How To Do Google Docs Form

How To Do Google Docs Form – Provided by Google. Using Google Forms can make it easy for you to create and collect essential data like research data, registration forms.

Google Forms is free to access and use. In addition, the security of the created form data is guaranteed. All data created will be automatically saved in Google Drive.

How To Do Google Docs Form

How To Do Google Docs Form

How to create a Google Form is also very easy. All you need is an internet connection and a Google account. So, what are the steps? Check out the following!

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Blank, you’ll see the words “Untitled Form.” Click on Text and give the form you create a title.

Then, in the “Form Description” column, create a clear description so people can understand the purpose and content of the form you’ve created.

3. Next, create the question you want and select the question type. For example, “multiple choice”, “checkbox” or “dropdown” questions have multiple choice answers. Or, you can also select “Short Answer” and “Paragraph” for answers that require details.

4. To add a question, you can click on the “+” sign on the right. On the right, there are also features asking respondents to add multiple files like documents, photos and videos.

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5. When you have created and compiled all the required questions, click the “Submit” button in the upper right corner.

7. To see the results or answers of the created forms, you can view them in the “Response” section to the right of the “Questions” section. You can also see how many respondents answered or submitted answers from the form you created.

Well, those are the steps and how to create a Google Form. Very easy, right? If you are still wondering what are the pros and cons of Google Forms, consider the following explanation.

How To Do Google Docs Form

It is very easy to use in both creating and filling out Google Forms. With this feature, Google Forms is very suitable for all people to use to create registration forms

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As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy Google Forms services for free. With these benefits, you don’t have to spend the budget to buy apps or software

Forms created can be shared directly with everyone through various platforms. This one advantage is definitely very useful as this way you can save time and enable everyone to fill the form

One of the most important advantages of Google Forms is that it has a spreadsheet feature. This way, you can see the answers or the results of answers from forms or questionnaires that you have collected cleanly and automatically.

For those who want to try using Google Forms, you don’t have to worry that the data you collect will be leaked, as all the data will be stored securely. Every form you create and every response or answer from respondents will be automatically saved to your Google Drive account. Since it is stored in Google Drive, of course you don’t have to worry about data getting lost or deleted.

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Well, these are the pros and cons of Google Forms. Additionally, by using Google Forms, you can save time, effort and cost. Google Forms can be shared via e-mail or

This way, you no longer have to ask people one by one to fill out the form or questionnaire you created. Of course, this can save a lot of time and effort.

Now you don’t need to print paper. This way, of course, you can save the cost of paper and ink. How do you create an easy and less complicated Google Form? Few of you already know what Google Forms is. Naturally, because this feature of Google is one of the most popular and widely used features today.

How To Do Google Docs Form

Questionnaire or online registration form on Google. To create a Google Form, make sure you already have an email account with Google.

How To Make A Survey With Google Docs Forms

After knowing Google Forms, now it’s time to create Google Forms as a questionnaire. As mentioned earlier, make sure you already have a Gmail account to get started. Once you have emailed from Gmail, you need to open a web browser.

Be sure to access Gmail and then go to the Google Docs page and select Forms. Also don’t forget to have a smooth internet connection. After logging into the page, . You can follow the step-by-step process as follows:

If it doesn’t match, you can choose an image + a blank space with a white background. You just click on the sign.

Clear, now you can fill the required questionnaire. On that page, you will find an unlimited form column with letters that are very large.

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You just click on the section and type the title as required. Use a title that matches the title of the questionnaire you have. Note below the title, after filling in the title, there will be a Form Details column.

In that column, you can fill the detailed information of the created questionnaire. Of course, use clear descriptions to help people understand the purpose of the questionnaire you’re creating first.

How to Create Another Google Form You entered the step of asking questions from the required questionnaire. Below the Form Details column is a column called Questions. You just type the desired question in the column.

How To Do Google Docs Form

Also, you can choose the type of question you want to ask. Examples include choosing answers to questions using the concept of yes or no or maybe. If you want this, all you have to do is select the multiple option type.

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For those who need answers to questions with details, you can choose short answers or just paragraphs. For this option, the type of questionnaire being created can be adjusted.

For those who want to choose multiple choice concept questions, they should definitely prepare answers. Let’s say you want answers like yes, no and maybe. Then write Yes in the Add Option section.

If you want to write another form of answer, you can click Add another section in the Add options section. You can follow these steps to create dropdown questions and the types of checkboxes that are currently popular

If you have previously created questions with existing answers, this time you can also fill in your own answers from questionnaire fillers. You can create a short answer section or select a question

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How to create a Google Form for short answers and paragraphs is very simple. Type the question you want and choose short answer or paragraph type only.

After you complete the desired questionnaire questions, the next step is to send the questionnaire to the previously selected person. There is nothing complicated about sending it. You can send via email or

First, click on the Send section at the top right. After that, you will be given the option to send the form using email. You can directly type the desired email address and click Include form in email. Then click Send at the bottom right.

How To Do Google Docs Form

In addition to this method, you can also copy and paste to send a link to the questionnaire you created. You just click on the pin symbol and a link will appear which can be downloaded.

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After knowing how to create a questionnaire using Google Forms, now the next step is to create a registration form with the help of Google Forms. Actually the method is not much different. It’s just that there are some differences in some steps.

This created form can be used for student registration, registration of some events or other needs. Not much different than before, the first step is to login to Gmail respectively.

Just like creating a questionnaire, you can directly select a blank template to create this registration form. Why should it be empty?

The next step is similar to creating a questionnaire as discussed earlier. You must fill the title of the registration form you have created, don’t forget to fill the details section of the registration form as well.

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Here you can write it short, concise but still easy to understand and as per the purpose of registration form.

A bit different from how you would create a Google Form for a questionnaire, here you don’t need multi-field answer options or the like. So simple and less complicated.

Instead, you choose a short answer only or paragraph only answer type. Here you can also add age, name, place of residence and many other questions in the untitled question section.

How To Do Google Docs Form

After adding the required questions in this registration form, you need to distribute or share the registration form created through this Google Form service.

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As for the questionnaire, you can click Send at the top right. You can also share this form via email just like the steps on how to make a questionnaire discussed earlier.

You can add the email you want to go to. Don’t forget to click on the form included in the email section. And then click Send. For those who need a link to share the form, you can click the icon that looks like a pin.

According to your wishes. For those who want to shorten links, you can do so when they click on the shortened URL and then click on copy. Pretty easy isn’t it?

For those who create questionnaires and registration forms, you can also view survey results through Google Forms. The method is reasonably uncomplicated and very simple. For the following method

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First step, go to the form you created earlier. Just enter as you want to create a Google Form for the first time. To make it easier, click on the following link

A Google Form has been created below. Click on the form where you want to see the survey results.

Built first. In the questions section, there are things like responses. In the menu or option you can see the people who filled the previously created questionnaire.

How To Do Google Docs Form

Additionally, there is also information about how many visitors responded to the created questionnaire. Not only the number of persons but also the full names and answers filled by the person filling the existing questionnaire.

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