How To Create A Newsletter Html

How To Create A Newsletter Html – Having trouble creating beautiful HTML newsletters? This is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis, but there is an easy way to create HTML newsletters in minutes. In this article, you will learn exactly how to create HTML newsletters and send them to your targets.

“HTML Newsletters,” two words that, when combined, can bring racing hearts and sweaty palms to marketers and developers. If you’re an HTML developer, it’s inevitable that email coding is a daunting task that will land on your desk at some point in your career, whether you like it or not.

How To Create A Newsletter Html

How To Create A Newsletter Html

But don’t worry, through this article we will help you to create HTML newsletters in a simple and easy way.

How To Create An Html Email Template

Newsletters have always been a great tool for digital marketers and brands to stay top of mind with customers. Email newsletters are a great way to attract customers and prospects. This is a way to create a more intimate connection with the audience than simply sharing content on social media. Don’t believe us? Check out these mind-blowing statistics:

As you can see, the HTML newsletter has become a key part of the company’s marketing mix and is critical to increasing those conversion rates.

HTML email helps bring the visual benefits of the web to the email inbox. A world before HTML emails, messages were previously shared only through plain and boring text. As email inboxes began to become crowded, HTML email offered a visual way to stand out from the crowd of messages.

Some of the elements available for HTML emails include graphics such as pictures and videos, formatted text, and background colors. If used strategically, HTML emails have the ability to communicate more information, which can lead to higher response rates.

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The need for an email newsletter depends on your business. Here are some ways to use HTML newsletters:

If you work in fashion, for example, your newsletter can invite subscribers to read about fashion, celebrity fashion, new collections, product sales, etc.

If you work in content publishing, your newsletter can include a catchy title for each new article to get users to click through to your site. It helps you engage your audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately generate huge profits for your business.

How To Create A Newsletter Html

As long as you provide content that your customers or users will find useful, email newsletters will help keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

Newsletter Editor: Uploading Your Own Html Email Template

It’s one of the first things your readers will see and is probably in the subject line of your email, so make it fun and interesting!

Images are always the first thing people see before they start reading your newsletter, beautiful images and attractive graphics will always grab the reader’s attention and help tell the story of your newsletter.

It is important that your newsletter covers topics related to your industry, experience, etc. Your newsletter can be personal, informal, and you should always bring it to what you know best, which is providing relevant content to the audience.

Add buttons and links to drive traffic to website, social profile, account registration, products, app downloads, etc. Remember, this is your time to engage your audience and move them through your sales and marketing funnel.

How To Create An Email Newsletter [checklist]

This may sound obvious, but if your brand is on social media, make sure you let people know. Always include a link to your social media profile in your newsletter. This can lead to increased followers, brand engagement, increased touchpoints across platforms and click-through rates.

Now that we’ve gone over the components you can add to a newsletter, let’s get straight to the fun stuff…creating your HTML newsletter!

And done, with these steps you have designed an HTML newsletter in Adobe Photoshop. Phew, add the awesome image(s) to your email newsletter HTML code and you’re good to go!

How To Create A Newsletter Html

1. To design an HTML newsletter using Adobe InDesign, you need to create a new document with a page width of 600-700 pixels. For length, go with 1000-1200 pixels. There is no length limit, so go with whatever you like. Save the page as a custom format and launch it. Your email design will follow the same structure as when using Photoshop:

A Complete Guide To Html Email — Smashing Magazine

2. Use the Rectangle Tool to create 3 rectangles on top of each other that will be one page wide. This is where you will insert your newsletter header, content, and footer.

3. Now add the image to the header that you did in Photoshop. Make sure the images you’re using in the InDesign newsletter are hosted online so your audience can see them.

4. Add a background of your choice to the body of the newsletter to make your newsletter pop. Feel free to add some text and images here. Make sure the page has enough margins to give it a clean look.

5. After that add a footer with a call to action like view more or subscribe etc.

Beautifully Designed Email Newsletter Templates

Also, unfortunately, it will not be a good HTML newsletter because it is not optimized and your design may look different in email. You still need to code these layouts in HTML for better optimization and make sure they look as intended.

Photoshop and InDesign are not easy to use. You need a lot of practice to master these two programs and it takes a lot of time and energy. Apart from all this, they are also very expensive! So how can we create beautiful HTML newsletters in minutes? That’s where comes in! is a great solution for sending visually appealing and responsive newsletters. Elink significantly reduces the time it takes to create a newsletter.

How To Create A Newsletter Html

How relevant is the question? It will take you less than 5 minutes to create an awesome newsletter and don’t worry about it working on a desktop or mobile device.

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This great tool offers a huge collection of beautiful and fully responsive newsletter templates from which you can choose your favorite and customize it as per your wish.

Copy and paste links to content (videos, documents, posts, webinars, etc.). elink will automatically convert those web links into visual blocks with an image, title and short description.

Additionally, elink has a robust editor that lets you add elements like images, text, bulleted lists, number lists, dividers, buttons, and social media icons to your body header and footer. You can also add a search bar to the newsletter and make it easier for your readers to find what they are looking for.

The great thing about elink is that you don’t have to worry about all the complicated design rules. With elink’s stunning newsletter templates, you’re already ahead when it comes to design.

Business Email Templates

Now, here’s what you need to do: Choose a template and customize it to your liking. We have an absolutely fantastic collection to choose from, so take your time to find the one that best suits your needs.

Here comes the fun part. You can add links to the content (articles, videos, products, etc.) you want to appear in your html newsletter.

Elink is so powerful that it will automatically generate an image, title and short description with each link. Of course, you can modify and customize any of this information if you wish.

How To Create A Newsletter Html

Elink is also an RSS reader and bookmark manager so you can select pre-selected links directly from your link library or RSS feeds or enter them manually.

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We know that an attractive email header design decides whether the reader will read your entire newsletter or get rid of it. That’s why we give you the option to design the main part of the header as you want.

You can add images, text, bulleted lists, number lists, buttons, social icons and dividers to the header body. elink allows you to choose from over 6 font sizes for the body of the header.

An email footer is where recipients will look for details about your brand. This is a place for transparency, clarity and good design, exactly what elink offers.

You can add images, text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, buttons, social icons and dividers to your footer. Plus, you can link social icons to your own social media accounts in seconds.

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Just jump in and don’t worry about wasting precious time designing your html newsletter layout. elink has done all the heavy lifting for you. You can choose your favorite layout from all the different options with the click of a button and elink will format those tiles in the style you choose.

You will find a perfect color combination in our models. But, if you want to change the colors, you can do that too. Plus, you can customize font styles, button text, and more in just a few clicks.

One of the strongest features of elink is that you can even add a search bar if you’re adding a bunch of links like resources, etc.

How To Create A Newsletter Html

Already! Now you have it

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