How Do You Feel When 3 Weeks Pregnant

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How Do You Feel When 3 Weeks Pregnant

Good luck! At 3 weeks pregnant, you are pregnant and in your first trimester – even if it takes a few weeks to confirm the news with a pregnancy test.

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This week, a small group of cells (they will be your baby!) are growing rapidly. Meanwhile, the rise in hormones can cause a strong odor, one of the first signs of pregnancy.

We have a fetus! Your future embryo is still a group of cells that are growing and multiplying. It is the size of a pin head.

It takes about four days for your fertilized egg – now called a blastocyst – to reach your uterus and another two to three days for implantation.

You may not know if you are having a boy or a girl for another 14 weeks, but the gender is known at the time of puberty.

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If you are 3 weeks pregnant, you are in your first month of pregnancy. Only 8 months left! Do you have any questions? Here’s more information about how the weeks, months, and trimesters of pregnancy end.

You’re ovulating this week and the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: You’re pregnant! This means that your future womb has begun the miraculous transformation from a single cell into a baby boy or girl.

When the successful sperm passes through the egg, the single-celled egg – or zygote – immediately forms a barrier to prevent another sperm.

But your zygote doesn’t stay alone for long. In just a few hours, they divide into two cells, then four, and so on, until the growing group has about 100 cells just a few days after the first difficult meeting between the sperm and the egg. Some have formed an embryo, some an outgrowth, but right now, it is still a small ball of cells that is one-fifth of the time at the end of this sentence.

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Invisible? Yes. But don’t underestimate its potential. As it divides, the blastocyst, as it is now called (don’t worry, you will find a beautiful name soon), travels this week from the tube to your uterus – a journey that takes five to six days.

Spoiler alert: As soon as it reaches the fourth week, it implants into the wall of the uterus and continues to grow for the next nine months. In other words, thank you! You have a baby in the making, ready to embark on an amazing journey that will end in your hands.

So will your lone cell miraculously be a girl or a boy? Although it will be months before you know for sure (if you decide to find out before the birthday), this amazing determination has already been made, believe it or not.

Are you ready to learn more about biology? A sperm egg contains 46 chromosomes – 23 from each parent. The mother always gives an X chromosome, but the father can give you an X or a Y. If the sperm that fertilizes your egg has an X, XX zygote will be a girl. If your male is Y, XY your zygote will be a boy.

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At the moment, it looks like nothing is happening outside – but for the next two weeks. If your period is right and you had sex during ovulation, your egg has been in contact with a lucky sperm and your body is preparing to have a blastocyst (which will soon be your baby!) for months.

So what’s happening this week? As soon as the egg is released, the part that comes from it, contains a new gland called the corpus luteum, red and yellow cells that live in the area left by the egg. The body of the corpus luteum begins to produce progesterone and some estrogen, enough of all the hormones of pregnancy to feed and support the baby until the uterus takes about 10 weeks.

Right now, about a week after the sperm meets, the blastocyst (or the embryo) implants itself in the uterus and the sac starts to form. Within six to 12 days of being implanted in the uterus (around the fourth week of pregnancy), the cells of the new placenta begin to produce human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

HCG rises in the first trimester before entering the second, it tells your ovaries to stop producing eggs, and it causes the production of more progesterone and estrogen – which prevents uterine shedding and helps the placenta grow.

Pregnancy Week 3

As you will see later, all of these hormones play an important role during pregnancy and cause many changes in the body, including symptoms such as morning sickness (yes?).

HCG signals can be picked up in urine and blood — which explains why home pregnancy tests require you to pee on a stick and your OB/GYN does a blood test at your first appointment — but you may not get positive results. pregnancy test for another week or two.

Does the smell suddenly seem stronger than before? It could be a sign that you are pregnant! An increased sense of smell is a real side effect of pregnancy caused by hormones like estrogen and hCG, which amplify every little smell (good, bad, and foul) that circulates in the air around you.

Whether it’s the food the neighborhood restaurant is cooking, the trash on the street corner, or your friend’s perfume or scent, your nose can pick it up faster than ever.

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The downside of your new power? It can worsen your morning sickness. If that’s the case, avoid the kitchen and local restaurants as much as possible, make friends with the microwave (which makes you uncomfortable), and open the windows.

You can also try washing clothes more often and switching to unscented toilets. And don’t be shy about asking your partner, family, and friends to clean up after your workout, deodorize, and brush your teeth after eating garlic pasta or an onion-filled burger.

Don’t worry! Feeling pressure in your abdomen or even a little cramping without bleeding is very common, especially in early pregnancy, and is usually a sign that everything is going well, not that something is wrong. What you’re feeling may be fetal sensations, heavy bleeding, uterine thickening, or your uterus growing (and maybe just gasping). Ask your doctor at your next visit if you’re worried, but it probably just means you’re more in tune with all the changes going on in your body. read more

If you feel like you just put a little money in your mouth, you’re not alone. That metallic taste is often a side effect of pregnancy and another sign of hormones wreaking havoc on your system, which can cause your taste buds to go haywire. Until they settle in the second trimester, fight iron and acid: Drink lemon and citrus juices, eat sour candies, and (assuming your stomach can handle it) eat foods soaked or soaked in vinegar. Something to try? Always brush your tongue after brushing or flossing with salt water. read more

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Put fruit in your porridge. Adding vitamin C to iron-rich foods will increase your body’s absorption of iron—a supplement you need to support healthy blood levels.

Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, watermelons, peppers, tomatoes and asparagus. Iron is found in soy products, beef, chicken and dried fruits.

When it comes to hair coloring, experts agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry. So wait until the second trimester (for example, after the 14th week of pregnancy) before making the medicine.

When you go back to the salon, follow up with highlights instead of root removal or a root-to-tip color change (that way, the product won’t affect your skin) and ask for a lighter color like an ammonia-free foundation.

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And be aware that hormonal changes can make your hair behave differently, so you may not get what you expect, even from your regular routine. Before you do your whole head, here’s how to take a test to make sure.

It’s easier than you think to find healthy options when dining out or ordering takeout. If you want Italian, eat grilled fish, chicken, veal or lean beef with delicious vegetables. Other good options: pasta and pizza with fresh tomato sauce, seafood or cheese that are safe for pregnancy.

Enjoy teriyaki fish or chicken, miso soup, edamame and soba dishes from Japanese restaurants (as well as sushi with vegetables or boiled fish). And, if your stomach is ready for the flavor, the Indian restaurant has a selection of healthy dishes – to order approx

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