How Many Teams Are In The Mls

How Many Teams Are In The Mls – So last weekend we saw the opening of another football-only stadium, this time in Houston, and of course Don Garber was at home for such a big event, and Don made another interesting comment about the expansion. I have no doubt he’s still pretty much focused on NY2. That’s an issue in itself, but for him it’s an opportunity to speak beyond the 20 team, which has been mentioned in the past but never really talked about.

I think a lot of people are hoping that MLS might stop at 20 teams and put more emphasis on a true secondary league (a combination of NASL/USL/??) which could lead to some kind of escalation and someday in the distant future North American football relegation. I just don’t see this happening one day in my life, but some people think it has to be the evolution of the sport. Instead, the reality is, and I believe it has been for years, that Team 20 will mark a milestone for MLS, more symbolic than real. It’s just a stepping stone to a bigger league.

How Many Teams Are In The Mls

How Many Teams Are In The Mls

If you listen closely to MLS execs talking about the size of the US (more about North America now) and how all sports have teams in tons of cities, you can find clues over the years. Not only is MLS potentially more than 20 teams, it’s for sure. So while more than 20 teams might offend many purists, traditionalists or “European snobs,” that’s actually been an MLS idea for a long time.

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For now, the league remains focused on making a difference in the New York market, Garber said. But in the future, hopefully MLS will have a bigger footprint. “This expansion project is a 20-year process,” Garber said. “It’s not a two- or three-year process. I can’t imagine in 20 years we’re not going to be in a market like Miami, Minneapolis or [Atlanta]. I think we’re going to be in most of the big markets. We have this one Great power. The question is: how long will it take?

I believe they are slowing things down to 20 and up to create artificial demand for NY2 to get a $100 million expansion fee (in return for the SUM interest they sell to fund their stadium and paper project locations ). The move frustrates some other potential markets, like Orlando, who want their team at No. 20.

So how do I know that MLS has plans for more than 20 teams? It’s easy, in 2009, they even said so in presentations to potential sponsors and partners.

So, in the year that the Sounders joined MLS and the Philadelphia League was announced, MLS was already moving towards a bigger league. You can see that Portland, Vancouver and even Montreal were already on the MLS future roadmap 3 years ago. You can also see that NY2’s plans are not new, if you followed my talk on Twitter earlier today, you’ll know that I firmly believe that NY2 is not a bad thing, but MLS put in the time and resources to find it, I might Oppose funding for stadiums.

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If these markets, like all the others on the map below, want to get into MLS, shouldn’t they get the same help? Now I know New York is a huge TV market, but the last time Nielsen (2010 data) released a list of the top viewing markets for MLS, New York didn’t even make the top 10. Now some of the markets that already support MLS watching it on TV are on this map of potential team locations, St. Louis, Miami-ft. Both Lauderdale and Las Vegas are among the top 10 markets to watch MLS on TV, and neither has the advantage of MLS hiring staff to find potential stadium locations, and neither has the U.S. Major League Soccer spent millions trying to get a stadium built. .

So when you hear the rhetoric about Miami and Minneapolis as potential cities, don’t think he’s just blowing smoke to fans and potential owners of those cities. MLS has long planned to expand to more than 20 teams, what is the problem?

I think you only have to look at the latest developments in our 2012 schedule to see the future, and while it’s clear that MLS thinks that competition (well beyond NY vs LA) is all geographic, let’s think about the potential scenarios and how they might How would it affect the MLS stop count. 24 is a number that many people like, but it seems a little light to me.

How Many Teams Are In The Mls

I see 2 conferences (East and West) with 6 teams per 2 divisions, which would allow teams to play 3 times (15 games) per team in their division while the other 18 ball Each team on the team plays once, which would give us 33 games a year, very close to our current 34 games. This would allow for a very clean playoff system – all 8 teams can advance, but we know MLS wants more teams to make the playoffs, so I can see them getting the top 12 teams in , then the top team in each division takes a bye to face the winner of Game #2 vs #3.

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I don’t think 26 will work well unless the league just sticks to conferences and doesn’t break things down into lower units, which I think is highly unlikely since they seem to be doing their best to replicate what Don Garber knows best The NFL is. Still with 26 teams, you can have two conferences of 13 teams, which would require you to play two (home and away) 24 games for each team in each conference, then you probably won’t Facing the full roster of opposing conference teams, since that would give us 37 games a year, I could see a random mix of 10 games against the opposing team. Why other sports like the NFL don’t. You can then take the top 7 teams from each conference to the playoffs, with the top teams taking a bye. That would give us 14 of the 26 teams that made the playoffs.

So what about 28 teams? Again, I think the league still has 2 conferences with 14 teams each, but now it’s broken down into 4 divisions with 7 teams each. So how will this be planned? If you make each team in your division play twice, that’s 12 games plus a game against 21 other teams, and your regular season is 33 games, giving you more time into the playoffs. You could end up with 4 teams in each division in the playoffs and that would be 16 teams making the playoffs and I’m sure that’s something Don and the network would love on TV and that would bring MLS closer to the NBA And more teams in the NHL make the playoffs.

In fact, I think the magic number for Don’s 20-year plan is 30, just like the NHL and NBA. If you look at the map above, the map shows 29 markets, these are cities that MLS has been following for 4 years, it’s easy to add an additional market (Orlando, San Antonio/Austin, Carolina, Phoenix or ??) to this cards. Then you get two conferences with 15 teams each and 3 partitions each with 5 teams each. There are various ways to manipulate the schedule to make it work for you, but this would make the MLS on par with the NBA and NHL in terms of market volume.

For me, I wish the number was 24, but I don’t believe it at all, I have a hunch that the number Don had in mind at the end of his 20-year plan might be 30. Of course, in order for that to happen, a lot of things will have to change, like the current salary cap, the DP system, the national TV deal, etc. One thing’s for sure, and while we may not know what Don Garber has in store for MLS, if you think he doesn’t have a plan, you’d be wrong. ) – MLS NEXT completes its strategic expansion for the upcoming 2021-2022 season, with 24 new clubs and 16 additional age group expansions for existing clubs. In addition to the eight clubs admitted early, MLS NEXT

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