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How Do You Know If There's A Tampon Stuck – Watch of the week is a tribute to my Uncle Breitling – an irreplaceable watch

Hands-On The Tudor Pelagos 39 – Is This The Dive Watch We’ve Been Waiting For? This is not just a little Pelagos. This is the all-new Pelagos – a modern dive watch with a vintage feel.

How Do You Know If There's A Tampon Stuck

Last week, with many eyes in the watch world trained on the Geneva Watch Days, Tudor took the microphone across town with the new Pelagos 39. Apparently a play-the-hits evolution of the famous 42mm pro-spec dive watch, the Pelagos 39 is smaller, slimmer and simpler than its siblings. And those matches are enough to create a huge buzz with our readers and collectors around the world.

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Since its inception in 2012, Pelagos has always characterized its dive watches as uncompromisingly modern. Could this new evolution be the Tudor we’ve been waiting for?

During the past 10 years, more and more watch customers, especially in the enthusiast core (although not exclusively) have demanded small watches. Or, at least, a watch that is comfortable to wear every day. This means not too wide, not too thick, and definitely not long from lug to lug. As modern collectors are influenced by vintage wristwatches, there is a growing interest in watches that are close in size to those miniature models from the past. The heyday of the 45mm Panerai has given way to more and more pieces from 40 to 43mm (give or take).

Most of us are nervous about the 41mm Black Bay and 42mm Titanium Pelagos. It’s like Tudor finally has its own sea dweller that doesn’t look like a Rolex. All titanium, all matte, tons of lume, world-class bezel, helium escape valve, 500 meter water resistance, and self-adjusting clasp.

I’ve said it before, but gram for gram and spec for spec, the Pelagos is the best dive watch in the world – especially if you’re going to dive with it. And I have. I have spent many hours with several Pelagos models, including one dive in Mexico in 2015.

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But the truth of the matter is that off-road vehicles are more popular than actual roads, and diving watches are more popular than diving. Some divers and even fewer divers take a watch as a backup to a traditional dive computer. People buy dive watches for specs they will never need. If you allow me to paint with a broad brush, if you look at all the dive watches today, they represent an aesthetic choice. Like preferring Iron Rangers to Chuck Taylors.

With that in mind, I think that for the meaty core of the dive watching space, the Pelagos has always been a bit too much – size, price, specs, etc. – to compete with the wide market and well- the timeless appeal of the Black Bay. Think of it this way: When you see a Rolex dive watch in the wild, how many are submarines, and how many ocean liners?

Personally speaking, no watch has managed to put me on the fence more than Blue Pelagos. I love the look, the lume, the hardcore specs, the titanium, the clasp – everything. But, every time I try one of them, it feels a little too big for my wrist. If I want a watch like Pelagos, I want to wear it every day, all the time. While 42mm wide and 14.3mm thick is not much for such a capable dive watch, 50mm lug to lug is a stretch for my seven inch wrist.

Like many of you, I have been longing for a small entree Pelagos. Well, here it is. The Pelagos 39 is Tudor’s first attempt to capture the general vibe of the Pelagos, but it’s closer to the appeal of the wildly popular Black Bay Fifty-Eight.

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Pelagos 39 arrives on the 10th anniversary of Pelagos, maintaining the original titanium bloodline. In those 10 years, the Pelagos family has grown and evolved, receiving an in-house movement and a blue variant in 2015, a vintage-inspired left-hand reference (called Pelagos LHD) in 2016, and then a polarizing but very cool watch. . 2021 Pelagos FXD.

Looking at the compact family tree with this device, the Pelagos 39 marks the first evolution to make a concerted effort in the main commercial attraction. Past iterations, with their stop-signal design language, self-adjusting tactical bezels and military-like motifs, have always been set to be the most complete and sophisticated dive watches possible (keeping in mind the special nature of FXD’s design).

For Pelagos 39, we see this model refracted through the faceted prism of Tudor’s current market success. We can find where the Pelagos beam enters, and see where Pelagos 39 exits, adjacent to the original beam, splitting into its own path.

Or make a car analogy (hey, you see the byline), if the Pelagos is the classic diesel Land Rover Defender L316, the Pelagos 39 is the new Defender L663: something born from similar ideals but executed by a more modern and disparate set. of concerns. A little less tooled, and a little less specific, but without some obstacles that will make the original offer more important.

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Now, at about 800 words, we come to Pelagos 39. As we did in last week’s introductory article, let’s first go to the numbers. The Pelagos 39 is 39mm wide, 11.8mm thick, 47mm lug to lug, and weighs 107g on the unsized bracelet. The bullet is 21mm wide and tapers to 16mm at the bracelet clasp. There is no helium escape valve, caseback is closed, crown is reversed, and water resistance is 200 meters.

Because of the interest in this watch – including my own watch – I would like to know about some limitations of my experience with the Pelagos 39. I spent about an hour in the office with the Tudor sample. I can’t measure the bracelet and I can’t try the watch on the rubber band. Also – although I asked – Tudor does not have a standard Pelagos for direct comparison. forgive me

In person, the Pelagos 39 looks very different from the renderings and pictures provided by Tudor. I say “can” because everyone knows and how it hits the bezel. In the shade or low light, the bezel is black with a bit of grain from the brush, not entirely different from its sibling’s matte bezel (see below). Add some sunlight or flash for photography, and the brushed finish on the bezel reflects tons of light, making the bezel lighter in tone and more reflective of ambient colors. This is a completely new look for Pelagos.

With a clear contrast between the gray of the beard and the inner black of the dial, the bezel can feel really cool. In a dark room, Pelagos 39 looks like a black Pelagos. In bright light, it strikes very differently. I really like the way the ceramic bezel insert interacts with the light, but it lacks the clarity or seriousness of the matte bezels common to standard Pelagos models.

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On the wrist, or at least on my wrist, the Pelagos 39 is perfect. dream It wears like a Black Bay Fifty-Eight but is slightly lighter and has a sharp and sophisticated presence. Bezel action is as smooth as any other Pelagos bezel I have tried, with a 60-click rotation gently muted. The crown also imitates the Pelagos range – strong and easy to handle.

Even with a full bracelet, the Pelagos 39 is light but doesn’t feel small or empty. From the bezel to the crown to the clasp, the Pelagos 39 is well made and has a quality feel that matches what we’ve come to expect from the Pelagos line.

The bezel is full lume, as are the hands and square hour markers, which has always been one of my favorite things about Pelagos. When preparing the Pelagos 39 for lume shots, I found the arm to be slightly less bright than the markers and bezel scale seen in the photo below.

The dial is a deep semi-gloss black that absorbs a lot of light, offering plenty of contrast and the almost tactile quality of the bezel finish. With four lines of text including the signature of the model in red, the balance is good and the Pelagos 39 does not have a date window. Aesthetically, this is where we find a new design for the restoration, namely the ring around the dial. Where the Pelagos model usually has more

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