How Many Games In Mls Season

How Many Games In Mls Season – And Major League Soccer today announced the Club’s 34-game schedule for the 2022 Major League Soccer regular season. It will begin its fifth season in MLS with back-to-back nationally televised home games from Heart of Los Angeles, home of the Colorado Rapids, on 26 February at 12:30 p.m. March 6, 7pm PT on Univision and Portland Timbers. PT on FS1 from Banc of California Stadium.

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How Many Games In Mls Season

How Many Games In Mls Season

He makes his first cross-country trip of the season, again on Univision, on March 12 against Inter Miami at 10:30 PT. Other key games on the schedule include away (April 9) and home (July 8) games against long-distance rivals the Galaxy, and a home game against MLS 2022 expansion team Charlotte FC for the first time on August 13. It features eight games against Eastern Conference opponents, including home games against Philadelphia (May 7), New York Red Bulls (June 26) and DC United (August 17). He made his first visit to Cincinnati on April 24.

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The Black & Gold’s regular season games will be nationally televised with four of them on FS1, three on ESPN, three on ABC, one on FOX and five on Univision/UniMas.

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To best align with the 2022 international soccer calendar, the MLS regular season will begin earlier than usual, starting on Saturday, February 26, and continuing with the regular season finale, Decision Day, on Sunday, October 9. The 2022 Audi MLS Cup Playoffs follow directly into the regular season with three consecutive weeks of action leading up to the 2022 MLS Cup on Saturday, November 5, with more than two weeks before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held. held in Qatar on November 21.

The 2022 MLS regular season broadcast schedule has the largest network coverage in league history. A record 48 games will be broadcast on network television across ABC, FOX, Univision and UniMás. MLS action will air nine times on ABC in 2022, with a total of 34 games airing on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, all of which will also be broadcast in Spanish on ESPN Deportes. FOX Sports will show 34 games next year, highlighted by 27 games on FS1 and seven on FOX, with double the prime time window from the network’s 2021 slate of games. Additionally, all 34 matches will be streamed in Spanish on FOX Deportes. Thirty-two matches will be broadcast in Spanish across Univision and UniMás

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In addition, ESPN+ will air all national regional and non-market coverage in the US, and all nationally televised games not broadcast by English-language networks will also be broadcast live on Twitter in English. The new season starts on Friday and doesn’t end until December. . This is partly due to travel, partly to geography – but TV also complicates the situation

New York City FC pair David Villa and Andrea Pirlo. The top players in MLS can expect to play as many as 40 games per season. Photo: L. Argueta/ISI/REX/Shutterstock

New York City FC coach and former Arsenal star Patrick Vieira likes to tell stories about flying around the United States with his team. Major League Soccer teams are only allowed to charter private planes four times a season, so players and staff often travel with the rest of us for away games on commercial airlines.

How Many Games In Mls Season

At one point, Vieira’s crew was stranded at New York’s LaGuardia airport for eight hours when a flight to Kansas City was canceled. Someone who has flown out of LaGuardia, even an hour at their crowded gate, is almost enough to deter most people from flying again. After a long wait at the door, Vieira’s crew was told to return the next morning. A new plane has been discovered – but there is no crew to fly it. Another time, for a game in Montreal, NYC FC spent 90 minutes going through Canadian customs.

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The 2017 Major League Soccer season begins on Friday night, but the bad news for Vieira is that he will have to wait nine months if all goes well this season as he prepares for New York City’s opening game Sunday against Florida’s Orlando City. At the airport gate to play the MLS Cup final in December. For MLS and season schedules, broadcaster requests take precedence over travel challenges.

“Each TV partner has their own ambitions and priorities,” explained Brad Pursel, vice president of MLS club time and services. “We create the season schedule with them, and eventually, when they’re really happy with the draft schedule before moving on to the final schedule, they sign off. Our broadcast partners are part of the process and it’s a very collaborative process.”

Pursel is working on planning the 2018 MLS season; it was a complex exercise that not only had to include ESPN, Fox and Univision in the US, and TSN and TVA in Canada, but also took into account the Concacaf US Soccer Association calendar. and the Canadian Soccer Association. Clubs reported preferred dates for home games and any potential home stadium scheduling conflicts, but when it came to knowing the schedule, they dropped in the rankings.

“Teams don’t have much say in the final decision,” said Pursel, who has coached the last 12 seasons for MLS. “Imagine 22 teams telling you everything they want – that would be an impossible process.”

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While Pursel deals with paperwork and calendar dates, it dumps its parameters into a computer program that produces drafts. MLS executives and broadcasters are checking the box to deliver the final program. The result, in part: Friday night, the Portland Timbers host MLS newcomers Minnesota United for their first game of the season.

He is not wrong. With Atlanta United and Minnesota United joining the league, each team will play 34 games this season, 17 at home and 17 away. To make matters more complicated, Pursel has to run two geographic MLS conferences. As a result, clubs play each of their 10 conference opponents at least twice – home and away – and each team at least once in the opponent’s conference: five or six home games and five or six away games opponent If you’re still not confused, the program ends with the club playing three extra-conference games. One team in each conference will play additional non-conference games.

After all, the top six teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs. Keep in mind that the 12 teams that qualify for the knockouts are not necessarily the best teams of the season. In 2016, the Portland Timbers of the Western Conference could finish 12th in the overall league table, but two mini-league systems saw the East Philadelphia Union squeak into the playoffs.

How Many Games In Mls Season

More importantly, the playoff system also means that a slow start to the season is not the death knell for teams competing in the traditional winner-take-all league format seen in much of Europe. For eight months, a mediocre regular season can be quickly forgotten if the club’s coaching staff, luck and good timing see the team peak at the end of the summer.

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Last season, the Seattle Sounders started the season with three losses, left coach Sigi Schmid in July, lost star players Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins to heart problems, and China entered the playoffs with 14 regular season losses and counting. Win the MLS Cup.

Early season humidity seems to be a thing for champions. In 2015, eventual champions Portland won just twice in their first 11 games. Sporting KC won just five of their first 11 games in the 2013 title season, while losing just twice in their last 13 games.

In MLS, time seems to heal all wounds, and a season can seem like a race between the tortoise and the hare. Starting in March and ending in frozen Toronto (last season) in December, soccer overlaps at one point with the Fifa and Concacaf (and Conmebol in 2016) summer tournaments, as well as every other major league in the country.

On the other hand, former United States national team coach and professional opponent Jürgen Klinsmann caused outrage when he said the MLS season was too short. Klinsmann wants a national team player

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