How Many Games In Wnba Season

How Many Games In Wnba Season – The 2019 season marks the last major league championship under the current CBA, and with stories emerging from last year — players underpaid, franchises kicked out of their backyards and teams treated unprofessionally — the upcoming WNBPA battle could be even more significant. right now

On the eve of the 2019 WNBA season, the biggest question facing the league isn’t how many bodies will leave the Las Vegas Aces — coached by former Pistons great Bill Laimber and featuring the frontcourt duo of Liz Kampug and Aja Wilson. His wake (a lot, maybe). Instead, the league’s most important action is off the field. Season 23 of the WNBA is poised to provide a watershed moment for the league, its players and women’s sports as a whole.

How Many Games In Wnba Season

How Many Games In Wnba Season

Last November, the players’ union, the WNBPA, exercised its right to withdraw from the collective bargaining agreement after this season rather than wait until the contract expires in 2021. Between now and Halloween, a new deadline for the CBA, WNBA and players will work to crystallize a new understanding of the league’s financial structure, and in the process, they’ll introduce a referendum on the state of women’s professional sports in North America.

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Is the operative word here. The WNBA is a professional basketball league, a poignant statement and at the same time the core of the league’s controversial labor struggle. WNBA players get paid, of course, but the past 12 months have produced story after story that undermines the notion that they work under what most male athletes would consider “professional” conditions.

Last year, the New York Liberty moved from Madison Square Garden, where they had played since the league’s inception in 1997, to the Westchester County Center in White Plains, 30 miles from Manhattan. Although a single game at MSG attracted nearly 10,000 fans, the Liberty moved to the suburbs to play in a 5,000-seat facility; Due to this, their attendance has decreased by 70%. (The Washington Mystics also moved from the 20,000-seat Capital One Arena to a 4,200-seat arena in Congress Heights last year.)

Liberty’s move reportedly saved money in operating costs for then-owner James Dolan — who in 2015 handed over the reins to Isiah Thomas, who was accused of sexually harassing an MSG employee in 2007, resulting in an $11.6 million a. Suit against Dolan Corporation. In addition to Thomas’ decades-long poor record as a basketball executive, he turned everything he touched from gold to shit — failures like the defunct Continental Basketball Association and the Knicks’ outrageous failures in the mid-2000s. Dolan eventually sold the Liberty to Nets minority owner Joseph Tsai last winter, but the team remains languishing in White Plains this season.

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On August 3, 2018, the Las Vegas Aces were forced to miss a game after being stranded on the road for more than 25 hours after a series of canceled flights landed them in Washington, D.C., just hours before their scheduled tip-off. took to . Psychics. (Like all WNBA teams, the Aces fly.) Despite the fact that the contest affected the Aces’ chances at the playoffs — the loss dropped them two and a half games out of the last playoff spot — all the league did was contribute. To give the team brief permission to replay the game for an hour and search for a charter flight (though none were available on such short notice).

This off-season, Mystics guard Christy Tolliver accepted an offer to work as an assistant coach for the Wizards. Both teams are owned by Ted Leonsis, making an easy transition from playing women’s basketball to coaching men’s basketball under the same umbrella; That’s how Becky Hammon first got her coaching assistantship with the San Antonio Spurs. And because getting on track is more important when others are following, Tolliver’s job offer is a win for all involved.

He also came down to pay. The league allows players to take off-season jobs, but only if they work for the same organization that owns their WNBA club, with a total allowance of $50,000 per team. So, if Toliver wanted to become an NBA assistant coach for the Wizards — which usually comes with a six-figure salary — she would only have to make the $10,000 salary, because the other $40,000 had already been promised to her teammate. , Elena. The Daily Dawn, for another off-season job.

How Many Games In Wnba Season

For this reason, players spend most of their free time playing abroad, which brings the possibility of huge profits, but also increases the risk of relentless travel and injury. For example: The WNBA Seattle Storm would not be without league champion and finalist MVP Breanna Stewart, who tore her Achilles tendon while playing for Dynamo Kursk in this spring’s EuroLeague championship game.

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On the day the WNBPA withdrew from the current CBA, union president Nika Ogomiek, a Los Angeles Sparks forward, explained to The Players’ Tribune why:

“In opting out of this CBA, our primary goal is full transparency,” Ogwumike wrote. “We want information about where the league is as an industry, so we can come together and make better decisions for the future of the game.”

All the indignities suffered by WNBA players — from the salary cap limiting individual player salaries to $117 and $500 and the Aces’ travel game, restricting their ability to pursue fair-paying off-season jobs until Freedom rolls around. Absentee ownership – out of New York City – stems from the idea that women’s professional basketball is a financial pit and costs must be reduced to keep the league viable.

No one knows for sure. The reason Ogwumike and his colleagues want transparency is because the NBA, the WNBA’s parent league, doesn’t open its books. So when NBA commissioner Adam Silver says the WNBA lost $12 million last year, we don’t know if that’s the truth, the product of creative bookkeeping, or a complete fabrication. To be sure, organized labor is not obligated to take management at its word. The $12 million figure at face value is insulting enough, and forcing players and the public to accept the idea that the league made $8 billion —

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, with a “B” – Mason Plumlee has gotten even worse this season in raising concerns about the underfunding of last year’s returns.

Because WNBPA members have made it a point to avoid measuring their salaries against those of NBA players, this comparison is fraught with risk. Last summer, a series of apocryphal quotes surfaced online as all WNBA superstars like Brittney Greiner and Skylar Diggins-Smith lamented the lack of equal pay with NBA players. Griner and Diggins-Smith never said anything like that

In an article, Ogwumike dismissed that idea outright: “Does this mean we’re all going to the league office tomorrow, arm in arm and getting some LeBron money?” I wrote “You gotta stop those wild comparisons, I swear. Get your money, LeBron, we appreciate you.”

How Many Games In Wnba Season

Yet a share of WNBA revenue is proportional to NBA players’ share of NBA revenue — about 50 percent. previous year,

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Contributor David Perry cited a source as saying a conservative estimate of WNBA revenue would be $60 million, with the 137 players with available finances (out of 144 total) receiving just $12.3 million, or 20.4 percent. WNBPA CEO Terry Jackson told Katie Strong of The Athletic

“There is an opportunity to negotiate and write a new CBA.” WNBPA members aren’t just asking for more money, they’re asking to be treated like professionals.

Now, the WNBA must decide what. As it currently operates, and to the detriment of its players and fans, it is a fig leaf for feminism, a false head in the direction of social progress, run as a charity trying to minimize its losses – not a professional sports league worthy of the short-term investment necessary to foster long-term success. If it wants to last, clubs shouldn’t create a salary structure that forces 70 percent of their fans to save electricity, miss games due to travel accidents, or force players to lay off off-season jobs.

The WNBPA has tried and failed to win this fight in the past, but female athletes are now on the offensive. There are still vengeful voices in the sports world, who want women players to be quietly grateful for their limited opportunities, or better yet, stay away from the sport altogether. But these voices do not represent trends in women’s sports.

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The fight for WNBPA recognition mirrors the ongoing fight for women’s hockey

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