How To Cut Afro Hair With Scissors

How To Cut Afro Hair With Scissors – I’ve been a hairdresser for over a decade and have cut all types of hair, from simple European textures to the weirdest afro. One of the most discussed topics during this time is how to cut afro and curly hair correctly. There are many myths about this topic, so read on to learn about the four most common questions about cutting afro hair!

It is better to dry afro hair and very curly hair. If you cut wet hair, you will likely get a lot of hair due to shrinkage and when dry it will be much shorter than expected.

How To Cut Afro Hair With Scissors

It usually depends on how you use your hair. If you’re using straight hair, straightening before cutting works. If you naturally have wrinkles and curls, straightening them before cutting will not be the best solution because you may end up with untidy hair.

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Afro/curly hair should be trimmed every 8-12 weeks to maintain its shape and prevent the ends from tangling. This will significantly reduce the time spent on combing, thereby simplifying the overall hair regimen. If you’re trimming at home, always use a sharp professional hair clipper, anything else can snag and cause damage.

This is a common misconception. Hair grows from the root and grows about half an inch each month; It doesn’t matter whether you cut it or not. If your hair doesn’t seem to be growing, your rate of breakage may be greater than your rate of growth. Cutting your hair regularly and moisturizing it frequently will help minimize breakage by eliminating split ends and keeping your hair looking longer.

Sign up for our community newsletter to get your first access to new products, promotions, news and event tickets. We’ll also get you free delivery on your next order over £20! There comes a time when we look forward to our visit to the hairdresser and we decide to solve our hair problems ourselves. While we always recommend seeking professional help to achieve the look you want, sometimes minor touch-ups may be required between visits. For those who dare, here is an affordable pair of scissors for cutting hair at home.

When choosing scissors, remember: size matters. Sarah Leah Rona, New York hairstylist and co-founder of Arisa, says, “When looking for a new pair of scissors, I usually look for a specific length. The length of the scissors should start from the corner of the wrist and end at the tip of the diagonally placed index finger. Shorter cuts are good for fine-tuning, such as perfecting a straight line around the perimeter. Or explosion. Longer scissors can cover more area while cutting the texture in the hair. I am looking for hybrid shears suitable for both dry and wet cutting. This way, there is no need to switch between scissors and dry texturing after shaping when creating the shape to reduce weight.”

Different Types Of Scissors For Hair Cutting

A mess-free surface is guaranteed with this kit. This set comes with a protective cape, a brush to dust off stray hairs, and a double-edged razor to get any cut you want.

What people are saying: “These clippers were great. I’ve used them for my hair and human hair wigs. The kit had everything I needed for a good haircut.”

So definitely proceed with great care. They also feature rubber finger grips to stabilize and soften your grip, and an ergonomic grip to reduce excessive strain on the thumb and wrist.

What people are saying: “Comfortable to use/hold and was able to cut my daughter’s hair in one clean stroke. The precision and sharpness that sells me! Glad I found them!”

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These hair clippers from the beloved Tweezerman brand are the master of all trades. Alex Brown, who counts Chrissy Teigan and Kendall Jenner among her clients, says they’re great for beginners because “they’re a great size that makes them easy to control and they’re super sharp, plus they’re a really good price.”

What people are saying: “Size, value and functionality make these clippers the ultimate complement to your grooming kit.”

For an investment worth every penny, these shears are very sharp (we’re not exaggerating), giving you full and precise control over your cuts. They come in two different lengths and offer designs for right-handers and left-handers.

What People Say: “I’m a ‘new barber’ apprentice, so I’ve been cutting my hair for a little over a year. The scissors are just outstanding. The quality is great, the cutting precision is unlike anything I’ve used before and it’s hard enough for me to buy truly left-handed scissors.”

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These scissors are great for beginners – sharp enough to get the job done, but not sharp enough to cut yourself easily. Not to mention the price which is unbeatable.

What people say: “I used to cut my hair from time to time and do it with regular scissors until I finally bought it, and that makes a HUGE difference. I don’t have to do this half as often anymore because the ends don’t come out as untidy and gross as when they were cut with regular scissors.”

With nearly 34,000 reviews, these clippers are perfect for beginners. The gold plating adds a touch of luxury and these scissors are sharp and precise.

What people are saying: “I really like these scissors. They’re so sharp and easy to use. They do a great job.”

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What people say: “So far these scissors have been outstanding. Be careful, they are very sharp. It’s a good brand according to my hairdresser. It’s affordable and they’ve done a good job so far.”

Looking for scissors with a flat blade but a sharp blade? There is no more affordable and effective scissors. One reviewer explains: “They’re good enough for little things like trimming bangs, and strong enough to do a heavy cut about 8 inches from my head on large cuts. They’re obviously not showroom quality, but they do the job perfectly.”

What People Are Saying: “I’ve been cutting my hair since the beginning of the pandemic and this has saved my life when it comes to clean edges! I used to work at a salon and was impressed by the quality.”

What people are saying: “The scissors are incredible value for money! They cut like butter and the length is so perfect. If you’re looking for scissors for a good price but incredible quality, I would definitely recommend this!

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This set includes everything you need to set up a home barber station: a small cleaning cloth, a clipping scissors, a pair of hair thinning scissors, a barber cape, two hairpins and two combs in a zippered leather pouch.

What People Are Saying: “This is a really cool DIY haircut kit. Everything you need is here and it’s absolutely perfect for the non-professional who needs YouTube tutorial haircuts for themselves, their spouse, or their kids! I tested it on my mom and the scissors are great :)”

For light trimming between hair salon visits or fringe care, these clippers have a beginner-friendly handle and a sharp blade for precise cuts.

What people are saying: “I’m very happy with these scissors. I use them to cut ends (I have 3b curls) and it saves me a lot of going to the salon as I’m growing out my hair right now.

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Conair scissors are precise and safe enough to avoid any cuts while you wait in the drawer for the next cut.

What people are saying: “I cut my hair myself and these scissors work well. It’s pretty spicy so I have to be careful but they do a good job. I really like the good size, nice look and blade guard – no worries of accidentally cutting yourself while reaching in the drawer.”

According to Alex Brown, a well-known hairdresser for clients like Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner, it all comes down to design. “They’re made for cutting hair, so both shape and focus are different. When cutting hair, they’re thinner and easier to hold, which makes the cut more precise. They tend to be sharper, so you can cut your hair in one stroke for a neater cut without getting caught between the blades.” says.

Brown suggests going to a professional, but if you can’t wait, start with a haircut. “I would only recommend cutting bangs or split ends at home, never doing anything else.”

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Brown also recommends using the “spot cut” technique. “A point cut is when you take the tip of the scissors and make a straight parallel cut through the hair instead of leaving a straight, blunt line. This technique works best for cutting with bangs and trimming split ends. This article was published in One Story

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