How Do I Put A Restraining Order On Someone

How Do I Put A Restraining Order On Someone – 1. How do I get a limit? Prohibition is unusual because it tells someone to stop doing something before it happens. Therefore, the law has very strict requirements. First: What you are asking is the HARM so bad that it can continue if the court does not intervene? Second, is there another way to fix the problem, such as claiming a refund later? Third: Are you willing to pay their costs and attorney’s fees if they are wrong? If so, do the following: a. Fill out a temporary restraining order application. Be very specific about the DAMAGE requested. Simply put, the other is good enough or not good enough. Include event information, including date and location. And write in detail what kind of relief you want, for example, to remove the defendant from the scene or sign it in front of a NOTARY before the defendant comes to me. This means that you swear that what you write is true. b. File the application with the clerk of court and pay the $ filing fee, then the case will be assigned by the judge. Page 1 of 2 pages of instructions

2 c. Take the application and temporary restraining order [TRO] to the judge and ask the judge to review it and sign the order. The judge will set the DATE and TIME of the hearing. d. File the signed TRO with the Clerk of Court and request at least two (2) certified copies. Keep a copy for yourself. e. Submit the following documents to another person: 1. The approved application for the application of a temporary restriction; and 2. the approved temporary restriction; Service is essential to put the application and temporary injunction into the hands of the other party; In other words, the service should be personalized. It is not enough to send documents by mail, not even by certified mail. Anyone over the age of 18 who is not a party to the case can submit documents. This means that the applicant cannot issue documents. A sheriff’s office or professional service provider may serve, but they usually charge a fee. If the court finds in advance that the applicant cannot pay the court fees, the sheriff will issue the documents free of charge. To verify service, ask the person who served to complete a return of service and make sure it is filed with the clerk of court. d. Attend the hearing on the scheduled date and time, provide evidence such as witnesses or documents, and be prepared to prove your case in court. Tell the court if you need an interpreter. Here are some helpful phone numbers: Santa Fe Police Department Santa Fe Sheriff Rio Arriba Sheriff Los Alamos Sheriff’s Court Clerk Page 2 of 2 Page 2

How Do I Put A Restraining Order On Someone

3 Santa Fe County, Rio Arriba or Los Alamos _ Plaintiff Vs. No. Defendant’s Application for Restraining Order I am the plaintiff and I am seeking a restraining order for the following reasons: 1. I live in County, New Mexico. 2. The person or persons against whom I am seeking a direct restraining order at the following address: [include address, city, state and zip code] 3. Defendant and plaintiff are not married or previously married or members of the same household. Family, relatives or parents of children. This is not a family matter. 4. The defendant has done some things that hurt me badly. These steps are as follows: [Insert place, date and time, and attach additional pages if necessary.] 5. I do not have adequate legal remedies to recover damages (such as monetary damages) that the defendant suffered but the court did not. If I do not act to stop the defendant, I will be irreparably harmed.

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4 The plaintiff asks the court to issue the following orders: a. A temporary restraining order pending a hearing on the matter; b. The preliminary order remains in effect until a final decision is made on the merits; c. The permanent restraining order will remain in effect until further notice from the court. The plaintiff specifically requests that the court order that: The defendant must not threaten, injure, shock or annoy me or my family and family members. The defendant is at least a distance away from me, my place of residence, my place of work and my child(ren)’s school. The defendant will not call or contact me in any way. The defendant does not block me in public places or roads; I ask that the defendant be ordered to do the following: and that the plaintiff pay the defendant my costs and expenses incurred in bringing this action and any other relief the court thinks fit. Respectfully submitted: Signature of claimant

5 SANTA FE COUNTY, LOS ALAMOS OR RIO ARIBA PLAINTIFF NO. TEMPORARY RESTRICTION ORDER BY DEFENDANT This case was brought before the Court on application and the Court fully advised, finding: 1. Immediate and irreparable injury to the plaintiff. The injunction will not be granted immediately, as requested by the plaintiff. Procedure. This question. It has improved. 2. The defendant does not have to give notice as required by the Civil Code. 3. There are valid reasons why a preliminary injunction may be requested in paragraph 4. This order will be valid for ten days unless extended. They ordered: not to threaten, hurt, warn or annoy the plaintiff. Does not threaten, injure, annoy, or annoy the defendant, plaintiff, or plaintiff’s family and household as defined herein: Defendant must be at least one yard away from the plaintiff and plaintiff’s residence, workplace, and child(ren)’s school.

6 Page 2/Temporary prohibition The defendant will not call the plaintiff directly or through other persons, nor will he communicate with the plaintiff in any way. The defendant does not block the plaintiff in public places or roads; Defendant is further ordered not to: Defendant is ordered to appear in Santa Fe County Court to show cause why the temporary restraining order should not be extended or as requested by Plaintiff. Judicial Complex, corner of Grant and Catron Avenues, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Date: Time: Honorable Magistrate’s Court. DISTRICT JUDGE Date of Assignment Date of Assignment:

7 County of Santa Fe, Rio Arriba or Los Alamos Petitioner, – vs – Case Number: Respondent, Information Sheet Name: A/K/A Social Security Number Date of Birth Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color Glasses? Yes [ ] No [] Marks, Tattoos or Scars: Languages ​​Spoken: English [] Spanish [] Other [] Mailing Address: Place of Work: Home Phone Number Specify Vehicle: License No. Possible location at this time: Most likely time of visit If necessary, please map the location below:

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8 County of Santa Fe, Rio Arriba or Los Alamos Petitioner, – vs. – Case No: Respondent, Return of Service ) Region ) I, being duly sworn, declare that I am over eighteen (18) years of age and not. a party to this suit, and I have today served a copy of the application for a restraining order and a copy of the temporary restraining order: a copy of [check one] [] on the defendant personally. or [ ] cannot find and serve the party. Service Name Signature [if any] *Signed and sworn to before me this day, 19 Official name of judge, notary public or other officer authorized to administer oath *If service is by a sheriff or new deputy sheriff, Mexico County signature, sheriff or must be notarized by a deputy sheriff It must not.

9 SANTA FE COUNTY, LOS ALAMOS OR RIO ARIBA PLAINTIFF NO. Defendant’s preliminary ruling that this case should be submitted to the court for a temporary restraining order and that the court consider the request and hear the witness and recommend otherwise. : 1. This court has jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter of this action. 2. Plaintiff will be irreparably harmed if preliminary injunction and restraining order is not granted. 3. The claimant does not have adequate legal remedies. 4. Under the circumstances, the defendant’s duty is reasonable. Consequently, the temporary restraining order granted in this case remains in full force until a final decision on the merits is made or an additional notice is received. District Judge copies to both parties

10 County of Santa Fe, Los Alamos or Rio Arriba Plaintiff No. DEFENDANT’S PERMANENT JUDGMENT This case was remanded to the trial court, and the court heard the motion and heard the witness and advised otherwise, finding: 1. The court has jurisdiction over the parties to this action. 2. If a permanent injunction is not granted, irreparable damages will result. 3. The plaintiff does not have adequate means of legal protection.

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