How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

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How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

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Anyone can watch videos on YouTube, but you need a YouTube channel to post videos, leave comments, or upload playlists.

You can choose a private YouTube channel if you only want to be able to comment on videos or post your own

1. Go to the YouTube website or app and sign in to your account using your mobile device or computer.

3. If you are using a desktop computer, click Create Channel On your mobile device, tap your channel

How To Create A Youtube Channel

4. On your computer, in the pop-up window, click Get Started and use your name, click Choose. On your mobile device, enter your name in the pop-up window and click Create Channel

6. Your personal YouTube channel is created On the next screen, you can configure various settings for your channel, such as adding a profile picture and sharing your channel. If you want to set them up later, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Set Up Later.

A brand account is perfect for companies, brands or other types of organizations that want to manage multiple YouTube channels from a single control panel.

How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

In addition to managing multiple channels, a YouTube Brand account allows you to add managers for each channel. You can control who has access to various settings on the channels they manage

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1. In a desktop web browser, sign in to YouTube with the Google account you want to use to create a new channel.

6. On the next page, enter the brand account name you want to use, agree to the terms and conditions, and click Save.

Visit YouTube Channel Switcher to see a list of all the YouTube channels in your account You can access the channel switcher at any time to switch between YouTube channels or create a new one.

After you create a new account, you’ll notice that you don’t yet have the option to set up a URL (such as

How To Get A Custom Url For Your Youtube Channel [2021 Update]

YouTube limits the use of custom YouTube channel URLs to channels with at least 30 videos and 100 subscribers. New accounts are not accepted until at least 30 days old

You can create a YouTube channel from either a standard Google account or a G Suite account, leaving out the G Suite tutorial. G Suite Education accounts are not allowed to create YouTube channels YouTube users watch over a billion (yes, with a B) hours of YouTube videos every day, and yet only 9% of small businesses bother to create their own channels. As the use of YouTube continues to grow, the opportunities for companies willing to participate will become more extensive.

In this guide, we’ll share how to create a YouTube channel for your business and how you can create compelling videos to engage your existing customers and attract new ones. We will also look at the most effective strategies for creating a successful YouTube channel

How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube page is not as difficult as it sounds You don’t need expensive video equipment or years of experience to make YouTube videos Use this 12-step guide to start creating your channel and growing your business today.

Most Popular Types Of Youtube Videos In 2022

To set up a YouTube account for your business channel, you’ll need to sign in with the Google account you want to use to manage the channel.

Having a brand account to manage your channel instead of using a personal channel can help you scale more easily because you can add multiple managers through your Google login – no more sharing password information with your personal email.

A quick overview of the steps involved in creating a new account for your business’ YouTube channel

1. Sign in to the Google Account you want to use to manage your account, and go to the YouTube Channel Switcher.

How To Create A Youtube Channel To Grow Your Brand And Make Money

2. Here you should see your personal account, the brand account you currently manage and the option to create a new channel

3. When you click on “Create New Channel”, you will be taken to the screen to create a new brand account. Choose a channel name for your new account and click Create Here you can also upload a profile photo, such as your brand logo

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How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

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How To Create Youtube Channel

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Okay, now that you know how to create a YouTube channel for your business, let’s spend some time making it look its best.

Here are some simple steps to give your channel a more professional look and ensure your customers know you online.

If you’re starting a channel from scratch, your channel icon will be linked to your business account profile photo. To change this, YouTube will instruct you to update your account

How To Unlock All The Free Youtube Creator Tools On Your Channel

It is recommended that your image be in JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF format without animation, saved at 800 x 800 pixels. You should make sure that it performs well at small sizes and in both square and round frames where YouTube will use your channel icon.

Adding a channel cover is a great way to show off your brand’s personality and create a more visible YouTube profile. Your channel image must be under 4MB and at least 2048 x 1152 pixels in size, although YouTube recommends 2560 x 1440 pixels for best results on all devices.

Tip: Taylor is a free tool that will help you create a banner for your YouTube channel.

How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

YouTube will give you a preview of each uploaded image to show how it will look on multiple devices. You can also edit image crop

How To Embed Youtube Channel On A Website?

To unlock all of your channel’s customization options, you need to click on the gear icon in the section below your channel’s cover.

Then a pop-up window called “Channel Settings” will appear Find the “Customize your channel layout” option and enable it Click Save You will now be presented with a wide range of options, organized into five tabs: Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels and About.

In the description section, give a brief description of your store, products and mission Remember the main keywords for your store and be sure to use them in your channel description to help people find you when searching on YouTube.

Don’t forget to include your contact email address as well You should also include links to your social media accounts and your store, as these links can be set up to appear on your channel cover and be highly visible to your audience.

How To Start A Youtube Channel: 12 Easy Steps

Most of your links will just be a favicon icon (the default) (the small image that appears at the top of the browser), but the first link in the list will also show the link name, so use those 30 characters as much as possible, as 100% Pure has their call to action to buy now.

In the top right corner, you’ll find a section called “Featured Channels” where you can display other YouTube channels owned by your brand or managed by your staff.

Video can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy It’s a great way to provide your customers with high-quality, informative and entertaining content that keeps them coming back again and again.

How To Create A Company Youtube Channel

Plus, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so if you optimize your videos for search, it can also be a great place to connect with new customers who want to offer you. While the quality of the video is important, keeping the target audience in mind is equally important

How To Create A Youtube Channel: A Beginner’s Guide

After a quick brainstorming session with your team, you can often come up with a dozen or more YouTube channel ideas.

More and more people are going to YouTube to learn new things In fact, how video searches have increased 140% over the past decade, meaning there is an expanding opportunity for companies to capture new audiences by offering educational content in their products.

Videos teaching new skills are great for building trust with your audience and pushing them further down the conversion funnel. I recently came across a great example, Retro Supply Co.

It sells retro effects that you can use in Photoshop and Illustrator, brushes, fonts and more. On their YouTube page, Reto supplies viewers with a focus on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator more effectively.

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