How Do I Print My Text Messages

How Do I Print My Text Messages – Every year there are millions of mobile phone users around the world who need to save and print text messages for their courts, hearings or lawyers. Whatever your legal concerns, printing text messages from iPhone and Android devices is easy with a few quick steps.

As recently reported by Forbes magazine, more than 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day! The need to document and print SMS text messages for the court is becoming commonplace, especially since so much personal and business information is sent and received via text messages every day. Legal administrators, attorneys, paralegals, and law firm associates now routinely require their clients to capture and print text messages so that they have a copy for evidence or to present to a judge for court hearings.

How Do I Print My Text Messages

One of the easiest ways for Android users to backup text messages is to use SMS Backup+. The software is available on the Google Play Store and allows anyone to automatically back up their SMS and MMS messages. Note: Before you begin, if you haven’t enabled IMAP for your Gmail account, you need to make sure that IMAP is enabled. Here are instructions on how to complete this task. Once you enable IMAP preferences in your Gmail account, you will be able to start saving your text messages.

How To Print Text Messages From Iphone Using 4 Effective Methods

An added bonus of SMS Backup+ is that it will also back up call logs, which many Android users can use. You can read testimonials from SMS Backup+ users in the Google Play Store and see useful comments about the program. All users have different Android devices and great feedback has been provided.

If you’re having trouble installing SMS Backup+, you can review the program’s instructions and FAQ here, which should help. Finally, if you don’t currently have a Gmail email account, you can sign up for one here and you’ll be able to quickly get started with saving and printing your text messages.

For iPhone users who want to print text messages for court or lawsuits, Decipher TextMessage is a tried and trusted solution. The program works on Windows or Mac computers and keeps a separate history of your text messages and iMessages! You simply back up your iPhone through iTunes, then you can immediately save the text message as a PDF file and print the text message for the court.

Note: If you use a Mac and are using macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, or Catalina, you no longer need iTunes to back up your iPhone or iPad. You can simply select your device in the left column of the Finder window and select “Back Up Now”. We have helpful instructions if you need help backing up your iPhone to a computer.

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Decipher TextMessage also has a special “Text Only” backup feature in the program that allows you to back up your text message data, not your entire iOS device. This option is useful for all users who may not have enough hard drive space on their PC or Mac to make a full backup of their iPhone or iPad.

When you first open the program, you will see your iPhone in the left column of Decipher TextMessage. If you don’t see your iPhone in Decipher TextMessage, make sure you back up your phone to a computer!

When you select a device, you will immediately see all your iPhone contacts in the middle column of the program. You can choose a specific contact and then all your text messages with that person will be displayed.

To save your text message to your computer for your court case, simply select the Export option from the Decrypt Text Message menu and then select Conversation / PDF Now.

How To Save An Entire Text Conversation On Your Iphone

Once you have successfully exported your text message as a PDF court document, you will notice that the PDF displays the text message in a “chat bubble” format and includes an attached photo that was posted as part of the conversation. This continuity is useful when printing text messages and iMessages for the court, because it ensures that the messages are printed and displayed in the exact format that they appear on your iPhone or iPad.

Here is an example of a screenshot of an iPhone text message as a PDF, printed for the court as evidence:

When your text message PDF file is open on your computer, you can now select “Print” in your PDF viewing software to print the entire text message conversation for a court or hearing.

Below is an example of a screenshot in the Preview application where you will find an option in the File menu to select “Print”. Again, whether you’re using Preview on your Mac, Adobe Acrobat on Windows or Mac, or another PDF viewer, the print option will always be in the File menu.

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There are several interesting features that make Decipher TextMessage great for deciphering text messages for forensic or legal reasons. Among them:

You can read product testimonials from other people who have successfully used text message printing software for their courts or lawyers.

Follow our helpful video instructions on the best way to print a text message for a court or lawsuit

Click on the video below if you want to watch and learn the steps to print text messages and iMessages for a court or lawsuit.

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Taking screenshots of your text messages can sometimes be an easy solution, but it all depends on your specific needs or circumstances. Things to keep in mind about taking screenshots on both Android and iPhone or iPad devices include:

Again, if you only have five or ten text messages, you can find a Screenshot that suits your needs. If you’re trying to document a large number of text messages for legal reasons, you’re better off using software to get the job done and keep your exported messages and attachments organized.

If you decide you want to try screenshots for your needs, you can find instructions here depending on the type of mobile phone you have:

Whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone, we hope today’s helpful instructions will give you the ability to print text messages for court or legal issues that may arise.

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Whether your personal needs are for custody hearings, divorce, or work-related legal issues, generating a printout of your SMS and text message history is something that will hopefully benefit your court or attorney’s proceedings.

If you have any questions or need more help on how to print or save text messages for court or hearings, please contact us through the Decipher Tools support page and we’ll be happy to answer. We are a company based in the US (San Francisco and Phoenix) and we cater to everyone. Keeping a backup copy of your text messages is easy enough, but you may have text message conversations that you need to print and save on paper, and use them as evidence in court or just for your personal archives.

This article covers several tools that will print messages from your iPhone or Android phone with all available message information: sent messages, received messages, contact names and numbers, dates and times, emoticons and images.

TouchCopy can access and copy data from iPhone, iPad and iPod (there is no limit to the number of mobile devices you can use with one TouchCopy license). In addition to text messages, TouchCopy can also save and print your MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp chats for your reference or for example in court cases.

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The image below shows an iPhone message conversation displayed in TouchCopy. Please note that WhatsApp messages are displayed below all text message conversations in TouchCopy.

Note: We respect your privacy. We will not share your email address with anyone or spam you.

If you only need certain messages and not the entire conversation, you can set a date range in TouchCopy to select and print messages only between certain dates.

TouchCopy will display and print your message in the usual way as it is displayed on your iPhone, and include all the details of the message including: name / contact number, date / time the message was sent / received, and emoticons or images in the message. As such, all necessary information will be printed with your message.

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Droid Transfer can access the data on your Android device and copy it to your computer or print it. The software can find SMS or MMS messages on your device and print them in the order they were sent. See the image below shows the conversation from the connected Android device.

If you don’t want to print an entire conversation, you can even set a date range in Droid Transfer to select and print messages only between certain dates.

Droid Transfer will print all message details, including: name or contact number (or both!), date and time the message was sent or received, and emoticons or images included in the message. Conveniently, printed message data is presented in a familiar way, similar to what is displayed on your phone.

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