How Do You Know If You Have Black Mold Symptoms

How Do You Know If You Have Black Mold Symptoms – Hair. We all have it, but for black women, hair is so much more than just something that keeps us warm and grows out of our heads. Our hair is love, culture and language. It’s about how we express ourselves and who we are and what we relate to the world around us. Wearing and removing black hair is a cultural ritual. Black people can create and maintain a sense of connection with each other through our hair. Although a subset of our community understands our hair, it can be confusing for those who don’t. To bridge the cultural gap, I would like to understand some things about black women and our hair.

I cannot stress this enough. First, don’t touch a black woman’s hair without permission. On a personal level, showing yourself in someone’s personal space is incredibly invasive and rude. How would you feel if a random stranger or colleague invaded your personal space to satisfy your interests? Wouldn’t you be diminished and devalued if someone decided to follow their urge to stick their fingers in an unfamiliar place? It’s strange at best, inhumane at least. Black women’s hair is not in your personal inspection. When our hair is touched without permission, we feel violated and devalued, because in that moment we are seen as objects, not people. As women, I’m sure most of us know how that feels. It’s so frustrating when someone completely disregards your personal agency and autonomy in order to satisfy yourself. I’m all for non-black people educating themselves and empowering themselves culturally, but a black woman’s scalp is not your classroom.

How Do You Know If You Have Black Mold Symptoms

Contrary to popular belief, black women don’t summon the energy of Queen Bey here and get out of bed as capable as the almighty Beyoncé; We didn’t wake up like this! I know our afros are so cute. I know our curly styles are to die for, but hear me out: these styles are a labor of love. A lot of attention is paid to work. Our ‘Afros’ are perfectly tailored by the hard work and will of a small army. These “careless” styles require a lot of time, effort and products. Have you heard of “laundry day”? It’s a day for all of us black women with natural hair to strip it down and get our hair perfect. A washing day can take several hours, if not a full day. Our world comes to an end when we take the time to help ourselves or someone else look their best. My last meal took 10 hours. My washing day (once a week) lasts at least five hours, not including the time it takes to dry my hair, which, if left to its own devices, requires at least 36 an hour to dry completely. dryer When was the last time you spent a whole day washing your hair?

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No one can shapeshift like a black woman. We can change the style easily. Long, flowing locks on Monday, braids on Tuesday, wig on Wednesday, Afro on Thursday, and bun on Friday. Our hair can withstand a lot of handling and can hold many different styles. If you know a black woman, I’m sure you’ve been surprised a time or two by our changing image. If you see a black woman who has changed her style, don’t hesitate. Black hair is magic. Our tight, tapered curls extend 2-3 times their curl length when pulled. Our hair can grow from ear length to perfect coils to the back with just a little pulling.

Historically and currently, black people have policed ​​our hair and how it grows naturally from our heads, especially in professional settings. If you google “unprofessional haircut” you will find tons of dark brown people with beautiful curly hair. To this day, black people can be fired for wearing their hair natural rather than conforming to white beauty standards. I’m not bringing this up to be radical, but to show the world how absurd it is to see black people’s natural hair as problematic, messy, and unprofessional. The language around this is deliberate. Its ramifications and implications are deliberate and harmful.

Love is our hair. This is culture. It shows who we are and who we belong to. Our hair is complicated and wild, but we enjoy doing it. Black hair unites black people. We rely on each other, care for her, model her, and share the labor of loving her. I can’t tell you how many great conversations I’ve had sitting in the stylist’s chair, how many family recipes and secrets Grandma has shared while braiding my hair.

When you see our hair, you know you’re seeing our culture. It is more than a head of curly hair. It’s more than a very neat braid. It is an expression of our culture and who we are. You see what makes us unique.

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter, including Trader Joe’s articles delivered straight to your inbox! Do you have dark menstrual spots? Here are the 5 culprits behind it. The color of your menstrual blood may be different. If you see menstrual blood, there could be 5 reasons behind it!

The color of your menstrual blood can be a good indicator of your health. Before you panic, it is normal for your menstrual blood to be colored and not red. For example, it can be dark red or brown, pink, gray or black. Many women are concerned when they see their menstrual blood turn black.

“A woman’s menstrual blood changes color and texture every month or even within a month due to hormonal changes, human diet, lifestyle, age, and the environment. However, infection, pregnancy and, rarely, cervical cancer can cause abnormal blood color and irregular bleeding,” says Surabhi Siddhartha, obstetrician and gynecologist at Khargar Mother Hospital, Mumbai.

Black, brown or red… this is what the color of your menstrual blood tells you about your health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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In most cases, the change from red to black is related to blood flow and timing in the womb. Dr Siddhartha says: “When you see dark menstrual blood, it generally means your period has just started or finished. It will take longer to leave the body and turn black.”

Black menstrual blood indicates that something is stuck in the vagina. If you notice dark blood, it may be due to foreign objects such as tampons or contraceptives placed in the vagina. “It can cause problems with the vagina and infections. Besides menstrual bleeding, other symptoms can include vaginal odor and discharge,” says Dr Siddhartha.

Yes, irregular bleeding or dark blood after intercourse or between periods can be a sign of cervical cancer. Other symptoms of advanced cervical cancer include fatigue, weight loss, delayed or heavy intercourse, difficulty urinating, and pelvic pain.

Bleeding during miscarriage can be brown-black in colour. It may switch between light and heavy or delay restart. “It can happen in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Dark red spotting is often confused with dark menstrual blood and can sometimes indicate an early miscarriage. So be vigilant and seek help,” said Dr Siddhartha.

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If menstrual blood is accompanied by unusual vaginal discharge, a foul smell, or itching, see your doctor immediately, says Dr Siddhartha.

About the Author Ayuushi Gupta Ayuushi Gupta is a health writer with a special interest in trends related to diet, fitness, beauty and personal health. With almost 2 years of experience in the healthcare industry, he connects with leading experts and doctors to provide accurate information to our readers.

With one click, you can register and save everything you want to read later. So log on to RN and get your daily health.Hair. For most women, this is important, but hairstyles and the cultural rules surrounding them can mean everything that is difficult to blend into two cultures and the beauty standards that come with it. For black women in particular, hairstyles are seen as an aesthetic choice rather than a political one, and we have many questions. So here’s Black American Princess Jones, author and proud afro-wearer, to educate black women about hair roots. Black hair is a big deal. Take it

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