How To Create My Youtube Channel

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How To Create My Youtube Channel

How To Create My Youtube Channel

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Anyone can watch videos on YouTube, but you need a YouTube channel to post videos, comments or playlists.

If you want the option to comment on your own video or post then you can choose your own YouTube channel.

1. Go to the YouTube website or app and sign in to your account using your mobile device or computer.

3. If you are using a desktop computer, click “Create Channel”. On a mobile device, click on “Your Channel”.

Create A Successful Youtube Channel [infographic]

4. On the computer, click “Get Start” in the window that appears, and click “Select” under the “Use your name” option. On mobile devices, enter your name on the popup screen and click “Create Channel”.

6. Your own YouTube channel is now set up. On the next screen, you can customize settings for your channel, such as adding pictures, archives, and sharing your channel. If you want to set it up later, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Install Later”.

A branded account is ideal for branded businesses or other types of organizations that want to manage multiple YouTube channels from a single dashboard.

How To Create My Youtube Channel

In addition to managing multiple channels, a YouTube brand account allows you to add an administrator for each channel. You can control who has access to different options on the channels they control.

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1. In an Internet browser on your computer, log in to YouTube using the Google account you want to use to create new channels.

6. On the next page, enter the name of the brand account you want to use, agree to the terms and click “Save”.

Sign in to YouTube Channel Switcher to see a list of all YouTube channels associated with your account. You can access the channel changer at any time to switch between YouTube channels or create new channels.

When you create a new account you will notice that you don’t have the option to customize the url (eg

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YouTube restricts the use of custom YouTube channel URLs to channels with at least 30 videos and 100 subscribers. New accounts are not eligible until they are at least 30 days old.

YouTube channels can be created with a standard Google account or a G Suite account, with the exception of G Suite Education. A G Suite Education account is not allowed to create a YouTube channel.

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