room and individual side windows for your horse. You can’t beat this budget option that will check your requirements.

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Country Estate Villa provides luxury class accommodation in a 53′ model. The living room has high end amenities such as an electric fireplace, copper dishwasher, solid maple cabinets, gas stove, hardwood floors, 32 inch flat screen TV, XM Satellite Radio and more. Not only does this trailer offer top-of-the-line features, but you can customize the features and decorations to your liking. There’s even an outdoor entertainment area with a second TV, a refrigerator-drawer to hold drinks, a hot water dispenser for coffee and tea, and an 18-inch awning for protection from the weather. The living space in this trailer is 33′ long and has four slides for extra space. Your horse can also travel in luxury. They have special luxury booth pads, dining areas and non-slip floor coverings. There is an upper three-horse slanted cargo area. In addition, there is a one-horse direct loading area at the rear of the house with a convertible stable configuration that can store a golf cart if needed. Whatever your needs, this Featherlite horse trailer has style!

Sundowner is known for its quality and offers a wide range of models from budget friendly to luxury. The Special Edition Series is a luxury offering with larger living spaces and advanced features that rival other luxury horse trailers. Available options can accommodate up to four horses and the whole family. Amenities include fireplace, dishwasher, indoor/outdoor flat screen TV, washing machine, beautiful wood cabinets. And the trailer is fully automatic so it can be easily controlled with the touch button control panel. Sundowner is one of the trailer manufacturers that builds homes and trailers in the same facility from the same company, which provides one easy contact for service, an added advantage.

Why buy a bulk trailer when you can design your own to suit your needs? If this sounds appealing to you, then look no further than Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters. The company offers all the luxury features in living space that many other trailers provide, with over 15 custom floor plans and designs. There are many options to choose from, and they have an extensive photo gallery. In addition, the design center can help you choose a design style, color palette, features, and also show you the best way to use the available space. They guide you through every step of the process and have been designing custom signature interiors for over 30 years, so they know what their clients value.

Buying a horse trailer with accommodations is an investment you will make for your family, and that includes your horse. The options we have shared here offer a variety of options to choose from for your travel adventure.

Logan Coach Razor 4 Horse Trailer With Living Quarters

Okay, so technically the Sundowner Charter isn’t a horse trailer with accommodation, but when you’re going to local events that don’t require an overnight stay, it’s always nice to have a smaller horse trailer. Our friends at Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer share that the Sundowner 2 Horse Bumper Pull is their best-selling horse trailer, and for good reason. The Sundowner has industry-leading build quality, and with a height of 7’6″ it provides plenty of room for big horses. Standard features provide a comfortable ride and adequate ventilation. It’s an all-aluminum trailer so it looks great and benefits as. more efficient trailer.Lightweight to transport With an 8-year warranty on the main trailer structure, this horse trailer is built to last.

Serving the Southeast trucking, trailer, and equestrian industries for over four decades, he has been involved in the horse, rodeo, and automotive business since its inception. Choose from a variety of pre-owned options or start ordering your dream Sundowner or Homestead trailer today!

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As hurricane season begins, we have organized horse evacuation resources for the Carolina coast. Please be sure to plan ahead if you need to move yourself and your horse to higher ground. Print and Fill Out Our Evacuation […]

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