How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook – Selling on Facebook Marketplace has become a great way to make more money from your lightly used items. Here are some sales tips & tricks that have worked for me.

Quick Cash is a great way to finance new items for your home. By successfully selling many of our old pieces in a Facebook “buy, sell” group, we were able to clear out the clutter and make room for new items that work well in their space. I.

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

The rules and vernacular take some getting used to. For example, on one of my lists – someone commented

The Adventures You Have, And Characters You Meet, Through Selling Your Unwanted Stuff On Facebook Marketplace

. Who knows? I’m still learning about ropes, but it would be nice to free up some square footage so we can make room for other projects.

The listing process is very intuitive and you can do it all on your phone. Start by clicking on “Market” and it will guide you through the steps. Facebook has a complete guide on how to list items for sale on their marketplace. Be sure to check it out.

I will clearly explain why I am selling an item (room cleaning, style change) so that people understand that there is nothing wrong with the listing (especially if the item is in good condition). Explain how you use it. Display a disposable item in your home to inspire others!

I always include brand names on all my lists. If it’s an item still available in stores, I’ll link the manufacturer’s listing and description. I believe this helps people get a feel for what they could pay if they had to buy new.

Can I Pay Through Facebook Marketplace

I will fully disclose if there is a broken item on the piece. If someone requests more images, this gives them another chance to show them what’s broken in the feed. People don’t want to come to your place only to find out that it’s not in the situation you’re talking about.

Every time someone comments or mentions “nil” – I comment back thanking them for their concern. Every time you comment, your post will also go to the top – another “organic” way to position your list at the top of the group and increase your listing’s visibility.

Hierarchical list. When you list something in Facebook sales groups, it will be pushed down the feed when the new listing is posted. If you don’t receive any questions or comments, your listing will be pushed down the feed.

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

Someone will eventually ask a question, and when they do – they are helping you. This will re-feed your listing and it will have more visibility. Some people type the word “collision” in comments, or they add periods. I try to avoid that and prefer to update my posts with real interest and interaction or by providing more information on the listing.

How To Successfully Sell On Facebook Marketplace

If you don’t know how to price your items, I would do a little research to estimate my price in the market. Find items similar to yours – click “Save”. I’ll check my saved items in a few days to see if it’s on sale for that price. If I want to sell quickly, I will offer a lower price. If I had fixed the price, I would list the item as “company”.

Reasonable offer // Reasonable offer 10-20% lower than my asking price. I will consider offers in addition to the lowball offer. Use your own discretion on this. I usually don’t take an offer until they’ve seen the item.

The payment options have changed and you can now set up Facebook Pay. I’m not actively selling on Facebook during the quarantine, but if you do, I’ll just leave a mark like Porch pick up. You can wave your hand through the door.

As a polite salesman, I always try to get things out into my driveway so they don’t get inside. Going to a stranger’s house can be frustrating for many people. So instead of an awkward exchange at the door, I do it before the scheduled pick up time.

My Sister Was Just Trying To Sell Something On Facebook Marketplace When This Married Man Asked If She Was Single

If they want to wipe it down before putting it in the car, I keep Clorox wipes near the item.

If you don’t check your messages, you may lose the transaction. After we establish a connection via messaging and establish a time, I share my physical address. You can quickly bond with this person with emojis and smiley faces.

I see a lot of people putting “bumps” in the comments. Many times. As a seller I find this counterproductive. If you have to constantly replenish your posts using this method, you’re missing the real message – you may need to adjust your pricing, be willing to accept offers, or remove listings. . Before you try again, do an online search to see what others are selling similar items for – then try again.

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

So you are an experienced Facebook seller? What other tips can you share for selling (or buying) lightly used items on Facebook?

How To Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace For Your Business

Jeanette is an Ohio-based designer and DIY specialist who focuses on simple projects that add value to your home. She focuses on low-cost but high-impact furniture that stands the test of time, is attainable and beautiful. She specializes in furniture remodeling, machining, painting and budget room remodeling. Jeanette has appeared as a guest on the Rachael Ray Show, WCPO Cincinnati Lifestyles and has appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Men’s Health and many home and garden publications.

Winter creates many challenges for one’s health. The holidays can create stress, cold temperatures…

I recently found this beautiful antique slate chalkboard and picked it up with the intention of selling it…

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s only natural that you’re doing everything you can to keep your loved ones safe.

Tips For Sourcing Quality Furniture On Facebook Marketplace •

I took this photo on a warm December day. Buddy watched over me while I decorated the front…

It’s reveal day for our rustic luxury bathroom makeover! So glad this place finally got an upgrade for us…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ‘A simple and easy way to add a bit of subtle color is to display… something you may have gathered from a non-working stranger in your home. You’ve searched, talked, driven, found, reviewed, realized it didn’t work… and now it’s time to resell.

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

Or maybe you’ve collected all the junk and you need to clear out some of the treasures in your home – not to meet your spouse’s need to cut back on hoarding – but to make room for the most valuable ones. New fancy item.

Tips Selling Used Items On Facebook

Selling on MP. I find that I encounter many people wasting my time. For example, right now I’m selling this West Elm side table for $50. New, it costs about $120.

2 messages are people who are short of words and shoot the price they want to pay without asking if it is available/payable. only “

6 people expressed interest in the messages, saying they would let me know when they could pick up, but never responded when I followed up.

Is $50 really worth all the hassle and waste of time? For me, no. For high priced items, yes.

Warning Over Facebook Marketplace

I wanted to spend some time searching for coupons in the ShopRite circle to see how I could save $50 on my next grocery shopping order.

Deleting your stuff to make room for new stuff that turns the world around, so here are some tips based on my own experience for selling your stuff on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay…anything where do you shop for second hand.

First things first, here are some common acronyms that you may come across. I don’t use these terms, but I thought it would be helpful to share them here when you want to include them in your listing description or when interacting with potential buyers.

How Do You Sell Something On Facebook

You can’t see the true colors/details of a subject at night or with the flash on, so it’s important to take photos in natural sunlight. It’s just

Facebook Rolls Out A New Feature That Will Help Content Creators Connect With Their Audience. Shops In Groups And Live Shopping For Creators Allow You To Sell Directly From Your Account, 24/7! /

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just place the subject in a well-lit room and snap a few photos, ensuring you’ll get plenty of angles and close-ups of any imperfections.

Great photos will help your item sell faster (and you may get fewer photo inquiries/requests from a potential buyer).

I often see people just using stock images instead of pictures of the actual item in their home, which scares me. How does the buyer know what it looks like/looks like?

That is ?! If you can find a link to the actual retail item, you can link to it in the description so buyers can see more details.

How To Sell Premium Products With Facebook & Instagram Ads

A few days ago I texted a guy about the height of the side table he was selling. He has length and breadth, but I want to make sure that the height is not too high for our love.

It will make your life so much easier if you make a list

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