How To Convert Pdf Into Doc

How To Convert Pdf Into Doc – Have you ever received a PDF file that you want to convert to Word DOC or DOCX format? Usually this is needed when you have a PDF that you want to edit a bit, maybe a resume or thesis text, but of course PDFs can be more complex. If you want to convert PDF to DOC, DOCX, RTF, or TXT format, we’ll cover some options for performing the extraction task on Mac OS X. This is basically the opposite of converting to a Word document. PDF through the Microsoft Office Word application, but it is often necessary.

First, we’ll show you how to use Google Docs to convert a file to Word format, then how to extract text from a PDF document that you can convert to DOC or DOCX yourself. Next, we will show you a paid solution from Adobe, which is the best PDF to DOC converter tool for business applications, and an alternative native Mac application that offers the same functionality. Finally, we’ll cover a more automated method that’s an extension of the first text extraction method that can convert PDFs into editable text files, which is probably best suited for occasional use and simple PDF files.

How To Convert Pdf Into Doc

How To Convert Pdf Into Doc

Note that if the file is password protected, you will need to remove the password from the PDF file first and then start the conversion process.

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The web-based Google Docs has effective PDF conversion tools as mentioned earlier and it works well.

Google Docs is very good at converting PDF files to the usable DOCX format, and often preserves the format very well. You can then open the DOCX file in Microsoft Office or Apple Pages to verify that the conversion went well.

The main disadvantage of Google Docs is that it requires web access and internet access to use it, otherwise it is free and easy to try and maybe it will work for you.

Think copy and paste is efficient enough to extract text from a PDF file and convert it to a DOC or DOCX file? It doesn’t automatically convert PDFs to DOC, and it’s pretty low-tech, but it works surprisingly well if the PDF is primarily (or entirely) text-based. Also, you can convert the file to anything you want, be it doc, docx, rtf or even pdf.

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If you want to try copying the entire contents of the document, you can also use Command+A to select all.

Pretty low tech, right? But guess what, it just might work! Sometimes this works well, sometimes not, it depends largely on the PDF file you are trying to copy and grab the text from. You can save the file as a DOC or DOCX file in Pages, Microsoft Office, or any application of your choice when finished.

This is obviously a minimally technical approach and is worth at least giving it a shot before trying other more complicated methods that involve minimal effort or shelling out money for an Adobe product.

How To Convert Pdf Into Doc

A much higher quality option is the paid option from Adobe, who created the PDF format to begin with, so it’s no surprise that they have a product that lets you convert their file format to something else. The Adobe offering is a web application and therefore works on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows or Linux and can convert PDF files to DOC, DOCX, RTF or Excel XLSX files.

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Adobe Converter Tool is the best solution for converting many PDF files and if you need to do things in the highest possible quality, but the price is a bit high for converting one or two files from PDF to Word, so you should decide if it’s worth it. will need

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw of this Adobe solution is the lack of ability to test or test, you have to pay before you know if it works or not. This doesn’t sound great to many users, so many Mac users who want to do PDF file conversions will find these options more appealing.

There are many other paid options, but if you’re looking for a PDF converter that isn’t an Adobe solution, you should look for one with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, as it can help recognize and extract the PDF file. content in more detail. They’re never particularly cheap solutions, but luckily, many of them have free trial versions that you can try out to determine if they’ll work for your needs. We will discuss one such option called CISDEM PDF Converter OCR, but there are many other options.

In some tests with different PDF files, this solution works very well to extract all the data from the PDF and convert it to the rich DOCX file format, but, as with this type of file conversion, it is the exact formatting of the document. It is often lost due to complex designs. It’s far superior to many other PDF conversion tools, and the output is nearly perfect with even the simplest PDF documents. The application also has the advantage of not requiring Internet access or a web browser, as it is native to the Mac. Compared to the copy and paste or Automator methods, this is a world of better, but you may want to try it with a test document or two before committing to the application.

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It’s basically an automated approximation of the copy and paste method we described as the first trick, it doesn’t convert the PDF to Word DOC, but tries to extract the text and outputs it as RTF or TXT. file, you can manually save it as Word DOC or DOCX if you prefer. Automator is considered a bit more advanced in that it basically creates automated macros for the task you’re configuring, but it’s not particularly complicated if you follow the setup instructions:

You should take a close look at the PDF export document to determine if the resulting content is correct, in a stylized PDF file you may notice that some letters and characters are missing, but the text is condensed, as in the example below:

Again, this isn’t all that different from option 1 of copying and pasting PDF data into a DOC or text file, but it’s useful if you’re working with multiple documents because it automates the process. Note, the simpler the PDF, the better this method will work, complex PDF files or image PDF files will not work as the text cannot be recognized (no OCR, just text extraction).

How To Convert Pdf Into Doc

You’ve probably noticed that you can’t open a PDF file on Mac OS X or any other OS when you try to open a PDF file with a generic text editor because it will open a blank. Therefore, you should manually extract the content of the PDF, then import it into the desired file format or use the available conversion tools. For example, here’s what happens when you try to load a PDF file into a Mac OS X text editor, no text in the PDF appears without any attempts to convert or copy/paste or extract, all of which are clearly displayed:

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Do any of the above methods work for your conversion needs? Does the simple text extraction method work to capture PDF data and convert it to DOC? Have you gone with the Adobe product offering? Do you know of any other solutions for converting PDF files to DOC and DOCX formats on Mac OS X (or via the web)? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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