How To Divert Text Messages From One Phone To Another

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How To Divert Text Messages From One Phone To Another

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How To Automatically Forward Text Messages To Another Phone Or Pc On Android

How to send a text message to any contact including multiple texts at once from your Android device

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Have you ever needed to forward a text message to another person but didn’t know how? If you are using an Android device, the process is very simple.

If you’ve forwarded email before, text message forwarding isn’t much different. The exact steps will vary depending on which messaging app you use, but the basic idea remains the same.

Email To Text — Send Sms Messages From Gmailᵀᴹ

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1. Open your normal text messaging app and tap the conversation that contains the text message(s) you’re trying to forward.

2. Touch and hold one of the text messages you want to forward. When the menu appears, tap the Forward Message button.

3. Select all the text messages you want to forward by tapping one by one. When you’re ready to forward a message, tap the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

If You Can’t Send Or Receive Messages On Your Iphone, Ipad Or Ipod Touch

4. Tap the contact(s) you want to forward the text message to. Their name or phone number should appear as a circle with a check mark inside the icon next to it. When you’re ready to send your message, tap the blue circle with the paper plane icon inside.

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Almost everyone who uses a phone has had to send a text message to another phone number or email address at one point or another. Some reasons may prompt you to forward text messages to another phone number or email. One reason for this is that you may have multiple phone numbers. Also, if you are traveling to another country and using a different phone number, you will need to forward the text. Text forwarding is useful for parents who want to monitor their child’s communications.

How To Forward A Text On Android

This can be done with the help of a service provider, but this is not always the best solution. Fortunately, developers have come up with third-party apps that can automatically send text messages to another phone or email.

Auto Text Forwarder is a great SMS forwarding app for Android devices. The app allows you to send text messages to email addresses. The forwarded information also includes contact details as well as the phone’s GPS location. You install it on another phone and configure it to forward all or specific messages to your current device.

One of the advantages of this application is its high level of security, as it uses SSL, ensuring that personal data remains secure during the forwarding process. The app can also selectively redirect messages based on keywords you specify. Text messages are delivered to your email address via instant or daily reports, depending on your choice. You can also select multiple email addresses to forward to. It can also redirect call logs to notify you about missed calls.

Another good text forwarding app is Phone Leash for Android devices. Phone Leash allows you to automatically forward text messages and MMS messages to another phone number or email address. For example, if you have two phones (personal and work), you don’t need to carry both at all times. You just need to install the app on one phone, maybe the one you want to keep, and automatically connect it to your other phone or email account to receive messages sent to the other phone.

How To Forward A Text Message To Email

With this app, you can read and reply to text messages via email or other mobile phone numbers. The app also allows you to import your text messaging history to your email address and get another phone’s GPS location.

This is a simple and free application for Android devices that allows you to send all or selected text messages to another mobile phone. The app allows automatic text forwarding and email forwarding. It offers multiple forwarding options such as forwarding all text messages, messages with specific keywords and messages from specific numbers. You just install the app and select the options you want.

SMS Forwarder APK allows you to automatically send SMS text messages to any phone number or email address you specify. To send an SMS you only need to specify the phone number or e-mail address and the type of message to be sent, the rest is taken care of by the application. You can also set when messages are sent by choosing specific days of the week and specific times of the day.

MightyText is a highly rated text forwarding app with many useful features. The app lets you send a text to another phone number and reply to it from your computer or tablet. Also WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder and more. You will receive notifications from other applications such as

Automatically Forward Text Messages

MightyText syncs your smartphone’s media files to your computer, backs up text messages and calls, and lets you make calls on your tablet or desktop.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many text messaging options for iOS devices. Unlike Android phones, iPhones don’t have an app (or even a third-party app) that can automatically forward text messages to another phone or email. You have only one option

You can automatically forward text messages on your iPhone using the built-in forwarding feature in the iPhone Messages app. Here are the steps:

Note that this feature only works for iMessage, not SMS, and this feature only works if you have multiple Apple devices, such as an iPad or Mac, and are signed in with the same iCloud account on all devices. have

How To Text On The Ipad

If you’re looking for a text forwarding app to monitor your child’s conversations, most of the apps above will do the job. However, Family Orbit is the ultimate text monitoring app designed to make it easy for parents to keep tabs on their kids and who they’re talking to.

Family Orbit SMS Tracker allows you to monitor what your child is texting, who they are texting and when they are calling. So if you’re not sure who your child is talking to, this is the app you need. Family Orbit lets you monitor the details of your child’s messages, giving you peace of mind. With this information, you can protect your children from the dangers of today’s world while maintaining their independence.

Family Orbit goes beyond just text tracking. On the contrary, it allows you to monitor your child’s phone activities that feature a number. These features include:

If you have multiple phone numbers but want to receive messages on only one of them, or if you are traveling to another country, the apps discussed above can help you route all text messages to the desired phone number. However, if you intend to monitor the text messages your child or someone else is receiving, Family Orbit is your best option.

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