How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile – When you change your Facebook Page username, your Facebook Page URL also changes. Previously, it was possible to change your Facebook Page username on mobile as easily as on desktop. However, with Facebook’s recent changes, you can’t do that anymore.

The official Facebook help page says that you need to be logged in on your computer to change your Facebook page username. However, you can use your phone to change your Facebook page username.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

There may be a number of reasons why you might want to change the username for a page. For example, you changed the page name so a new username would be more appropriate.

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If you wish, you may change the page username to reflect changes in your business or the nature or type of page that has occurred since the page was created. Or you don’t have one at all, so you just want to create a new username. Having said that, if you want to create or change your Facebook Page username on the fly, this article should be of use to you.

The only difference is that if you haven’t selected one, you’ll find a blank username. Your page must also have 25 likes before a unique username can be created for your page. Therefore, you may want to invite your friends to like your page to meet the threshold.

Keep in mind that creating or changing your Facebook Page username requires admin rights. If you’re not already a page admin, ask an owner or admin to add you as a page admin.

For an intuitive understanding, please click on the image with a screenshot of the entire process. And check out our video embedded above. If you don’t understand any steps, please comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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One way to change your Facebook page username on a mobile device is of course to enable the web version of Facebook in your mobile browser. You are here: Home / Facebook Tips / How To Easily Change Facebook Page URL / Username 2022

I checked all my admin pages and the option to change the page URL is available at any time. therefore

Your Facebook page URL is the part of your web address after So as far as my fan page is concerned, we’re talking about com.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

If you’ve recently created multiple new pages, you may not be able to create a username for the new pages right away.

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The username for the page can also be removed due to inactivity. Yes, this happened to me! I set the URL and didn’t use the page.

So if you want to keep the URL of your Facebook page for later use, write to that page – otherwise Facebook may release your username for others to obtain.

Or maybe you want to change your profile URL so it can be used on your business page.

This has become a common problem here. People are either wondering if they can switch right now, or asking:

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Then I was told that the old username was released immediately. They can immediately use the name for another page.

Facebook may have entered a cooling-off period, as indicated by the Instagram username change. It is said to be 14 days.

Some usernames will never be posted again because business pages or profiles violate Facebook’s terms of use.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

I wouldn’t believe anything you find online is gospel truth. I don’t think anyone really knows how it works today, in your country, in your particular situation.

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If it’s available, I think it’s a fair chance that you want to be the one to grab it.

If this doesn’t happen in two weeks or a month, you can report an issue with your Facebook page here.

Of course, as with Facebook for Business, if you have an ad manager, he should be your first choice.

Pick a username that you will be happy with in the long run. The future may or may not change!

How To Change Facebook Page Username (url) On Mobile

Make it as close as possible to your real name or the name of the company or person your page represents (eg John.Smith, YourCompanyName).

For dots and caps, decide how you want it to appear in the address bar, as users can type with or without dots and caps.

I saw an article claiming that dots between words make your URLs more SEO friendly because Google likes separators between words. I decided to drop episodes to be more user friendly.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

If the desired username is not available, you must choose a new username that has not been used. If a username has been claimed, the username may not be available even though the page or profile associated with it has not been published or used.

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Maybe you’ve decided that the URL is too long, or you want it to match your page name.

Changing a page’s URL does not change the page’s name – the title that appears below the cover photo. However, please note that once you have set a vanity URL, changing it means that the link to your page will no longer work.

If you don’t find and replace the old links, clicking on them results in this sweet message:

I have some suggestions to get Google to stop sending traffic to your old URL, but there is no Facebook page that redirects from one URL to another.

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Also note: previously Facebook could only change a page’s URL once. So don’t make changes lightly – you may have to live with this or start a new fan page.

Trying to get Google to do what you want is as futile as trying to get Facebook to bend to your will. It just doesn’t happen.

Your new URL on Facebook cannot be sent to search engines. You have to wait until they reindex the page.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

I’m extending here, but you may see a cached version of the search. Try another browser, an incognito window, or clear your cache.

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If your Facebook business page has been around for a while and is actively promoting, the link has been published in many places.

I searched my blog post using my then username “howtographics” and was surprised to find a dozen or so links.

If you’ve been guest posting, consider whether you leave links here and how you can use them to make a difference. The last thing you want to do is impress your readers and send them to the dead page!

If you have linked to your Facebook fan pages from other social accounts, you will also need to update those pages.

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You probably have a Pin saved on Pinterest that includes a link to your Facebook business page. You can change the URL of your own pinned PIN (but it will not populate a new pin). If you have an Instagram account, the link to that account may have been removed. or on your Twitter profile. Find them all!

Check your email signature and all printed materials – business cards, brochures, or something else? must have these

For search engines like Google, you can ask them to remove your old Facebook page URL from their index. Either way, they should eventually notice. The length of time may depend on how large or active your page is.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

People search your Facebook page outside of Facebook, and search engines like Google will send people to a broken Facebook page link for a while – even if you ask them to remove the outdated URL.

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I suspect a lot of people are looking for my FB page on Google. If you think it’s true for you, try not to care about it?

Before you invest time or money in the next steps, make sure you have the option to change your username! Then continue.

Most steps are optional and some may not apply to you. Use your best judgment. These are just suggestions.

1 | Log in to Facebook with a profile that is the administrator of the page you want to change on your computer.

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If this is not the case, you will get a red warning message and your username will be reset to your current username.

5 | Verify your new username and click off screen. A message will appear in the small black box in the lower left corner of the browser: Changes have been saved.

If you can open the desktop version of your Facebook page in a mobile browser, you can change the URL of your business page.

How To Change Facebook Username On Mobile

I’ve read a few articles and watched some videos that say you can do it through the Messenger app (sorry, that’s only for profiles) or Facebook Business Suite.

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I could have changed it, but I didn’t click “Request Change” because I’m still deciding what the new name I want is. Now when I click edit page name, a popup appears saying “You cannot change the page

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