How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet – Let’s say you have a Google Sheets document with several pages that have the same structure (number and names of columns). You need to combine the data from these pages into a master view. Are you going to manually copy and paste quotes? No way! In Google Sheets, there are versatile options to automate the flow and forget about manual work. In this tutorial, we will introduce several functions, as well as a solution without a formula, to combine pages into one.

) of the same name. The first row contains the column headings. Our job is to combine the data from these pages directly into one.

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

FILTER is a Google Sheets function for filtering a subset of data from a specified data range based on a specific condition.

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) in the FILTER formula must avoid empty rows in the field. Otherwise, the formula will also add empty rows when the rows are merged with data.

This way you can combine more than two pages. All you have to do is add the relevant pages and their fields to the formula.

Note: Be sure to specify the data range for the second page (and subsequent pages) without the title row as

QUERY is a Google Sheets function to retrieve data based on specified criteria. In addition, you can change the format, change the order of the columns, and do other manipulations with the imported data.

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You can combine more than two pages with a QUERY by adding appropriate pages and their fields to the formula. Don’t forget that the fields for the second and subsequent pages must be specified without the title string just like with the FILTER function above.

Note that the mentioned QUERY and FILTER formulas join pages with the same number of columns only. For other issues, read our guide on How to combine pages with different columns into one.

We have successfully matched the pages with the invoice data. However, it would be great if we could not only integrate, but also consolidate the data in Google Sheets. For example, the amount of the invoice

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

Our goal is to consolidate the invoice amount for all companies that have records on both pages. To do this, we changed the QUERY formula above to get the following:

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Is the only iterative parameter we are collecting data from, no need to query other columns in the pages.

If you need to combine several sheets into one automatically with a custom table, or just don’t want to deal with formulas, use and its Google Sheets integration. is a data integration solution for importing data from different sources into Google Sheets, Excel or BigQuery. It is available as a web app and as a Google Sheet add-on, the latter of which must be installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Google Sheets integration allows you to import a range of data from multiple sheets and merge Google Sheets. To set up Google Sheets integration, sign up for, click Add Importer, and select Google Sheets as the source and target application.

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The order of the specified pages does not affect the order of the combined data. If you need to combine data in a specific order (for example, first

Combine pages with a pattern name. You can combine multiple pages that have a pattern name. Let’s say you have sheets of invoices from the last 10 years. Instead of writing them all one by one (2010 invoices, 2011 invoices, 2012 invoices, etc.), use the following pattern: .+ In our case, it will look like this: 20 Invoices.+ From here in the way that is, the names of the sheets are matched with a pattern and if new sheets are added (Invoices 2021, Invoices 2022 …), their data will be combined automatically without changing settings the import. The function works the same way with whatever page names you have. Destination

Optionally, you can specify the first cell where you want to import the data range and change the method of importing your data: you can replace the previous data or rows with information add new entries to the last imported entries.

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

You can run the import immediately by clicking Save and run. To automatically import data on a schedule, enable automatic data refresh and customize the frequency as follows:

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When finished, click Save and Run to save the settings and start the first data import and merge the specified pages. Here’s what we have:

Google Sheets in Google Sheets is not the only integration provided by It also allows you to import data from CSV files, Excel files and various applications.

We already know how to merge pages within a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Now let’s explore how you can import two or more sheets from another spreadsheet and combine them into one.

) from the spreadsheet shown in the previous examples. This spreadsheet is my work Google account. We will review all possible options and the formula is no first.

Google Workspace Updates: August 2020 and its Google Sheets integration is the most useful way to import and combine data from a Google Sheets workbook. We described the configuration flow above. In short, it looks like this:

You can do the same with nested QUERY or FILTER formulas with IMPORTRANGE. It’s a feature that allows you to import a range of data from one Google Sheets document to another. Read the IMPORTRANGE tutorial for more information.

It’s okay if you get this warning when the FILTER+IMPORT or QUERY+IMPORT formula is first executed. Click Allow access to link the source and target spreadsheets. After that, the formula will import and integrate Google Sheets. If you have another error, see our post Why IMPORTRANGE Not Working: Errors and Solutions.

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

Another use case is when you need to merge a sheet from one Google Sheets document and a sheet from another Google Sheets document. You can easily manage this by using FILTER+IMPORTRANGE or QUERY+IMPORTRANGE. The difference is that you must specify different spreadsheet IDs in the individual parameters of the IMPORTRANGE formula.

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If you don’t want to spend time typing formulas and checking their syntax, go with Google Sheets integration. It is easy to use and allows you to schedule data import and integration. The integration is especially useful if you need to merge multiple sheets from another Google Sheets spreadsheet. In this case, it is an advanced alternative to the IMPORTRANGE function.

Also, with, you can find a list of other importers such as Airtable, CSV, etc. This means you can bring data from different sources into one spreadsheet for further processing. For example, here’s how you can apply it to merge Excel sheets.

The FILTER function is great when you need to combine sheets into one spreadsheet. It is simple and does not require any advanced knowledge. Meanwhile, nested FILTER syntax with IMPORTRANGE is very bulky, so you’d better use FILTER to merge pages from external spreadsheets.

The combination of QUERY and IMPORTRANGE is the best option for consolidating data in Google Sheets. Its syntax is easy to understand and not as big as FILTER.

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Support features such as Smart Fill and formula suggestions help you analyze faster with fewer errors. And gain insights quickly by asking questions about your data in plain language.

How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

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Accelerate workflows by building business applications and automations. Use AppSheet to build custom apps on top of Sheets, without writing code. Or add custom actions, menu items, and macros with Apps Script.

With Spreadsheets, everyone is always working on the latest version of a spreadsheet. And with edits automatically saved to version history, it’s easy to remove changes or even view the edit history of individual grid cells.

Get and analyze data from the other tools you use, such as Salesforce customer data. Business customers can also use Linked Sheets to search billions of rows of BigQuery data in Sheets, without writing any code.

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How To Create A Shared Google Spreadsheet

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