How Can I Know If I Have Thyroid Problems

How Can I Know If I Have Thyroid Problems – Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland is when the thyroid gland produces too few hormones. Low thyroid hormone levels can cause a wide range of signs and symptoms, from changes in mental function to digestive problems.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the neck. Thyroid hormones play a vital role in regulating metabolism and energy expenditure and affect almost every organ in the body.

How Can I Know If I Have Thyroid Problems

In the early stages, a person may not notice any symptoms. However, if left untreated, hypothyroidism can lead to serious complications such as infertility and heart disease.

January Is Thyroid Awareness Month: Calling Attention To Thyroid Disease In Seniors

In this article, we describe 12 common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. We also discuss how common hypothyroidism is and when you should see a doctor.

Many people with the condition report being so exhausted that they cannot go about their day as usual.

Fatigue occurs regardless of how much sleep a person gets or how many naps they take during the day. Treatment for hypothyroidism usually improves people’s energy levels and functioning.

They regulate body weight, food intake and fat and sugar metabolism. People with low thyroid hormone levels may experience weight gain and an increase in body mass index (BMI).

Check Your Thyroid With A Self Exam

Even mild cases of hypothyroidism can increase the risk of weight gain and obesity. People with the condition often report a swollen face as well as excess weight around the stomach or other areas of the body.

Research also suggests a link between thyroid disorders and rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition that causes painful swelling in the lining of the joint. Effective treatment for both conditions helps people manage their symptoms.

Hypothyroidism can slow the metabolism, which can lead to a decrease in core body temperature. Therefore, some people with low thyroid hormone levels may feel cold all the time or have a low cold tolerance.

This feeling of coldness can persist even if you are in a warm room or during the summer months. People with hypothyroidism often report having cold hands or feet, although they may feel that their entire body is cold.

Understanding Thyroid Problems & Disease

However, these symptoms are not exclusive to hypothyroidism. Circulation problems or anemia can also make people feel cold.

Studies report that an underactive thyroid gland can cause problems with movement through the intestines and the activity of the stomach, small intestine, and colon.

. A person may also have hard stools, difficulty passing stool, or a feeling that they cannot completely empty the rectum.

Thyroid hormones play a vital role in removing excess cholesterol from the body through the liver. Low hormone levels mean that the liver has difficulty performing this function and blood cholesterol levels can rise.

Could You Have A Hypothyroid Or Thyroid Headache?

Suggests that up to 13 percent of people with high cholesterol also have an underactive thyroid. As a result, many experts recommend that doctors regularly screen people with high cholesterol for hypothyroidism.

Addressing thyroid problems can help lower cholesterol levels, even in those not taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

People with hypothyroidism may also have a slower heart rate or bradycardia. Low thyroid levels can affect the heart in other ways as well. These effects may include:

Bradycardia can cause weakness, dizziness and breathing problems. Left untreated, this heart disease can lead to serious complications, such as high or low blood pressure or heart failure.

Foods That Are Making Your Thyroid Sick

Untreated hormonal disorders, including thyroid problems, can contribute to hair loss. This is because thyroid hormones are essential for the growth and health of hair follicles. Hypothyroidism

People with thyroid problems are also more prone to developing alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune condition that causes hair to fall out in patches.

People with hypothyroidism may also develop dry, brittle and coarse hair or dull, thin nails that break easily.

A goitre is an enlargement of the thyroid gland that appears as a swelling at the base of the neck. Other goiter symptoms include:

Do I Have A Thyroid Problem?

Many thyroid problems can lead to goitre, including iodine deficiency and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune condition that damages the thyroid gland, preventing it from producing enough hormones.

According to the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, hypothyroidism causes these problems because it affects other hormones that play a role in menstruation, such as through:

, hypothyroidism affects about 4.6 percent of people age 12 and older in the United States. However, most of these people experience only mild symptoms.

It is vital for people with unexplained fatigue or other signs or symptoms of hypothyroidism to see a doctor. Left untreated, an underactive thyroid gland can lead to serious complications, including infertility, obesity and heart disease.

Is Your Thyroid Slowing You Down? Key Symptoms And When To Get Tested

A doctor can do a simple blood test to check a person’s thyroid hormone levels. Treatment for hypothyroidism involves the use of synthetic thyroid hormones. These drugs are safe and effective if a person takes the right dose.

Because thyroid hormones are necessary for the normal functioning of many different parts of the body, low levels can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

It is vital that people with these or other symptoms of hypothyroidism see their doctor for evaluation and treatment. Doctors can prescribe hormone replacement pills to effectively treat people with low thyroid hormone levels.

Medical News Today has strict sourcing guidelines and draws only from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals and associations. We avoid using tertiary references. We link primary sources – including studies, scientific reports and statistics – to each article and also list them in the resources section at the bottom of our articles. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy. Your body’s thyroid gland controls the production of certain hormones. If it’s underperforming or overperforming, you’re suffering from thyroid disease. The first is called hypothyroidism and the second is known as hyperthyroidism. Here are some natural thyroid remedies you can try to treat hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Symptoms In Women

According to a study conducted in 2014, thyroid affects about 42 million Indians. In fact, the number of thyroid cases in India is more than the cases in other countries, be it Great Britain or the United States of America. More recently, in 2017, researchers concluded that in our country one in three people suffers from thyroid disease. Considering that thyroid is genetic, its incidence continues to rise.

Here are some simple natural thyroid remedies that you can try from the comfort of your own home.

Stress can trigger thyroid. In fact, stress and weight gain are also a result of the thyroid gland. Exercise not only reduces stress, but it also helps you lose weight. While you can run, swim or bike, yoga is a low-impact option. It is ideal if you have symptoms such as muscle/joint pain or weakness. Additionally, studies show that yoga can manage thyroid levels. For the most benefits, do poses like Sarvangasana and Matsyasana. They stimulate the thyroid gland and the endocrine system. As a result, they provide visible results.

In addition to exercise, watch what you eat. This is one of the best natural remedies for thyroid problem. If you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease, eat foods rich in selenium. It is a trace element that affects your body’s metabolism of thyroid hormones. The easiest way to do this is to eat eggs. Other foods you can eat are shellfish, tuna, mushrooms, Brazil nuts, chicken and cottage cheese. If you have hyperthyroidism, follow a diet low in iodine. This means eating limited amounts of egg yolks, chicken and seafood. Also, do your best to avoid soy or soy-based products.

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Inflammation of the thyroid gland (known as hypothyroidism) can cause hypothyroidism. Eating ginger is one way to reduce inflammation and control this condition. Ginger is rich in antioxidants and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient. This makes it one of the natural remedies that work on the thyroid gland. An added bonus is that ginger boosts your metabolism, which also helps with thyroid function.

Stay away from ashwagandha if you have hyperthyroidism. But if you have hypothyroidism, give it a shot. Here’s why: High cortisol levels cause stress, which can cause hypothyroidism. Ashwagandha reduces cortisol and encourages your endocrine system to produce more hormones. Additionally, Ashwagandha’s anti-inflammatory properties help hypothyroid patients.

Hypothyroidism can lower vitamin B-12 and B-1 levels. This can make you feel tired and confused. One of the things you can do is take a vitamin B supplement. Or eat foods rich in vitamin B. These include peas, cheese, eggs, and sesame seeds.

If you go to a doctor with such symptoms, he will do a blood test. This will show your thyroid levels. After that, he may prescribe a drug that slows down the production of thyroid hormones. If you have hypothyroidism, he’ll prescribe a medicine to boost your thyroid hormone levels.

Hypothyroidism In Women: Symptoms And Treatment

The downside of taking the drug is that it can have side effects. So, many people prefer home natural remedies for thyroid. These will help you treat thyroid at home to some extent.

When it comes to thyroid home remedies, don’t try too many at once. You will not be able to determine which treatment is working and which is not. Also keep in mind that some treatments can show results while

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