How To Change Email On Imvu

How To Change Email On Imvu – The IMVU stylist platform also helps you to cancel or delete an imvu account if needed through a guide page. However, if you wish to delete your account due to persuasive promotional emails, we recommend that you mark them for moving to the spam folder or unsubscribe by clicking below on any received email.

But if you are one of those users who just want to delete their IMVU account due to inactivity, here is the step by step guide information on how to cancel IMVU account from the website.

How To Change Email On Imvu

How To Change Email On Imvu

1. Go to the IMVU account closure page via the browser of your choice and login to the website via the given URL if you are not already logged in at https://secure.imvu .com /welcome/login

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4. Once on the page, go to a search engine and enter how to delete an account to go to the delete page.

6. If you are unable to find the deleted page, then click on the ‘Help’ option which will direct you to the deleted page at

7. On the deletion page, enter your password and click the “Continue” button to permanently delete your account.

8. You’ll know your account has been deleted when you see those bold words, ‘Your IMVU Account has been successfully deleted’.

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9. You will receive an email from IMVU, informing you to confirm the deletion of your account. Clicking this will remove you from your account for good and all.

After entering a password on the deleted page, you will receive an email asking for your confirmation, whether you are sure of your choice or not.

Clicking on that link and not verifying it will either permanently delete your account by removing all your data from their site, or disable it.

How To Change Email On Imvu

1. To free up space and uninstall the application from the desktop go to “Control Panel” on your computer to uninstall the application, right click on the app to select “Add or Remove Program” and select Delete if not you it use the application in the future and delete it.

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2. Go to the account web page which will direct you to the deletion process, where you enter your correct information such as avatar name, email and password.

2. Once on the home page, go to settings in the upper left corner and click on ‘Help center.’

3. The Help Center will direct you to a website page where you can find out how to delete an account.

5. If you click on the first step ‘click here’ you will be taken to the account deletion process where you must enter your password to delete your account.

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3. Dial the number provided to get assistance from one of the customer care members, who will need your details to close your account. Once the information provided is verified, the process of deleting your account is halfway through and the request is accepted and will proceed according to the user’s requirement.

1. It will be difficult to delete or disable your account once it is abandoned for a while but it is possible to act sooner and faster.

2. Your IMUV account can be recovered if you have not clicked on the email provided to confirm account deletion. If you received the account deletion alert, go to the web address provided in the email to reactivate the imvu account.

How To Change Email On Imvu

3. In case of failure you must file a support ticket under the Help Center.

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6. Submit a case under the General Support Category where you select subject (1) file for case, case (2) as general support, subject (3) disable account as subject and your avatar’s name and email address in the description (4).

1. If you don’t want to use your account, you can delete it because IMVU doesn’t give you the option of temporary disability. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above to voluntarily delete your account.

2. Follow the option to delete the account, confirm it by entering your email and password to agree with the reason given for disabling the account.

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This article covers deleting your account with how to deactivate it following guided steps through written and visual instructions.

How To Change Email On Imvu

Account temporarily disabled for 14 days for inappropriate content. You can log in after 14 days after merging your email.

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Unfortunately, you cannot temporarily disable your account because the IMVU team has cleaned your account to make room for new users. So if you want to delete your account then delete it.

After deleting your account, you should have received an email alert stating that your account has been deleted and that the email will contain an address to reactivate your account. If that doesn’t work, visit the IMVU help center to submit a support ticket that will look into the matter for you.

Go to the imvu page and get started by clicking Start Free, state your gender and skin color to access your avatar. Enter a new name, email address and password then you will be asked to solve a Fun Captcha and you are done.

If your account has been deactivated for a while and you want to reactivate the imvu account, you must draft an email stating all the reasons why you want to delete your account. After sending the email to the imvu website you will receive a message showing all the information under the ‘accept your message’ highlight.

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An email registered to an imvu account can send a confirmation email to help store data from the app or share any new features and functions. But if your account is compromised and the linked email doesn’t work, check your email for a modified email alert in the inbox, junk and spam folders. Click on ‘I don’t want to change my email address’ and it will restore your account. You will need to log in again with a new password to secure your data

You will receive an email asking if you want to change your email address, click on it and restore your account and change the password to be strong with keywords and numbers.

If you have deleted your account, you will receive the email to confirm, if not, go to the help center under the heading General Support as the case category then select Disabled Account from the General subject, and then enter it in your email address as well as your date of birth to request activation of your account.

How To Change Email On Imvu

But if your account is suspended by imvu team then check Terms of Service and violation and doubt after going through visit the help center and click on General Support as case category and select Disabled Account from topics, it will tell you why your account was disabled and how you can recover it

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Check your email if your email has changed, you will get an alert click on it, it will take you to the confirmation page that will restore your previous email and ask you to reset your password after retrieving your name and then login with the new email password.

In case you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on forgotten password and you will be instructed how to reset it using the email address provided.

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Provide private data as required by law or contract; It is necessary to make a contract; Obligation of the information subject to provide private data; possible consequences if you fail to provide such data If you are an Android or IOS user it can cause your password to be lost especially when you need to update your profile or get credit points. Here are some simple steps that will help you on how to change your IMVU password in case you forgot it.

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A weak password cannot keep your important data including IMVU profile picture

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