How To Convert Scanned Pdf Into Editable Word Document

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How To Convert Scanned Pdf Into Editable Word Document

How To Convert Scanned Pdf Into Editable Word Document

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The PDF to Word conversion process is quite simple, but this is only true for editable PDF files, where you can edit text and other content in a regular PDF editor. But what about scanned PDFs that you can’t edit normally with a tool like Adobe Acrobat? To do this, you need PDF to Word OCR, which is basically a conversion process that uses optical character recognition to convert a PDF file into an editable format before turning it into a .doc or .docx file that can be edited in Microsoft Word.

So what tools are available to convert PDF to Word using OCR? This article introduces the 10 best PDF to Word OCR converters for desktop and online use and shares with you the pros and cons of each application or online PDF to Word OCR converter. The most recommended tool is .

We have divided the main list into two groups: free and paid PDF to Word OCR tools for desktop and online PDF to Word converters with OCR. Let’s jump right in…

How To Convert Scanned Pdf Into Editable Word Document

Desktop tools must of course be installed on a PC or Mac, depending on which operating system they support. The first is , which offers a macOS version.

Convert Jpg To Word Online For Free

Is an easy-to-use and fast PDF converter that converts PDF files into various editable formats. PDF to Word OCR conversion is highly accurate and supports text recognition in more than 20 different languages, making it one of the most powerful and versatile tools in its class.

A unique PDF converter tool for Mac developed by Superace. It offers highly accurate conversions, flexible output format options, and detailed control over how the document layout is displayed in the output file. The batch process feature is especially useful when you have to go through large PDF workflows during the workday.

This professional PDF utility is similar to Converter, but a complete PDF editor with many other features, including PDF editing, form management, PDF signature, PDF security, and PDF creation. It’s also available as an online utility, but this version offers a very simple conversion with no customization options or extras. However, the desktop PRO version is a powerful application that works in multiple languages ​​and is quite accurate at text recognition. The only downside is the pricing, which can be off-putting unless you’re a professional PDF user who regularly handles heavy PDF workflows. However, it is a better utility for converting scanned PDF to Word because it is specifically designed for conversion.

Of course, the list of PDF tools is not complete without Acrobat. This software is one of the most expensive PDF solutions, but it has features that match the price. The services are actually among the most comprehensive of PDF tools, with modules for editing, annotation, conversion, compression, security, sorting, comparison and, of course, PDF to Word OCR. Some say that the software is a little cluttered and difficult to use, but that mostly comes down to understanding the layout and understanding the features.

Free Bulk Convert Pdf To Editable Word Docx, Excel, Jpeg And More

Nitro is another well-known name in the PDF world. It’s almost as expensive as Adobe’s product, but has the same functionality. The OCR engine is very accurate and the conversion process is not too difficult to follow. Of course, like Acrobat, there is no forever free version, but a subscription unlocks all the powerful features. Like Acrobat Pro DC, Nitro Pro automatically recognizes scanned PDFs and automatically prompts you to perform OCR before exporting them as Word documents.

Cisdem has evolved over the years as a PDF-based utility for the Mac. There is no Windows version, but the Mac version is very versatile and the OCR is among the most accurate in its class. It includes batch conversion using OCR—similar to Converter—and can convert scanned PDFs and image files to 16 different formats, including searchable PDFs, Microsoft files, Apple files, and more.

The online PDF to Word OCR conversion solution is great because there’s nothing to download, no need to constantly check for updates, and it can be used on any computer without having to install anything. However, there are those who believe that online solutions are worse than desktop solutions because they hack documents when they are uploaded or downloaded over the Internet. This is especially true when using public Wi-Fi hotspots or other people’s computers, as you have little control over the privacy of your documents. However, these services are very popular because of the convenience they provide to their users. Let’s take a look at the best online PDF to Word OCR converters. Some are free with limitations, while others require registration or subscription to use the OCR service.

How To Convert Scanned Pdf Into Editable Word Document

The online version of Able2Extract is a simple scanned PDF to Word converter with free OCR. The interface is user-friendly and it only takes a few steps to convert any non-editable PDF file into an editable Word document. However, this free utility has some limitations, which we have mentioned in the “Disadvantages” section below. It doesn’t use advanced OCR settings, as mentioned earlier, and it can only convert PDF to Word using OCR – it doesn’t offer any of the other features you might be looking for, such as converting to other file types and so on.

Hipdf Online Ocr Converter

2PDF allows you to convert scanned PDFs into Word, Excel and text files. The service is easy to use and has a pretty good OCR engine that supports multiple languages. However, unlike Converter, it doesn’t automatically recognize languages ​​- you have to use a different URL for each language. The platform also includes tools for compressing and organizing PDFs, as well as file management tools for splitting and merging PDFs and rotating PDF pages.

Smallpdf offers many PDF services in addition to PDF to Word conversion. The conversion service for normal editable PDFs is free, but the OCR module requires a Pro subscription, which you will see after uploading the PDF file. Nevertheless, it is an easy-to-use utility with a very accurate OCR engine that works in multiple languages. It also works with handwritten text, but the results won’t be as accurate if you convert printed material in a scanned PDF to a Word file.

It is a fairly simple set of tools for converting PDF files to many different formats, such as MS Office files and images. It is also easy to use and supports multiple languages. The free limit is quite high, as the platform allows you to convert 15 documents per hour, but each file is limited to 15 MB. If you want relatively good OCR accuracy, you might want to try this online PDF to Word OCR service.

This online converter converts both PDF to Word and PDF to text using OCR technology. It’s not completely free, but the free limit is sufficient as it allows you to convert up to 10 files at a time with a total limit of around 100MB. The upgrade unlocks all features and is quite affordable; the paid option also increases the file size limit to 1GB, and there is no limit to the number of files you can convert at once.

Pdf Pro 2: How To Use Optical Character Recognition (ocr)

Now that we’ve seen the 5 best desktop tools for PDF to Word OCR conversion and the 5 best online conversion services, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

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