How Can U Tell If Ur Depressed

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I’m talking about those days when all you want to do is hang out in front of the TV or spend hours mindlessly browsing social media.

How Can U Tell If Ur Depressed

Sometimes we do this even though we know there is a to-do list that needs to be completed at the end of the day. Sometimes we choose to do nothing because there is nothing we can do.

The 5 Fundamental Differences Between Sadness And Depression

But if this state of inactivity continues for days (even weeks), you start to wonder:

In general, we tend to associate laziness. Whenever we see or hear about someone doing nothing or wasting time on meaningless things, we immediately think that they are lazy with no goals and no future.

But the attitude we see and call “laziness” may be the result of something more painful and complex.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clinically depressed clients complain about people calling them lazy, unmotivated, and other names I can’t make up here.

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Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to clarify why laziness is not always the result of carelessness and indifference.

As people with depression struggle with a lack of motivation, feelings of helplessness, and a negative outlook on life, they often spend much of the day in “idle mode.”

There are times when the stress is so overwhelming that you lose the energy to get up and feed yourself.

And when you feel like the whole world is falling apart, all you want to do is curl up under the covers and avoid anything that might require some effort on your part.

Depression And Smartphones: Your Phone Knows If You’re Depressed

On the outside, this attitude may look like laziness, but depressed people are crippled inside by hopelessness and emotional pain.

Long story short, before you rush to call someone “lazy”, make sure you have their story. You might be surprised to learn that their lack of purpose and direction causes more than just apathy.

It is even more difficult to compare them because stress involves a whole range of mental, emotional and behavioral responses. At the same time, laziness is simply an attitude that people can exhibit for various reasons.

In my opinion, if you’re struggling with this problem, the first (and best) thing you can do is get yourself checked out.

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To determine whether laziness is a problem or not, you need to start by looking at how this attitude affects your daily life.

If we want to understand how laziness can pave the way for depression, we need to look at the situation from a different perspective.

When we think of depression, we often think of a sad, pessimistic person who is not happy about anything and has a negative outlook on life.

Experts call it “hidden depression” because it hides behind somatic symptoms that can easily be mistaken for medical conditions.[1]

Am I Depressed Or Lazy? 10 Ways To Know The Difference

For example, you may experience back pain, headaches and tension in the gluteal muscles, creating an overall feeling of physical stress and fatigue.

As a result, you can spend the day doing the bare minimum and waiting for the pain to subside so you can be more productive.

And the more you give in to this feeling and postpone your activities for comfort, the more you contribute to your feelings of helplessness.

A bad day turns into a bad week, which turns into a bad month, and before you know it, you fall into a comfortable state of inactivity.

Things To Say To Someone With Depression

But the saddest thing is that even if you realize that there is something very “dark” behind your lack of motivation and energy, it will take a lot of effort to recover (or be) happy and productive.

And I’m not saying this to discourage you, but to help you understand what you’re up against, set realistic expectations, and take a baby-step approach.

Psychologically, depression increases a negative outlook on things that overshadows any positive experiences that life may surprise you with.

Additionally, the negative thoughts and irrational interpretations associated with this condition are associated with sadness, anger, emptiness, frustration, despair, anxiety, insecurity, guilt, and low self-esteem.

Depression Quotes For When You Feel Down

But let’s break down these symptoms and better understand how stress affects your personal and work life.

From headaches and nausea to back pain and even digestive problems, long-term physical discomfort caused by a medical condition can indicate the presence of depression.

If a small negative event brings you to the brink of rage, or if depression and bitterness become your daily routine, you may be suffering from depression.

Experts estimate that nearly 50 percent of all people suffering from depression feel angry, bitter, and bitter most of the day.

What Your Depression Is Trying To Tell You — Destiny City Counseling

Although emotional eating can increase your serotonin, which gives you a short-term feeling of satisfaction, in the long run it translates into extra pounds, accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt.

While recreational drinking and smoking are normal and harmless, when you get to the point where one evening glass of wine just isn’t enough, you may be having more than just a bad day.

Like emotional eating, alcohol and drug abuse can have a temporary calming effect that keeps you connected to painful aspects of your life.

Whether you’re going to work, the gym, meeting someone or enjoying a delicious breakfast, we all have a reason to get up in the morning.

Steps To Take When Feeling Lonely And Depressed

However, if these activities do not bring you joy or satisfaction, motivation decreases and bed becomes your only source of peace and comfort.

If things that used to bring smiles or tears leave you indifferent and you experience zombie-like behavior that makes you seem cold and distant, you may be dealing with depression.

In my experience, this is probably the worst symptom that can accompany depressive episodes. I would honestly rather feel pain, frustration or disappointment than ‘have nothing’.

Have you ever thought about how many hours a day you spend thinking about a better and happier life? (Instead of doing something about it)

Things To Do When You’re Irritable And Depressed

While letting your imagination run wild is normal, spending too much time disconnected from reality can be a sign of depression or trauma.

Experts call this “negative daydreaming,” a tendency to escape reality and create dreams that create a sense of short-term gratification.

Like daydreaming, social media offers an alternate reality where you don’t have to deal with emotional pain and solve your problems.

While browsing social media gives you a much-needed sense of relief and satisfaction, the long-term effects can be dire. Current evidence suggests that social media use is associated with increased depression.[2]

How Can You Tell If You Have Depression?

The more time you spend looking at other people’s perfect lives, the worse you will feel about yourself.

Again, your lack of motivation and the fact that you no longer find joy in anything keeps you in a state of inactivity where even the smallest decisions feel like too much.

Or it could be because you have lost your self-confidence and can no longer be responsible for your decisions.

The moment you stop making decisions is the moment your life ‘freezes’ into a state where nothing happens, good or bad.

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Eventually you will reach a point where you are too ashamed of yourself to even try to make any changes and start taking care of yourself.

But the saddest thing is that people are often quick to judge you and don’t understand that your lack of interest is not a sign of laziness, but a result of stress.

It’s the kind of stress that’s hard to see because of all the distractions (social media, shopping, work stress, emotional eating, drug use, etc.) you surround yourself with to make it look like you’re okay.

When your friends, co-workers, or family members start worrying about you, it may be time to be honest with yourself and consider that you may be dealing with something more serious.

The Effects Of Depression In Your Body

4 Habits to Help You Cope with Depression 1. Stay in touch with your feelings (even when they hurt).

It’s never easy to stay in touch with painful emotions like hopelessness, fear, shame, guilt, or self-loathing.

But we do it because it’s the only way to build emotional resilience and get through stressful episodes without losing our purpose and goals.

These feelings exist (and hurt) for a reason. It’s your mind’s way of letting you know that something deep inside you needs your immediate attention.

Signs And Symptoms Of Summer Depression [infographic]

Although they may feel uncomfortable at first, these practices allow you to process emotions in a healthy and conscious way.

From online shopping and social media to TV shows, comfort food, and video games, we are surrounded by all kinds of recreational activities that keep our attention focused on anything but ourselves.

And with this wide variety of tasks just a click away, it’s no wonder we turn so quickly to distraction.


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