How To Deal With An Arrogant Employee

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We all have little quirks that make us unique, but not all quirks are pleasant to deal with, which makes people difficult to manage.

How To Deal With An Arrogant Employee

Difficult employees underperform and create friction within a team that can be difficult to deal with, especially for a new manager.

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Dealing with these problem employees is no easy task, so I’ve put together a handy guide for you to use as you navigate your management journey.

It’s important to remember that when you’re dealing with difficult workers, they’re not always deliberately challenging.

Personal problems outside of work can motivate employees to take action, but sometimes it is connected to the environment at work and causes difficulties.

As a team leader, you need to understand your individual team members to know what makes them tick.

There Are 6 Types Of Worker, This Study Says. Which One Are You?

The 4 Employee Personality Types: Understanding and Managing Different Personalities in the Workplace You understand that there are four main personality types you will encounter in the workplace: Personality D, Personality I, S, and C.

Finally, the C personality is very detail-oriented. They are critical of their own and others’ work and make sure everything is done flawlessly.

Each of these personalities has strengths that contribute to the team, but when these personality types are not supported at work, they turn into difficult workers.

When Ds find themselves in a bad work environment, they are often careless, rude, impatient, pushy, and aggressive, all of which categorize argumentative workers.

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When I act, they get emotional, impulsive, excited, and become the talk of the office, as you would describe an immature employee.

Ss in a hostile environment appear withdrawn because when Ss are not supported, they become indecisive, uncommunicative, sluggish and lack initiative.

Finally, unsupported Cs become the “Negative Nancy” in a bad work environment as they become withdrawn, vindictive, critical, self-centered, and moody.

While these individuals are difficult to deal with, it’s important to remember that you can change each of these personalities and help them become the team members you need for your startup’s success with the right coaching and support.

Why You Need To Stop Fighting Arrogance

Before we get into the different coaching strategies for each difficult personality, let’s first discuss the general strategy you should take when working with difficult employees.

Before jumping to any conclusion; start by taking the time to understand your team member’s situation.

Although we are independent individuals, we are also victims of our environment. The cause of the problem may be the environment of the team members.

Before judging your teammates, get the facts first. Ask team members and other co-workers about the problem employee and take the time to have one-on-one conversations with the employee to hear their side of the story.

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By taking the time to understand how your team members feel about a situation, you show your support and create a psychologically safe environment.

Once you understand what your team members are dealing with, it’s time for the two of you to come up with a plan of action together.

Discuss how you see your teammate’s current behavior as a problem and what you think their ideal behavior pattern would be.

Then ask your team members what obstacles they face that prevent them from achieving their ideal behavior patterns and what you, as their manager, can do to help them overcome these obstacles.

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After discussing the cause of the problem, work with your teammates to develop a realistic solution. Identify the steps you believe the employee needs to take to improve and what the end goal is possible for.

SMART goals are an effective way to help your team members achieve their goals because they provide specific, achievable results within a realistic time frame that hold people accountable as they move through the goal process.

Once you get your employees on track, be sure to check in on their progress.

Do you have team members who like to argue just for the sake of it? Sure, some people debate ideas and opinions, but others argue out of habit. They worry about the most trivial things to stir up conflict.

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A person’s arguments come from something personal, and the root of the problem is much deeper than the surface anger they display.

But there are ways to handle difficult people as a manager without feeling like their therapist.

Below I have collected three strategies from Takebe & co. help you manage contentious employees.

One of the first steps in dealing with difficult people is to hear their side of the story.

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According to Takebe & co., when people let their anger out, it only makes them worse (Takebe & co, 2016) and often manifests itself in other ways, such as hitting or arguing with others.

Hold calm, professional meetings with your team members and express concern for their well-being and work performance.

When talking about an employee’s problematic behavior at work, be sure to comment on the act itself, not the character.

By sharing specific examples with your teammates, you can help open their eyes to problematic behaviors they may be engaging in without realizing it.

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The most important thing to remember is that it’s not you, it’s them, and you don’t need to be angry in return.

You will remain neutral in the conversation with the employee, avoiding taking things personally, which is important for getting to the bottom of the matter and creating a plan of action.

Argumentative persons do not just make things up. They pick up on something you’ve done or said and aggressively use it against you.

Instead of defending yourself against what they have to say, remind yourself that they want to argue and let go of their attack, letting go of the need to be right.

How To Deal With Cultural Arrogance

When it comes to arguing with an argumentative person, you will never be right, even if you are.

When you ask for feedback, engage them in their ideas, which will make them more open to the feedback you share.

Article Reference: Takebe, M., Takahashi, F., & Sato, H. (2016). Ruminating anger as a risk factor for anger and anger-inducing behaviors: A longitudinal study. Personality and Individual Differences, 101, 451-455.

What you want to do is tell them to “grow up”. But you and I both know that won’t help.

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Below I share four strategies to help you deal with immature teammates calmly and calmly. Read on to find out. 👇

When this happens, they tend to think that their work is not important. If someone’s work is only seen by 30 people and doesn’t directly impact someone’s life, who cares, right? 🤷‍♂️

That’s why you need to show your employees that their work is important. Connect your work to the bigger picture and show the impact on business functions.

When employees understand that their work plays an important role in the bigger picture, they will begin to care about their work and behave professionally.

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If you don’t expect a high level of performance from your team members, guess what? They won’t give it to you.

A good way to reinforce excellence in the work of your team members is to reward, highlight and praise excellent work.

By rewarding team members for their best work, you extrinsically motivate them to be their best. Examples of such incentives could be a Christmas bonus for anyone who reaches X amount of sales.

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People tend to rise to the occasion. As Shakespeare told us, some are destined for greatness, so let your teammates achieve it.

I’m not saying invite your worst employee to the most important sales call of the year, but let your employees thrive.

Progress is best made in small steps, so start by slowly increasing the responsibilities of employees until they can take on more responsibility.

As they reach greater heights in their role and company, your team members will begin to feel empowered. An empowered employee will improve their overall performance, including their level of maturity.

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If a team member misbehaves during a meeting, punish their behavior with a reprimand. For example, if an employee makes an immature joke, tell them it’s inappropriate and explain why.

By encouraging mature behavior and condemning immature behavior, you help team members learn the kind of behavior you want to see in the workplace.

Reinforcement makes it more likely that you will see the desired behavior again, while punishment makes it less likely.

Win Win’ Ways To Deal With Toxic Employees (without Causing Lasting Damage)

The type of training you apply to your employees is what psychologists call operant conditioning (a learning method where employees are rewarded and punished for behavior).

Gallup research shows that 85% of the world’s workers

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