How Do I Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

How Do I Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship – Detecting emotional abuse is very difficult. When someone physically or sexually abuses you, it’s very easy to see, not so much with emotional abuse. You’ll wonder if you’re exaggerating or overreacting.

You will feel like something is “off” but you may not know what. Whenever I talk to someone who is being emotionally abused, they rarely say it directly.

How Do I Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

They often say “I think I might be emotionally abusive” or refuse to use the term “abuse” altogether.

Reader Question: What To Do After An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

So how do you know if this is happening to you? I’ve put together 65 top signs of emotional abuse in your relationship with some background on abuse to help you out.

Before we get into all the signs, I really want to discuss why people get stuck in relationships like these. The first thing to understand is that emotional abuse never happens instantly. If someone you went on three dates with started looking at your texts or criticizing your outfit, your red flag detector would be wrong.

Remember the frog that gets killed in the slow boiling water? You know, the one that jumps in if the water is already boiling, but if they sit in the water while it’s getting cold enough to boil, they just sit there until they die.

It starts slowly, insignificantly, and then builds and builds until it begins to seriously affect your mental health.

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When you’re dealing with these signs of emotional abuse, remember that you’re not thinking about your partner when you first started dating or years ago. You don’t think about how they might behave in the future. You think about how they behave

Another reason people get stuck in these relationships is because of factors outside of the relationship. Perhaps the abusive partner is the father/mother of your children. Maybe you rely on them financially. These are perfectly valid reasons to want to stay with someone or want to deal with it.

As you go through this list, remember that your answer to this does not determine whether you will break up with the person. They just determine if they are abused or not. If your relationship is indeed abusive but you haven’t come to terms with it, it’s best to know what you’re dealing with before you start thinking of solutions or excuses.

These signs of emotional abuse fall under the control category. Emotionally abusive people like to control others because they need to feel powerful and are often narcissistic. They feel powerless over life or their vices. If they are depressed or have an addiction problem, they are slaves to those things.

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In order to have a sense of control over their lives, they will want to control you. This can be done in a number of ways, but I’ve outlined the most common control methods below.

They always seem to have an opinion about your friends. They may tell you that they like certain friends better than others and that you should hang out with that group instead of that group.

If they are constantly looking at your text or email, this is unhealthy behavior because there is a lack of trust. Healthy relationships are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing to build on. If he is constantly monitoring your communication with the outside world, it is because he does not trust you.

This is another reflection of lack of trust. Jealousy can often seem “nice” or “caring,” like the person just loves you and doesn’t want you to be with anyone else. This could be it

Signs Of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship Every Couple Should Be Aware Of

Like a gesture of love, and they can even phrase it like that, but it all comes down to trust. If they believe that you are not cheating on them, they should not feel jealous.

This could mean they control the actual currency, meaning they force you to ask for permission before you can buy anything. Or it could just mean they criticize your spending habits. They say things like “how could you afford those shoes, you know we have to pay the bills?” but then they’ll come home with a brand new TV.

Even if they are the financial provider, they should not have 100% say in how the money is spent in the home. You can sit down together and discuss and come to a fair compromise. If you can’t even sit down and discuss your money situation, that’s a big sign of emotional abuse.

Do they make you do all the housework? Waiting to make dinner and put the kids to bed without help? If they make excuses as to why they can’t help (aka they’re tired from working all day) that’s emotional abuse.

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A house should have two equal parts which means that work and household duties should be well distributed.

If you’re trying to talk about how you’re feeling or about your day at work, they should wait until you’re done before you speak. If they’re always trying to get their words out and won’t let you talk, it means they’re trying to control the conversation.

This is another way to try to control the conversation. The couple makes life-changing decisions during their conversation. If the abuser can dominate the conversation and speak his mind all the time, he has essentially dominated life. The violent partner never has any arguments or makes his thoughts heard.

They might make you ask permission before you invite friends over, but then you come home from work and the friends are in the living room watching TV. You also have to ask before going out, but they never do. Seeing them do things you know you couldn’t do without their approval is very emotionally abusive.

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A loving partner who cares about you, wants to make you happy. They smile when you smile and cry when you cry. If your partner really loves you, he will listen to you. They will listen to your needs, wants, dreams, stories and fears. If they don’t listen to you, it’s a big sign that they’re only out for themselves.

Abusive partners often mask their behavior by saying they are doing things in your best interest. So if they say you can’t hang out with so-and-so because “that person is a bad influence” or “that person is no good,” it might seem like they’re trying to protect you, but they’re not. They really only have their own interests at heart.

If they express genuine concern, they will often say it nicely and just speak their mind. So they’ll say “hey, I don’t really like that new girl you’re hanging out with, she seems like a bad influence.” Afterwards, if you decide to continue hanging out with the person, your partner may not like it, but don’t try to stop them.

An abusive partner will really try to prevent you from seeing that person. They will “forbid” you from seeing them or sulk and whine to get peer pressure to listen.

The Difficulties In Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that is very typical of emotionally abusive partners. Many of the points listed below are forms of ventilation, but I wanted to explain exactly what they are before I proceed.

Gaslighting is when an abuser manipulates or twists the truth to make you feel stupid, foolish, and that your reality is different than what they say it is. So if you feel angry, they say you are overdoing it. If you say they were yelling at you, they say they just raised their voices.

This form of abuse is so dangerous because it makes the abuser look completely innocent and puts all the blame on the victim.

They lie about past events or make you feel misinformed. They say they never say “this” and instead say “this”. Or they claim they would never do such a thing. They make you question your reality.

How I Recognised I Was In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

You feel nervous or anxious around them. You fear that if you bring something or say bad things, they will be angry or aggressive. You should never be afraid to talk to your partner. Communication is what keeps healthy couples together.

Affection and sex should occur regularly in a healthy relationship. These things should not be given as a reward and should not be kept for punishment. You should never beg for affection, it should be offered willingly.

If you bring stress or how you feel, they always put your mind down. They say you are lying or exaggerating about a fact and continue to explain the situation as they saw it.

If they say you’re being mean or abusive, they’re just projecting themselves onto you. Abusers want to feel victimized because they don’t take responsibility for their actions.

If You Recognise Any Of The Behaviours You Saw In The Last Episode In Your Own Partner, You May Be In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship. You Are Not Alone And There Is

They are doing it

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