How Do You Know If You Are Clairvoyant

How Do You Know If You Are Clairvoyant – The Secret History of Psychiatry How to Separate Fact from Fiction – and Tap into Your Own Psychic Abilities

Celebrity psychic and New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Brown takes a fascinating look at the history of psychics in biblical times as she explores spiritual phenomena such as the occult, talking boards, angels, astral projection, and more. To reveal the truth about something. You know. .

How Do You Know If You Are Clairvoyant

• If someone tells you that an object is “spooky”, they are probably lying to you. Objects may retain the impressions of their previous owners, but they do not contain the feelings of the people on the other side.

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• If you can get rid of one thing in your home, it should be a bulletin board. Using it is like leaving the front door unlocked and inviting anyone (good or bad) in.

• Sylvia didn’t believe in “living ghosts” until she had a terrifying experience that changed her mind. More than forty years ago, a two-sided phenomenon happened to him.

• It is possible to tell if the psychic is giving you a good reading or just following the script. Some key phrases can give a fake.

Through many personal stories and studies of the lives of great psychologists, Sylvia offers solid advice on using the right processes and ignoring the others. The Secret History of Psychics explains how to spot a scam and how to utilize your own legitimate psychic skills!

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But then, I can’t imagine any life on this rough earth without the comfort, healing, purpose, and joy of meeting in God’s arms and spirituality, where His infinite secrets and answers await.

I was lucky (although I never used that word as a kid). I never had to wonder if there was a spirit world. I knew it did. I saw it, heard it and felt it all around me whether I wanted to or not. Without my wonderful psychic and deeply spiritual grandmother, Ada Coyle, to explain what was going on and build a bridge between my unique reality and the holiness from which it came, I am sure I would have lost my mind. (Some argue that my sanity is being debated, but I stopped listening to them decades ago.) Grandma Ada taught me about the gifts I was born with and was not afraid of them. Helped me appreciate them. He also taught me to never stop questioning, learning, studying, and exploring all aspects of spirituality that keep our genetic connection to God alive and relevant. He inspired the spiritual journey to which I have dedicated my life and gave me his clear steps to follow as I began, for this book is my way of giving to you.

As some of you already know, I am a third generation psychic. My special gifts since birth are clairvoyance (the ability to see beings from other dimensions) and clairaudience (the ability to hear sounds and voices that originate from other dimensions). Adding to the glow, I gave birth to an amniotic membrane around my head, which ancient legend says is the sign of a psychic child. So when the spirit world came to me long before I thought I’d find it, I didn’t understand it at first, but there was no mistake.

I was five years old when I had my first psychic sight. We were at a family dinner when I looked up at my grandmother’s face, melting like slow moving lava into their necks, with nothing but their skulls. What shocked me even more than this terrible sight, was that no one but myself looked at it – either they, or they were very indifferent to it. Less than two weeks later, both grandmothers died. And with the logic of a child, I was convinced that somehow, since I was the only one who saw that melting face, I was responsible for killing them. Grandma Ada explained that I had done nothing wrong and gave me a visual psychic message of their impending death.

How To Tell If You Have Psychic Abilities

Around the same time, I noticed (or I think a random, involuntary ability to see inside people) who had serious illnesses, like I would look at an x-ray. A neighbor or a family friend or a door-to-door salesman stopped by and all I could see was a blocked colon or a diseased gallbladder floating around the room.

I turned to Ada’s grandmother again, asking how I could get rid of this supposed “gift” so I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life surrounded by melting faces and destroyed limbs. He patiently pointed out that God gave me this gift and gave it to me for a reason, so denying it was not an option. However, I could ask Him in my prayers not to show me anything I wasn’t old enough or emotionally ready to handle. I did so and my prayers were answered. The visions didn’t go away, but they were never fun and scary anymore.

In fact, I was grateful to him a couple of times when he helped make Grandma Ada very happy. One night, he was distraught after unsuccessfully searching the house for a steel box full of important papers he needed. (Like all psychopaths, he was mad at everyone but himself. If you lose your keys, I’ll tell you where they are. If I lose mine, I’ll be just as stuck as you.) We He was in his bedroom when he explained what the problem was, and at that moment a small white-haired woman whom I recognized as Grandma Ada’s mother appeared and pointed to the back of the large office. I reported this to Grandma Ada, who was really proud of the feeling she hadn’t seen for a change, and it jolted her memory of slipping a strong box months ago into an office where no one (including her, apparently) did. think about watching. Because of that.

One evening we were all gathered in the living room when I saw a man behind Grandma Ada’s left shoulder. I sat on the floor next to her and whispered, “Grandma, who is that man behind you?”

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My parents had long ago learned to ignore things like this, so they just looked around, saw nothing, rolled their eyes, and went back to reading when Grandma Ada asked, “What does she look like?”

I described her – long, red hair, round wire glasses. Then I added, “He has a string around his neck, and in it is a horn with which he listens to people’s breasts.”

I had never seen such joy on his face as he immediately recognized it as his Uncle Jim, a doctor who had died of a flu epidemic 24 years before. He was thrilled to be there with her, and I was thrilled to have made possible a reunion that made someone I loved so happy. And between those two spiritual encounters with the loved ones he missed so much, I began to think that maybe this spiritual thing wasn’t so bad after all.

I began to see spirits as clearly as everyone else. They filled my bedroom especially at night, which scared me, so Grandma Ada gave me a flashlight. (To this day, I can’t sleep in a completely dark room. I’m not scared anymore – it’s just annoying, like trying to lay down and relax in the middle of a meeting.) I also started “not knowing things”. made A clue as to how or why I knew them.

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I announced my grandfather’s death to my family minutes before my father arrived to deliver the news.

I answered before knocking on the door knowing who would be standing there before I opened it.

One afternoon, I dragged my father out of the movie theater in a panic, yelling, “Sharon can’t breathe!” We got home to find that my younger sister had collapsed with double pneumonia, and the doctors later said that Dad had arrived at the ER with Sharon and she only had moments to live.

One of my younger classmates came over to show me the crepe paper witch costume she was going to wear for Halloween tricks that night. When she walked in the door I “saw” her dress on fire. Within minutes of walking around the room performing her dangerous witchcraft, she wandered too close to the heating grate on the wall and, just like in my vision, her dress caught fire. I’m sure that by “seeing” it before it actually happened, I was able to help instead of having a panic attack because I immediately threw him to the ground and rolled the area to the carpet before he could scream. . She left the house completely unscathed to find a replacement for her ruined dress.

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I “saw” my friend Joan violently.

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