How Can You Tell If Mold Is Toxic

How Can You Tell If Mold Is Toxic – Molds are common fungi found almost everywhere on Earth. Indoors and outdoors, moderate levels of mold in the environment are generally not harmful to your health. However, a large increase in mold in your home or office can negatively affect your health level and cause a range of symptoms.

If you have persistent symptoms such as fatigue, fog in the brain, wheezing, Itchy skin or nasal congestion You should have a blood sample tested. You may be one of the many who unknowingly suffers from poisonous fungi.

How Can You Tell If Mold Is Toxic

In this article, I will discuss all the symptoms of mold in humans. What are the types of fungal enemies and where are they found? best remedy and how to control mold growth in your home

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Mycosis is a process that, under conditions of high heat and humidity, Molds produce mycotoxins that can infect your body. and induce an inflammatory immune response. and increase the symptoms of both The most common symptoms of fungal poisoning are:

Some people are more sensitive to exposure to mold and are at greater risk of mycotoxin symptoms:

Mold and mildew are two types of fungi that can attack your home. However, there is a big difference between the two.

Mildew is less of a problem and can be easily removed. You can usually find it in shower corners or on bathroom tiles and clean it with bleach or vinegar.

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Ra is truly evil. Difficult to detect and fight It can cause health problems in your home for years. It has a bad smell and can grow in different colors. from red to green And it may look like dirt, which you may have ignored at first. If fungal growth is not detected in the early stages Cleaning your home from these molds can be difficult. And you may need professional help.

There are over 1,000 species of mold, but few are found in homes or other indoor environments. You can find molds with different characteristics. within the hidden device Near ducts filled with air conditioners, under insulation, and behind wallpaper. But let’s focus on the most common unwanted guests.

“Does my house make me sick?” – a question that many people worry about respiratory problems, allergies, rashes, fatigue, brain atrophy and other symptoms of mold. It’s time to check your home for mold.

Check basement walls, laundry rooms, air conditioning systems, bathrooms, under sinks, window sills, closets, refrigerator door seals. and a drain tray and wardrobe Look for patches of black or green not only on the skin. But do the olfactory test. Stinks will help you find the source of mold growth.

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Look for causes of mold growth, such as broken pipes, leaks, waterlogging, lack of ventilation, old food, or wooden furniture. Knowing the cause of mold growth can help you spot this pesky intruder faster.

Don’t ignore your symptoms. If you start coughing, sneezing or wheezing when you enter the room That could be spores or mycotoxins.

As soon as you find mold, get rid of it, don’t delay until it’s too late. Especially if you encounter a poisonous fungus like Stachybotrys, prolonged exposure to the poison can cause life-threatening symptoms.

If you find a fungus Don’t waste your time with testing. But let’s go to the removal process.

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When you don’t see the mold but it smells. It is necessary to test Specific testing and expert help reduce guesswork and help prevent health problems.

Air sampling measures the concentration of mold spores in the air inside your home. Samples are taken from the air and carefully tested in the lab. The results will tell you if mold is the main cause of polluted indoor air and breathing problems.

Another way to detect mold is to test the surface. It works as simple as a wipe and tape. You’ll take samples from household surfaces for further examination in a lab.

For reliable results Don’t neglect natural textures like paper or wood. Although this test did not detect the concentration of spores in the air, It tells you the amount of mold growth that has spread throughout your home.

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Note: Air and surface test results may vary. This is because the amount of mold spores in the air and on surfaces can change greatly over time.

Many tests are about measuring particle uniformity in your home. All you have to do is collect parts from home and take them to the lab.

The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) test is another option that can measure “mould” in your home. This is just a soil sample from home, however, this test has some advantages.

All in all, this test is a great tool to give you a better picture of how your home is designed.

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If the affected area is not that large and mold tends to grow on easy-to-clean surfaces such as tile, you can deal with the mold yourself. In this case, a professional isn’t necessary. Unless you are sensitive to mold or have symptoms of mold poisoning. Cleaning mold yourself can lead to outbreaks.

Note: When cleaning the mold yourself It is important to use a mask, gloves and goggles to protect yourself.

You can’t always fight mold with bleach and soap. Here are the main conditions:

If you are experiencing symptoms of mold poisoning and want to know if mold exposure affects your health. There are several tests that can be performed.

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This test measures lung function. Reduced lung function is one of the symptoms of both asthma and fungal poisoning.

A blood test is called a radioallergen test. It is used to measure the amount of immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. This test helps to detect certain types of torsion sensitivity.

The VCS test is not a diagnostic method. Although it helps gauge your ability to see details at low contrast. Check for a lack of contrast sensitivity. and other processes that affect health

Some fungi and mycotoxins may impair contrast sensitivity, therefore a positive result of the VCS test can be evidence of a possible sample.

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Note: The VCS test is free of charge, however, if you need a detailed report and interpretation. You can make a small donation.

Acute symptoms are often caused by inhalation or direct contact with mycotoxins and fungi containing mycotoxins. MycoTOX is the most comprehensive mycotoxin test. To help you identify mycotoxins and treat mycotoxins.

A mycotoxin test is different from a spirometric test, skin prick test, and blood. The mycotoxin test provides a definitive answer and helps make a diagnosis. It is also useful to test mycotoxins to ensure that detoxification therapy has been successful and that the reticular fungal toxin is being cured.

For the MycoTOX test, all you need to do is collect 10 mL of your first morning urine. Do not eat or drink anything before getting the urine sample. Fasting for 12 hours is recommended to further detoxify mycotoxins.

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Often the whole family is recovering from mold poisoning except for one person. Why is that?

Your genes, especially the HLA-DR gene, can be a cause of difficult recovery from mycotoxin. This gene allows mycotoxins to enter the brain. and begins to slowly destroy nerve cells and inhibits the production of hormones

Due to nerve damage and hormonal imbalance caused by the HLA-DR gene, mycotoxin symptoms in humans tend to last longer and recovery takes time. In some cases, complete recovery does not occur.

If the cyst is removed and you don’t feel better. HLA-DR testing is essential to prevent the development of further complications and life-threatening diseases.

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Finally, the HLA-DR gene is not a death sentence. But there are ways to control it. If the test result is positive There are two steps you should take for better health:

Manage stress through yoga or meditation. At least 7 hours of sleep, high intensity training for better sweating and detoxification.

If you need help fighting mycotoxin and its symptoms, controlling your genes Improve food choices and lifestyle you can consult me

Spores are always floating in the air. And it is extremely difficult to prevent the growth of mold. However, the risk is minimized. Here are some tips for controlling humidity and keeping your home free of mold and dust.

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If you have a mold poisoning and need help with a treatment plan to help you get rid of mold and restore your health – schedule a consultation.

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