How Do I Get My Sperm Count Tested

How Do I Get My Sperm Count Tested – Smartphone App Can Measure Sperm Count : Snapshots – Health News Measuring the quality of these tiny swimmers usually requires a visit to the doctor. Researchers have created a smartphone accessory that could allow men to get the job done in less than five seconds at home.

Scientists have developed a smartphone app to measure sperm count at home. Hadi Shafiee/Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, hide caption

How Do I Get My Sperm Count Tested

Soon, men will be able to do their own sperm analysis at home. use a smartphone. Yes, there is an app.

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According to the World Health Organization, low sperm count is a sign of male infertility, a condition that is a largely neglected health problem worldwide.

Current methods of diagnosing male infertility require laboratory equipment that can cost up to $100,000. In addition, standard methods often require specially trained technicians.

Smartphone accessories and companion apps allow users to quickly and easily determine male fertility in the privacy of their own home.

Led by Hadi Shafi, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who works to develop new tools for patient care, researchers have developed a rapid infertility diagnosis tool that connects to a smartphone.

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The phone attachment works with a smartphone app created by researchers to count sperm count and measure motility, a marker of infertility.

The process is quite simple. First, you load a small sperm sample onto a disposable microchip. The microchip is then inserted into the phone mount through a slot. The accessory turns the phone’s camera into a microscope.

Once the sample is loaded, you launch an application that allows the user to view a video of the sample. Then click record and the app will analyze the video to identify sperm cells and track their movement.

The Harvard team isn’t the first to develop a home fertility test for men, but they are the first to measure sperm concentration and motility.

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Scientists compared a smartphone sperm tracker with modern laboratory equipment by analyzing identical sperm samples side by side. They analyzed sperm samples from more than 350 infertile and fertile men. The smartphone system was able to identify abnormal sperm samples with 98 percent accuracy. The results of the research are published in the journal

“We wanted to see what happens when it’s operated by an untrained user with no scientific training,” he said. It turns out you don’t need special training to measure your own swimmers. Both untrained and trained users can easily perform testing at home.

The phone accessory is currently designed for Android devices, but Shafiee is busy developing an iPhone version. The device costs about $5 to make in a lab. This low cost could help provide much-needed infertility care in developing countries, where resources for affordable diagnostics are often lacking.

Although the device is designed to test male infertility, Shafii believes it could also help men who have recently had a vasectomy. After a vasectomy, men must have their sperm tested to see if the procedure is working. Unfortunately, many men do not find the time to return to the clinic for tests.

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“Urologists would like something like this,” Shafi said. “They can give it to the patient and let them analyze it themselves.” Ideally, the results will be sent directly to the doctor via the app.

Shafi said the next steps are to get FDA approval, establish a company and begin mass production of the devices. “I believe that when it is ready, it can be available to customers for less than $50.00,” Shafii said.

Shafii said he hopes that in the future, male fertility testing will be as easy and common as home pregnancy testing for women. This sperm test kit may be the fastest and easiest way to find out what your fertility is. You will get a reading of the concentration of sperm in your semen within minutes without going to the clinic.

Over the years, the average number of sperm in a male ejaculation has dropped from 338 million to 138 million. As you age, sperm concentration decreases, and your lifestyle can also affect your sperm count. This sperm test kit is a quick and easy way to test your fertility, allowing you and your partner to plan with confidence.

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Collect a semen sample by ejaculating directly into a collection cup. Samples are obtained by manual stimulation without the use of any lubricants or lotions. Let your sample sit for 20 minutes.

Unscrew the clear cap and white tip from the bottle of Sperm OK solution. Use the transfer tool (syringe) to mix the sperm and collect the sample until it reaches the black line on the device.

Place the tool into the Sperm OK solution bottle and press the plunger to transfer the entire sperm sample. Then screw the cap on the bottle of Sperm OK solution and mix the contents thoroughly.

Allow the sperm/solution mixture to sit for two minutes, then remove the clear cap and place three full drops into the sample well of the test device. Check your results when they come in. Check out the handy guide on the left to find out what these lines mean.

Sperm Ok Sperm Count Test Kit

My husband and I have been doing TTC for over a year and a friend of ours recommended this product to my husband to test his sperm count.

It is easy to use and the instructions are clear. This kit helped us better understand my husband’s sperm health and we are now looking for specialists. Highly recommended for TTC as it helps you understand your and your partner’s reproductive health prior to conception!

At first I was very hesitant, but finally I got the courage to do it. Knowing that my sperm concentration levels were fine gave me more peace of mind. I continue to have my full support during this journey with my wife and if we are still unable to conceive, more tests will be done.

The accuracy of this home sperm test is more than 95% compared to laboratory tests. For best accuracy, collect a semen sample no later than 48 hours to 7 days after your last ejaculation.

Smartphone App Could Measure Sperm Count

If this sperm test shows a negative result, it means that your sperm concentration is below 15 million sperm per milliliter. This means a greater chance of infertility, but keep in mind that the concentration of your sperm varies daily. Take another test or consult your doctor for additional sperm analysis.

A positive result on this home sperm test means that your sperm concentration is at least 15 million sperm per milliliter. This indicates a higher likelihood of fertility, but both you and your partner should undergo further fertility evaluation for complete peace of mind.

The results of the Sperm OK Sperm Count Kit test can be affected by physical illness, the use of illegal drugs, or even the use of condoms, lubricants, or lotions when collecting the sperm sample.

If no wrinkles appear in the sample well within 3-5 minutes after adding the sperm mixture, the test is invalid. Any results received before or after this time period should be ignored.

Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis

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