How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband At Home

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Alcohol abuse remains a serious cause for concern in the United States from the graph above, alcohol abuse appears to be responsible for the high number of deaths in the United States. The statistics in the table above show a dark picture back to 2010 and unfortunately the situation has not improved since then.

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband At Home

The knockout effect of alcohol abuse has a negative effect in our society. The family, which is the most basic of society, is the family that feels these negative effects the most. Alcohol consumption in marriage continues to have serious negative effects and consequences. For example, wives of alcoholics go through painful experiences, such as with an alcoholic man, with an alcoholic man. The same applies to a man who has to deal with an alcoholic woman.

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In this article we address this very serious and important topic and offer insight into:

We also answer some very popular questions about dealing with an alcoholic husband in our FAQs, so be sure to check it out.

Alcohol has many negative effects on the alcoholic’s husband. Life with an alcoholic can best be described as a daily roller coaster, often filled with ups rather than highs. The partner of a recovering alcoholic knows what it takes to get to the point in their marriage where they can be called a recovering alcoholic.

The negative effects of alcoholism on partners can sometimes go unnoticed, because at the moment the senses are heightened, causing the other partner not to realize how much of an impact it has on them. Some of the significant negative effects of alcoholism on the husband/victim of alcoholics include:

How To Help My Alcoholic Husband?

Alcohol addiction causes tension between spouses because the non-alcoholic spouse always has to put up with the negative attitudes of the alcoholic spouse.

They have to deal with the embarrassment that their partner’s lifestyle brings on them, and this is bound to create rifts between the spouses.

Most victims of alcoholics endure the abusive behavior of the alcoholic. These often alternate between physical and emotional abuse, and in some cases both. Spouses who physically and emotionally abuse the other spouse are usually alcoholics.

The receiving partner has to deal with the plethora of emotions and feelings associated with the unpredictable nature of an alcoholic partner.

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What tends to happen in most alcoholic relationships is that the victim of the alcoholic develops an unhealthy interdependent relationship with the alcoholic. They do this by making excuses for their alcoholic spouse and creating an environment that allows the alcoholic to continue down the path of alcoholism without responsibility.

Alcohol has a negative effect on sex, as it lowers libido and sexual performance in the long term. This can harm the sexual satisfaction of the spouses in the marriage and lead to the sexual frustration of the non-alcoholic partner.

Most divorces occurred because one of the spouses had an alcohol problem and the spouse refused to deal with the problem.

The alcoholic spouse can take on many debts that also affect their non-alcoholic spouse. More often than not, the debt mounts and the innocent spouse is ridiculed and embarrassed. Sometimes the alcoholic can fight and break the law, thus exposing them to legal liability. This drains the home’s finances while you try to resolve legal issues.

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The alcoholic partner may have one too many hangovers and miss work as a result. This ultimately affects their business negatively and in some cases they may lose their jobs.

Heavy alcohol consumption poses several health risks to the drinker, including obesity from lack of exercise and an increased risk of cancer. Other diseases such as pneumonia and cirrhosis are also risky health problems for people who drink too much alcohol. This will affect the non-alcoholic spouse who has to live with the anxiety and pain caused by the health problems of his own making.

The trigger point for most cheating spouses is alcohol. If a person is very drunk, they are more likely to have sex because it obscures rationality.

Alcohol affects, for example, sperm quality. This can, for example, affect the fertility of the alcoholic man. And if the victim is the woman and the woman wants to have children, this dream can never come true with an alcoholic man.

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Living with an alcoholic husband/wife is not easy because it always hurts the victims of alcoholics. If you have an alcoholic partner, here are some dos and don’ts for living with an alcoholic spouse.

You are not the reason your husband is an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic is their choice and therefore their responsibility.

You should not blame yourself or shift the responsibility of your alcoholic partner onto yourself, because that is the fastest way to create an unhealthy preferred environment.

13. Don’t try to control them because the truth is you can’t control the drinking problem they have.

Denial As A Symptom Of Alcoholism

Your alcoholic husband can’t even control himself. Therefore, it would be naive to think that you can do the enormous task of controlling them. It is best not to even try because in the end you will only disappoint and turn yourself off.

Alcohol addiction is a health problem that requires professional help. Don’t try to be their doctor. Get them professional help. It’s the only thing that will bring them one step closer to getting the help they need.

However, they probably don’t want to seek professional help right away, and you can’t drag them to the doctor by screaming. What you can do is seek professional advice to equip yourself while you wait until they are ready to seek professional help. The doctor will also give you helpful professional tips to help them in the meantime.

Maybe your partner promised you that he would change and then went back to his old habits. This can understandably frustrate and disappoint you and therefore affect your attitude towards your partner. But remember that when it comes to alcohol addiction, it is not easy for an alcoholic to kick the bottle. So, don’t take it personally.

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Expecting your alcoholic partner to kick the bottle when they say so is an unreasonable expectation that sets you up for unexpected pain. So it is best to have some patience with them and take the other tips in this article and in time you will get your partner back.

16. Do not allow alcoholic lifestyle and rather allow them to face the consequences of their lifestyle choices.

An enabling environment will help your alcoholic partner continue to take responsibility for the alcoholic lifestyle. Calling your partner’s workplace and making excuses for not showing up because of a hangover are some examples of favorable environments. Or to always be there to take them home when they are weak outside the house.

These facilitators do not help them realize that they need help. While you continue to protect them or enable their drinking lifestyle, they will never understand the full impact of their actions.

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We understand that it is not easy to choose the hard way of love and make them deal with the consequences of their actions, for example, allowing them to sleep outside and wake up when they are sober and deal with the shame that it brings

But keep in mind that without tough love, they probably won’t face their actions and take responsibility for them. But when they themselves deal with shame and dance to the consequences of their lifestyle, they realize they need help.

This is especially important if your partner’s alcohol addiction has turned into abuse, whether of a physical or emotional nature. If abuse begins to occur, talk to someone about it and seek professional and legal advice if necessary. Remember that your health and safety is important.

Your health and well-being is important. The negative alcoholic lifestyle of your partner should not let you down with them.

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Don’t change your home routine just because your husband has a drinking problem. Life should remain normal and unchanged. For example, if you wake up at a certain time to prepare the children for school, this should not change. While your partner is dealing with alcohol problems, it is important that you maintain your normalcy at home.


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