How Long Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical

How Long Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical – When ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ first hit US theaters in 1975, it didn’t do very well at the box office, except in one theater in Los Angeles. The subversive camp horror musical, based on Richard O’Brien’s original stage show, became a cult classic when a New York City theater began offering midnight showings the following year. Since then, the film has become a Saturday night tradition across the country, where audience members interact with the film while actors perform a live version of “shadow” in front of the screen.

It’s been 38 years since The Rocky Horror Picture Show first hit theaters, so join us as we take a look at the cast of the film and see what they’re up to now.

How Long Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical

After: Tim Curry reprized his role in the original musical Dra. Frank N. Furter Reconsidered. Curry made his big screen debut in the film as a transsexual alien bent on building the perfect man.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (drive In Movie & Sing A Long)

Now: Curry’s performance in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ landed him the role of The Darkness in Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend.’ He also appeared in ‘Clue’, ‘Home Alone 2’, ‘It’ and ‘The Shadow’. Nowadays he mainly works in voice, and his talent can be heard in ‘Young Justice’ and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’.

After: One of Susan Sarandon’s first roles was on ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ as Janet Weiss. She and her fiance Brad stumble upon the mysterious castle and become trapped in Dr. The Crazy Plans of Frank N. Furter.

Now: Sarandon’s countless film credits include “Thelma and Louise,” “The Client” and “Dead Man Walking.” He recently starred in ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘Snitch’ and ‘The Big Wedding’ and will star alongside his daughter and co-actress Eva Amurri Martino in an upcoming TV series.

Logo: Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon were the only two cast members who did not act in the original musical. Bostwick played Brad Majors, Janet’s naïve fiance. Steve Martin also auditioned for the role, but the role went to Bostwick, who made his big screen debut in the film.

Review: The Rocky Horror Show

Now: Bostwick starred in the ’90s sitcom ‘Spin City,’ and has appeared in ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Cougar Town,’ and voices Grandpa Clyde Flynn on ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ Her other film credits include “Nancy Drew” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Then: Richard O’Brien, who also wrote the original musical and screenplay, played Riff Raff, Frank N. Furter’s creepy butler.

Now: O’Brien wrote and starred in the “Rocky Horror” sequel “Shock Treament” and appeared in the films “Flash Gordon” and “Ever After.” O’Brien continues to produce the stage musical ‘Rocky Horror Show’ with new artists.

Then: Patricia Quinn returned to play Magenta, the maid, in the film version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Where Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Streaming?

Now: Quinn also starred in O’Brien’s ‘Shock Treatment’ and has since appeared in ‘I, Claudius’, Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’ and most recently in Rob Zombie’s horror film ‘The Lords of Salem’. She often appears as a guest in live performances of “Rocky Horror” around the country.

After: Nell Campbell played Columbia, a Dr. Frank N. Furter Company that likes to do the traditional “Time Warp” dance.

Now: Campbell landed a music deal after “Rocky Horror” and released several singles. He also appeared on Pink Floyd’s ‘Shock Treatment’ and ‘The Wall’ and the 1998 film version of ‘Great Expectations’. She owned two nightclubs in New York in the 1980s and 1990s, and is currently retired from acting.

After: Singer Meat Loaf played Eddie, a former Columbia deliveryman and love interest, who crashes Frank N. Furter’s party and then dies. Meat Loaf had no real lines of dialogue and sang his entire role.

Rocky Horror’ Is Doing The Time Warp, Forever

Now: Meat Loaf continues to tour and release albums, and has also appeared in the films “Fight Club,” “Bloodrayne” and “Beautiful Boy.” He starred in Dario Argento’s “Master of Horror” episode titled “Pelts”.

After: Former model and photographer Peter Hinwood shot Rocky Horror, Dr. The creation of Frank N. Furter, played. Hinwood previously appeared as the Greek god Hermes in the UK limited miniseries “Adventures of Ulysses”.

Now: Hinwood had a few small film roles after her “Rocky Horror” performance, but stopped acting soon after. He is now an antiques dealer in London who enjoys a quiet and peaceful life, and is rarely photographed. In 2000, he discovered the gold shorts he wore in ‘Rocky Horror’ and sold them at auction for $1,000. They are currently on display at the Orlando Hard Rock. By continuing, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Policies, as well as to receive emails from Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Fan Rituals That Made Rocky Horror Picture Show A Cult Classic

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Rocky Horror Picture Show brings its quirky characters together, but it’s the narrative drive that really drives audiences crazy and makes them want to do the time change again. Read reviews from critics

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In this cult classic, lovers Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stranded during a storm with a flat tire, discover the mysterious mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and Janet encounter a house full of wild characters, including a biker (Meat Loaf) and a creepy butler (Richard O’Brien). Through elaborate dances and rock songs, Frank-N-Furter presents his latest creation: a muscular man named “Rocky”. The Rocky Horror Picture Show remains a cult classic for a reason, offering fans Halloween plans and timeless singalongs for decades to come. The 1975 film-musical fueled the careers of stars like Susan Sarandon and served as a career-saver for Rocky himself, Peter Hinwood.

Many of the cast came from the theater, and actors such as Barry Bostwick and Tim Curry returned to the stage at the same time as they built their television and film careers. Others focused on musical endeavors, with Meat Loaf and Nell Campbell finding success soon after.

He always followed them, whether they liked it or not. And some don’t vote. Let’s do the time warp to see what the actors were doing leaving the castle.

THEN: In the 1970s, Tim Curry was primarily a stage actor, until one of the musicals he starred in,

Meat Loaf Should Have Had Two Parts In The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It became a movie. Curry led the madness as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a self-described “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.”

He also continued to act on stage, earning three Tony nominations for Best Actor in a Musical and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Tony Awards. Curry returned

As The Criminologist in a 2016 TV movie remake and again as Dr. Frank-N-Furter at a 2020 conference in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

THEN: Sarandon already had several film and television credits under her belt when she signed on to play Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it soon became a star performance for the actress. Plus, Sarandon showed off her pipes when the quiet, low-key Janet let her freak flag fly in “Touch Me.”

Audience For A Halloween Screening Of Sing A Long A The Rocky Horror Picture Show At, Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, London, Britain Stock Photo

, Bostwick has already introduced the world to one of the most iconic characters of the 20th century. Bostwick played the role of Danny Zuko in the stage production of

, which earned him a Tony nomination. He continued to show off his singing and acting skills as nerdy Brad, convincing the world that “Damn it” and “Janet” rhymed.

. Bostwick also continued to have success on stage. He won a Tony for Best Actor in a Musical for his role in

THEN: Hinwood was a professional model taking small acting roles when he was offered the role of the perfect, genetically modified man, Rocky Horror. Although the character lent his name to the film’s title, Hinwood’s role consisted mainly of running around in gold shorts. Not that any of us are complaining.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Way to superstardom because he prefers a quiet life. He also said that he knows he can’t act, and that he cringes when he looks like Rocky.

SO: O’Brien was more than the creepy handyman Riff Raff on The Rocky Horror Picture Show — he actually wrote the original musical and co-wrote the screenplay. It should come as no surprise that the writer’s character led to the film’s most popular song, “The Time Warp.”

NOW: O’Brien continued to write musicals, appearing in small roles in various films and productions. In the early 1990s, O’Brien rose to fame

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