How Do You Know Where To Put A Tampon

How Do You Know Where To Put A Tampon – Check the date on the condom. Make sure it hasn’t expired. If the condom has expired, throw it away and find another condom.

Feel the condom wrapper and make sure that if you gently squeeze the center of the condom wrapper, it will be filled with air. You only want to use an unopened condom; make sure there are no holes in the package, and if the condom is torn, dry, hard or sticky, throw it away.

How Do You Know Where To Put A Tampon

Make sure the condom is ready to go in the right direction: the brim should be on the outside so that it looks like a hat and spreads easily. You may want to spread it out a bit before putting it on to make sure it fits. If you accidentally put the condom inside out, DO NOT flip it over and reuse it, buy a new one.

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Squeeze the tip of the condom just enough to leave a half-inch gap for the sperm to collect. Holding it between the tip of your thumb and forefinger, begin to spread the condom to the base of your partner’s erect (hard) penis. This usually requires two hands.

If you put a condom on the tip of your penis and can’t get it off because the wound is wrong, throw the condom away and start over (the part of the condom where you would touch the tip of your partner’s penis). ). Do not twist the condom and use it. That way you can get pregnant or get an STD.

The condom should fit well, but not too tight, so that it does not slip or tear during intercourse.

If the condom ever breaks, throw it away, wash your hands and use another one.

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Removing the condom Immediately after ejaculation (or when your partner starts losing his erection), press the base of the condom against the penis (this will keep it in place and prevent the sperm from escaping) and slowly pull the penis out – while it’s still hard. The condom should be wrapped in a tissue and thrown in the trash (not the toilet, as it could clog it).

Condoms can tear, slip or leak if they are put on and removed incorrectly. If the condom breaks, emergency contraception can be used to prevent pregnancy. Emergency contraception can be started up to 5 days after unprotected sex, but the sooner you start, the better it works. Emergency contraception does not protect against STDs, but it does reduce the chance of pregnancy.

If your partner is HIV positive, there are pills you can take to reduce your chance of getting HIV. As with emergency contraception, these pills should be started as soon as possible, so contact your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional immediately after breaking the condom.

Acknowledgment: This newsletter was taken from, a website that provides reproductive and sexual health information.

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