How To Find Out If You Still Married

How To Find Out If You Still Married – First, it is important to distinguish between different types of love and whether any of these types remain.

It is one thing to say, “I do not love my husband.” It’s another thing to say, “I do not like my husband.”

How To Find Out If You Still Married

At this point you may be thinking, “It ‘s not enough that I do not love my husband? Is there not enough reason to divorce? Feeling (or not feeling) and why.

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Read on for the following signs that you do not love your man, so you are continuing with your eyes wide open.

After all, you can not say more. You do not feel needed or desired for his conversation. If you have to be in the same room, you want him to be quiet. It is not as much companion silence as compromise.

If he starts a conversation with you, you will immediately feel stressed and unhappy or anxious about the future.

It seems like all you do together is criticize each other’s decisions or attitudes – publicly or by passive opinion – aggressively here and there. It gets to the point where you both get stressed when the other person walks into the room.

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You restrain yourself from criticism and contempt that seems inevitable and invade the space between you. It defines your relationship now.

Not only do you feel free, but there are also people you want to be more – when your man is not around and is unlikely to hear you or notice what you are doing or Say no. You feel free to be yourself.

When he appears, one part of you will close and you will be blocking or defending yourself. Your mood changes significantly and the stress is visible.

When he is around, you are likely to want to immerse yourself in something you are doing on your computer or smartphone. It was a blessing in disguise and an excuse not to relate to her more than necessary.

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If he wants to talk instead, you are offended by the aggression and the clear expectation that you drop (or put) what you are doing to focus on him instead.

In other words, you suck. You will find something that will take you out of his presence. Maybe you will find a reason to go shopping. Or you ask a friend to join you for coffee.

Or you decide that you will focus better if you work somewhere he does not want to be, whether it is a library, a local bookstore, or a car park with great views.

You look at your man and feel nothing resembling attraction – physical or otherwise. You just do not feel what a woman should feel (at least sometimes) about her husband. Maybe you want to, but you just do not.

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You may remember that you used to feel very attracted to your man, but now, after you have been through each other, you feel that you can not or do not want to feel this way again.

When your husband remembers or when someone asks you to describe him, most of what you think is negative.

You remember something he said recently that bothered you. You remember his habit that pushes you up the wall. You look at his face when he is unhappy with you. Negative is far more than positive.

Whether or not you have already started an emotional relationship with someone else, you have been in a relationship with someone more recently than you ever remembered when you were with your husband.

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You feel attracted to other people and wonder what it would be like to get close to one of them ( Or more). You do not deny that you are tempted. And you just regret it a little bit.

You are the same with your husband. And you have abandoned the idea that marriage is best for your children. You will not want any kind of marriage you have on them.

There is nothing you like to do together. He leaves almost nothing to please you and vice versa. If it weren’t for your kids, you would have stopped it last year.

If you go somewhere with you, you will not be happy. And this misery soon spread to other places. Okay, thank you.

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So when he announces that he is going on a business trip or arranging a trip with friends, you welcome the opportunity to spend those days without him.

You do not believe that the problems in your marriage are something that anyone can solve and you have tried “Use it to the fullest.” Focusing on the positive does not help. It just makes it easier for him to accept you in vain or get his way.

People ask why you do not try marriage counseling, but you do not know how to convince them that it may not work for you.

Conversations with him tend to be one-sided. Or he is using psychological tricks that have worked on you in the past and are now just making you feel very angry and resentful.

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He can not blame you for anything else. But he kept trying. For him, he was just “honest.” Every conversation with him is an opportunity for him to turn the knife further.

Maybe you remember when things were different and you hardly let go of each other, but now… now the idea of ​​being close to him is no longer attractive.

Since you do not feel connected to him, true intimacy is not possible. Sex is just sex. And you do not want to be with him.

Maybe he invites you to spend time alone with him to talk and reconnect like you used to (before, kids or whatever). And you feel panicked or irritable.

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Alone with him. You do not trust yourself to know what to say. Or you do not trust

He used to make everything happier just by being there. You imagine him as your perfect travel companion when you want to travel. When you want to shrink and watch a movie, he is the one you want on the couch with you.

Now, frankly, you can not think of what you like to do together. And the last time you tried to solve a project together, the experience made you even further apart.

You do not want him to be involved in your interests. At first it was just something for yourself because you live with this man and it seems like he is always there

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Reasonable. He also has his hobbies. But now you really like to do most (if not all) of what you enjoy without him.

If he calls or texts you when you are away, you will look more upset than anything else when you see his message or caller ID. And you likely allow his call to voicemail or leave his message unanswered. .

All he has to do is call you (or text) or walk into your room to get inside, and that’s not good. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

He thinks and you think, “I do not think I like him anymore.” It just costs too much to deal with him.

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You will not regret having children. And you will never regret the good times you and your spouse had together. Nor expect the road ahead to be easy.

Perspectives that both of you may have on the other side of divorce. You are not afraid anymore.

You must not hate a husband who wants a divorce. You can still think of good times and know from time to time that you still love him. But that kind of love (platinum or aloof) is not what marriage needs to live.

If the thought of growing up with your husband leaves you with nothing to look forward to (other than maybe grandchildren), it is time to reevaluate your marriage.

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If you honestly say “I do not love my husband anymore” or “I do not love my husband” it can take a few sessions with a trusted therapist or couple therapist.

If you still have platinum love for your man – but not romance or romance – is that reason enough to be together? After all, you promised each other while your relationship was still on the training bike.

You know that if both of you are not interested in sex again, you want a marriage that includes it. And you want it to get better and better as you get closer to each other. If you can not do that with your spouse, it is better for both of you to move on.

If there is no love at all – well, it is not a marriage or even a caring relationship but no sex. It’s just misery.

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Now that you have faced the painful reality that you do not love your husband the way you should love each other, it is up to you to decide what to do next.

If you do not feel love for your man, he deserves to know the truth no matter what he does

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