How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form – LibreOffice Writer can be used to create fillable PDF forms, which is a great free and open source alternative to Adobe’s Acrobat. For this use case, LibreOffice is also cross-platform. So it can be used on Windows and macOS as well as Linux.

PDF files can contain editable form fields that users can create/edit and save, and consequently documents can be filled in using the keyboard. Fill in the document with a pen instead of printing it and scan the document to send online

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

This article describes how to create a PDF in a fillable form using LibreOffice Writer. (Interactive Forms) Contains instructions for creating some common form elements such as adding text entry fields, list boxes (drop-downs), radio buttons (option buttons), and check boxes. Export document to PDF format

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I am using LibreOffice version 6.1 on Linux to take screenshots for this tutorial. However, the instructions should be the same for different versions or operating systems. I think the LibreOffice icon or toolbar may be different depending on the version and operating system you are using.

You should now see the form design toolbar. (It is located at the bottom of LibreOffice Writer by default) Click both the Show Grid button and the Snap to Grid button to enable them. This makes it easy to arrange the form controls later.

Now it’s time to insert some form controls into the new document. Click the label on the LibreOffice Form Controls toolbar, hold down the left mouse button and draw the label on the document.

Double-click the label you just added. Enter a name and label. A label field is a field that appears as text in a document.

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Click Text Box on the Form Controls toolbar and draw a text box. Move to the right of the text label (with the left mouse button held down). (See how to create text labels above):

Double-click the text box, enter a name, and fill in the Label field. Click the three dots button on the right. Set the label created on the left, then click OK.

Start by creating a text label as in step A, then click List Box on the Form Controls toolbar. Then draw a textbox to the right of the label.

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

Double-click the list box you added to the document and enter a name in the Label field. Click the 3 dots button. Assigns the label you added to the left side of the list box.

File Conversions: How To Convert A Pdf To An Online Fillable Form

Do not close the ListBox Properties window yet. To add optional items to the list box (drop-down), scroll down in the list box properties window. Item Adds an item to the Item field.

If you have text items in your text editor, copy and paste them directly here for each item on a separate line, then press Enter and the list will be added automatically. Or you can add each one manually. To do this, type one, then press Shift + Enter to add a new one, etc.

To test the new list box To exit design mode, click the Design Mode button on the form control toolbar.

Don’t forget to click the Design Mode button again. Switch to design mode so you can add new form elements later.

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You can add an option button to LibreOffice called an option button. Click the option button icon on the LibreOffice form control toolbar. Then draw where you want to paste it in your LibreOffice document and add as many radio buttons as you like.

Double-click each radio button. , change the label to the text you want to appear in the document next to each radio button. For the Name and Group Name fields, you must enter the same values ​​for each radio button in the same group.

This way the option key group doesn’t interfere with other buttons. If you want to add multiple radio buttons to a group

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

On the LibreOffice Form Controls toolbar, press the checkbox key, hold down the left mouse button and draw the document.

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For checkboxes, there is no need to create a separate label. This is because by default the text label is displayed next to the checkbox.

Labels entered in this property pane are displayed to the right of the checkboxes in the document.

After you’ve created your document in a fillable interactive form in LibreOffice Writer, it’s time to export it as a PDF form.

Export to PDF…. Make sure the Create PDF Form is enabled and Submit Form is set to PDF.

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If you cannot enable the Fill out PDF forms checkbox, the PDF/A-1a archive option may be enabled. So disable that option. You can enable the option to create PDF forms.

You must fill out PDF forms using Gnome Document Viewer (Evince) or Okular (a document viewer developed by KDE) on Linux, Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows, Preview or online PDF on Mac, and system-based forms. All work like filler PDFescape

This is a fillable PDF form created using LibreOffice Writer, using Evince (Gnome’s document viewer) and Okular (KDE’s document viewer) to fill out the form. Screenshots taken on Ubuntu 18.10 and Kubuntu 18.04.

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

To download the examples used in these two screenshots, Gravity Forms is ideal for collecting data directly from customers and prospects directly on your WordPress site. The most effective is to import the sent lead data and export it to various formats.

How To Make A Fillable Form In Pdf

Fillable PDF for Gravity Forms lets you import that lead information into an existing PDF document. This allows you to create signed contracts without a fully finished application or customer. Additional steps are required.

Before you start creating PDFs with fillable PDFs, you need to prepare them for fillables. I have selected IRS Form 1099-MISC.

When you open a PDF form in Adobe Acrobat, click the Prepare Form button to convert the PDF to a fillable PDF. Adobe Acrobat continues to detect where on the form the user can enter text directly.

This should handle most of the fields in the form. However, you may need to manually add additional fields or reposition auto-detected fields.

I Will Create Pdf Fillable Form, Convert To Ms Word, Excel, And Edit Pdf Files

Once the fillable PDF fields are ready. Save the document so you can add it to Gravity Forms.

When you have a PDF template ready, fill it out. You need to add it to the Fillable PDF plugin.

If you click Fillable PDF and click the Templates tab, you will see a list of fillable PDF templates configured for your site.

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

Then select the PDF template file you created in the previous section. Fillable PDF suggests a template name based on the file name.

How To Create A Fillable Pdf The Easy Way

If the PDF file has many fields, click the Create Template button to upload the template. While the fillable PDF is being processed, it may take an additional minute or two for the new template to appear in the list.

Once a PDF template file has been provided and added as a template to the fillable PDF, you can now set up PDF creation.

Go to the Default Forms list in your WordPress admin, hover over the form you want to add PDF generation to, then hover over the Settings link and click Fillable PDF from the drop-down menu.

When you create a new fillable PDF feed, you will see two settings: Feed Title and Template Options.

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After selecting a template, you’ll see a preview of the template’s homepage with some new settings below the drop-down list.

You can use the File Name setting to name the generated PDF file. In the notification settings, you can choose to notify you to attach an auto-generated PDF file. You can also configure conditional logic to set when running the feed.

Now we need to map the Gravity Forms fields to the PDF template. Click the Open Mapper button next to the Templates drop-down.

How Do I Convert A Pdf To Fillable Form

The screen will be populated with the image template mapper and each page of the PDF will be displayed with all available PDF fields highlighted.

Approaches To Change The Font Size Within A Pdf Form Field

To map a gravity form field to a PDF field, simply click on the highlighted field. A pop-up will appear allowing you to select a gravity form field to map to. You can also use merge tags to map Gravity Forms item meta or custom values.

When matching a PDF field to a file upload field. There is an option to automatically embed uploaded images into the corresponding PDF field. Signatures are also included in mapped PDF fields.


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