How Often Should You Wax A New Car

How Often Should You Wax A New Car – Unless you’re a home detailer, you’ve probably never used car wax. But out of the plethora of different car cleaning products out there, wax is one of the few products that can be considered a must. This is because in the long run, it will make your life easier by keeping your car clean as well as protecting your paint.

But what exactly are wax products? Why are they so important and how should you use them? We visited Autoglym’s Hertfordshire headquarters to speak to Technical Director Paul Coley to find out more:

How Often Should You Wax A New Car

The most obvious starting point is to look at any object you hit your car with. Basically – well, an actual candle. But wax is a term that includes many different materials. “Wax refers to hydrocarbons that are solid at room temperature. Wax can come from natural sources like carnauba—it’s made from the wax in the leaves of the carnauba plant—or it can be palm wax, and you can even find wax in hydrocarbons. You can have synthetic waxes like charcoal or waxes made from silicone. you can be,” Paul explains.

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The problem is that the solid material cannot be spread on the car, so solvent and oil are then added to the mixture to make the material more pliable. More than one type of wax can go into a car wax product, and the oils and solvents can vary greatly.

Candles are – for the most part – about protection. You put a barrier between the clear coat and the outside world to protect it from the air, UV rays, and bad stuff in the water. Water is a particular concern—it’s full of all kinds of contaminants that can easily transfer to rainwater and road spray paint, so the best way to protect it is to make sure the water flows quickly, directly off your body. waxy thing. will be done by making the surface ‘hydrophobic’.

Check out the video above of our long-term Jaguar XE S: the left side of the hood has a layer of wax, so the water runs off very quickly. Water is absorbed more on the unfolded right side of the lid.

In fact, as you can see in the video below, wax is effective at repelling water, allowing you to dry the car with wax.

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Especially from an open hose. This is safer than drying the “contact” using a towel, because it eliminates the possibility of scratching.

The benefits are endless. Washing dirty air and water to collect dirt on your car means washing doesn’t have to be frequent or intensive. Again, less time is spent in potentially harmful contact with your paintwork, and you can even get the car fairly clean with a “no-contact wash” with snow foam. For this method, all you need to do is spray the car with a spear in a pressure washer, leave it for a few minutes, then wash off the foam and any dirt.

If you’ve ever used car wax, you’ll know that it gives your car a nice shine. The diagram above should give you a good idea why: what the wax does is fill all the gaps in the clear coat caused by scratches and other imperfections. “It’s going to help you with your color and it’s going to help you with your stains because the micro-scratches will be filled in. You’re effectively getting a new surface,” Paul explained.

There are two parts to this question: when should you use wax during the wash cycle and how often should you use the item? The first one is easier to answer – it should be the last thing you apply. After the car has been washed and treatments such as polishing have been applied, the wax is then ‘sealed’ and protects your hard work. Paul cautions against the common mistake of waxing and then buffing—that just removes the wax.

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The question of when you should apply wax is a little more difficult to answer, but Paul recommends three times a year, depending on the type of driving you do. After that, a simple shampoo wash (or even a snow foam treatment, if our car is not very dirty) will suffice, and good car shampoos should not strip the wax layer.

It’s all about applying a decent amount of wax in small, even circles without slapping too much or being too stingy. How long you leave it on before polishing (preferably with a microfiber cloth) depends on the wax – if it’s the Autoglym High Definition wax we applied to the Jaguar, the first part you apply will then be ready to shine. You’ve been around the car waxing everything.

If you want to take care of your paint, make the car wash process easier, and get that extra shine (hopefully, all three), you really need to wax your car every once in a while.

It’s not difficult or expensive (yes, you can spend thousands on a tub of wax, but you’ll probably notice a big difference between it and more reasonably priced products) and it doesn’t have to be done often. . Time for a little more sparkle in your life?

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When your car loses its clear coat, the paint fades and rusts. The wax helps to maintain the clear coat. It keeps the exterior of your car looking good. It also ensures that your vehicle maintains its resale value.

With all the benefits of waxing, it might just make you want to do it more often. But you may not need it.

In some cases, every 6 months is enough. For others, it is required 4 times a year. Some people aren’t happy unless they wax their car every 60 days.

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The biggest determinant when it comes to polishing your car is the environment. For example, a car stored in a climate-controlled space does not need to be waxed as much. On the other hand, vehicles you park outside are exposed to the elements. This is the one that needs waxing the most.

Determining the specific interval for your vehicle depends on how quickly the spark plug wears out on its own. The best way to determine if this is happening is to see how the water collects on the surface of your car. If no beads form, this indicates that the wax is gone and the clear coat has been exposed to the elements.

Another way to check if your car needs more wax is to run your finger over its surface. You can feel the difference between waxed and unwaxed surfaces. The surface of the wax is smoother and your fingers will glide over it with less effort. On the other hand, an unwaxed surface feels more raw. It will also be difficult for you to slide your finger along it. If your finger test shows a lack of wax, it’s time for a new application.

Don’t let your car lose its shine and protection from the elements. Contact our trained professionals at Eye Candy Coatings and Care for waxing treatments that will keep your car looking its best for years to come.

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