How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety Without Medication

How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety Without Medication – *Disclaimer: The content of this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice provided by medical professionals for any mental health issues you may have.

In the previous article, Different Aspects of Anxiety and Depression in Islam; In a previous article, we discussed how panic-stricken mental health disorders are today and how you need to learn how to get rid of them.

How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety Without Medication

Again, In this article I will not speak to you like a doctor or a dean. I want to say I like you.

A Meta Analysis Of Emotional Regulation Outcomes In Psychological Interventions For Youth With Depression And Anxiety

The truth is that these mental health conditions can sometimes lead our minds to a point where we believe that we have no incentive to pull ourselves out of them. As a result, they become dependent on anti-depressants. I’m not going to judge whether you take the easy way out or whether the cause of your anxiety/depression really requires medication.

Everyone who suffers from these mental health issues has a different story and I know it would be foolish to deny the therapeutic effects of medication. But I want you to know that there is a way out in Islam.

It is an important part of the Muslim belief system. In this article, You can learn:

Long) to overcome depression and anxiety in Islam; However, it is made as comprehensive as possible. You want to have all the information you need to get rid of depression and anxiety in one place. Let’s get started…

Ways To Improve Mental Health

What may be easier for you may be very difficult for someone else to achieve. Listed below are the number of steps you need to take to overcome depression anxiety in Islam and small steps. You will know best which steps are easiest for you. I recommend starting with those. for example, Getting up early in the morning may be easier for you than breaking a cycle of sin (a cycle means you are committing a sin over and over again, eg listening to music or having a harem relationship, etc.).

If you start doing something too hard, chances are you’ll give up quickly. In addition, If you are unable to reach that goal after several attempts, Your self-esteem will drop further. As a result, you end up feeling more depressed/anxious.

So you missed fajr? I won’t say it’s okay. But what I can tell you is, don’t let Satan get into your head, and don’t let other prayers pass you by. This is one of their clever tactics. It’s okay to feel bad after sinning/missing a prayer. It shows that your inner spirit is still alive.

But you suffer terribly in a cycle of self-loathing and guilt (believing in yourself that Allah cannot forgive you, or that you do not deserve to be happy now because you have sinned);

More Than Sad: Depression Affects Your Ability To Think

. For Muslims who are trying to do better. Shaiytaan records their activities closely. The moment they slip or make a mistake, Shaiytaan sneaks into their heads with his evil whispers.

Allah said: “Never give up hope of God’s comforting mercy. Indeed, no one despairs of God’s comforting mercy except those who do not believe.” [Surah Yusuf 12: Ayah 87]

Therefore, dear Muslims, Don’t let past mistakes define you. Don’t let repeated mistakes define you. The only thing that defines you is your principle (intention).

This is a very advanced skill to learn. But if you can learn it, it will serve you well. I’m not suggesting that you should escape your environment whenever you’re stressed by the Escape Phenomenon. You need to maintain a balance. You should also learn emotional resilience, another great skill that will help you stay strong in difficult emotional situations. But…

How To Overcome Anxiety

… When the negativity around you (whether in your community, home, workplace, etc.) becomes too much for you, politely get up and walk away. No one understands exactly what’s going on in your head, but you do. The noise around you is getting louder and causing you anxiety or you are depressing yourself because of blasphemy/ negativity/ rude behavior/ wrongdoings of others etc.

Keep doing what you ask. Go to bed and rest. Listen to Surah Baqarah to sleep. Do wudhu. make a Wish. Cry and make dua. ate Talk to yourself. Write in your journal. Do you understand training?

Now I know you’re dying to discover the amazing benefits of the release process (by the way, I do it all the time, so if anyone tells you it’s weird, Aimen is weird-cool-cool-hoo-).

We’ve all said, “I don’t want to be sad,” or “I want this feeling to go away,” or “I feel nervous and nervous when I try something new. I don’t want to feel that way.”

I Hate Myself’: 8 Ways To Combat Self Hatred

The problem is that we divide all of our normal natural emotions into two categories. Good or bad. happiness love Gratitude, etc. It is considered a good emotion. anger sadness Disappointment worry fear and depression are defined as negative emotions.

As a result, we suppress our negative emotions and embrace only the positive ones. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Suppressing negative emotions in an attempt to achieve false positives only magnifies negative emotions; This means that the more you push away or ignore unwanted feelings, the more you push them away. The stronger they are. When you repress unwanted emotions, you may think you are in control, but in reality, they are controlling you.

We need to learn to accept a range of emotions as part of human nature, and to differentiate emotions so that we can point to a level of valuing some, not endorsing others, but acknowledging others.

For example, After you had a fight/argument with a loved one, an uncomfortable feeling (sadness, irritation, anger) rises inside you… See that uncomfortable feeling as a beacon to communicate with that person and resolve it (Sunnah) . focus). Therefore, As you recognize the emotion within you as normal, accept it and let it guide you to a values-driven step (to communicate maturely).

Lawyer Depression And Anxiety: Why Most Lawyers Are Depressed And Anxious Due To Practicing Law

Instead, If you suppress that feeling of discomfort, it will take you away from Islamic values ​​(open communication and forgiveness) and the conflict will become more entrenched.

It is necessary to develop “Emotional Resilience” to learn to handle various emotions. I will talk more about this later in this post.

Now let’s take a look at the four main steps you need to take to beat the crap out of the evil beast that is DA (shorthand for the depression and anxiety model I just thought of, right?).

There are many articles on how to overcome depression and anxiety in Islam. I don’t want to give random advice that may not work for one person and may not work at all for another. I want to provide a step-by-step guide that can really help anyone at any level.

Building Better Mental Health

This is the first and essential step in the entire process of breaking free from the shackles of severe depression. Think about the situation you are in. Do you want to live in this rot forever? You realize there are only two options. Whether you descend from the pit of darkness far from Allah, you learn to ascend to Allah.

Allah says in the Qur’an, “Indeed, God does not change the condition of human beings without changing their inner hearts. [Surah 13: Ayah 11]

Once you train your mind to consider everything, your mind will begin to reason with your heart. The remaining particle of fear of Allah in your heart will gradually prepare you to change. End the guilt/depression/anxiety cycle.

Ok You must agree; This guy is crazy. But who cares? As long as you talk to yourself daily, you will be more positive. confidence; determination It’s definitely worth trying as it makes you a purposeful and focused person. I do. Call me crazy all day, but I feel the magic of everyday conversation.

How To Overcome Depression: 5 Things You Can Do Now To Make A Meaningful Impact

It clears your cluttered thoughts; You can improve your speaking skills and hear yourself as a third person; Your thoughts fall away and you sleep with less worry on your mind. It helps you get rid of all unpleasant negative thoughts (about others as well). Too good to miss, what do you think?

This is the time of “Tafakkur and Tadabbur”. The biggest proof of its importance is the example of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W who used to visit Hira Cave. Reflecting on the verses of the Qur’an; Daily self-evaluation and observing signs from Allah / events around you will train your mind to think fully and critically.

You will not begin to feel a spiritual connection with Allah.

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