How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email – How to use Reddit for data research to increase your marketing potential Jessica Malnik June 13, 2019 6 min read

There is no social media site that is more misunderstood and used by SEO experts than Reddit. Reddit received nearly 1.6 billion hits in April 2019.

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

Since Reddit has a reputation, with its own rules, and is not particularly welcoming to newbies, many people are quickly dismissed. They think they’re just players and technicians and guys who still stay at home in mom’s basement.

How To Use Reddit’s New Discover Tab

Reddit is the cheapest place to do keyword research. They have a large and diverse audience, and you can measure the popularity of a topic to quickly determine the story, tone, and purpose being used.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to use Reddit to do keyword research, as well as tips for finding top ideas, including how to:

The first thing you should do is search the waters and see what has already been said about your topic on Reddit. Most people start from the front page of Reddit or just stick to subreddits that have millions of subscribers like r/video, r/AskReddit, etc.

While you might find some good stuff (especially on r/AskReddit), you’ll waste a lot of time and go down a lot of unnecessary rabbit holes.

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Because there’s a subreddit for anything and everything from business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance to mechanical pencils, dog bathing musings, and my personal favorite: Find a reddit. (ie, you guessed it – a subreddit to find other subreddits. This meta is not called useful.), it’s better to go more specific and deep into some subreddits.

Say, for example, you run an e-commerce store that sells gourmet beef jerky, you should search all subreddits about jerky and maybe even get active if you want to talk shop.

The fastest way to find subreddits is to post your topic or related topics on this site: /search?q=yourtopichere.

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

If you need to deepen your search for subreddits, these two other sites can help.

Brands Can Now Sponsor Trends On Reddit

It’s worth focusing on more than five subreddits (preferably at least 3) at any given time to save time and help you dig deeper into a topic. . For my naughty example, I’ll stick to r/jerky and r/ecommerce for recommendations in this post.

Within 10-15 minutes of browsing a subreddit, you can find over a dozen content ideas that can be found based on the discussions being held by people in the village.

By default, Reddit previews heated discussions. However, I find that switching to “uploaded” or “persistent” seems to produce better results.

Pro tip – If the subreddit has less than 20,000 subscribers or doesn’t have much recent activity, you may want to change the filter setting to show posts from the last month or year of consumption

Reddit · Github Topics · Github

Now, it’s time to dive into the threads. These are the types of conversations I’m looking for:

I recommend creating a list of these threads in a spreadsheet. The “how do I do X” type is almost always the best starting point for brainstorming and creating new things.

This is an example of a discussion that I will add to a report and explore further. This is an example of a user looking for the best marinades.

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

Another example is the question mark system. Based on the fact that it was approved 81% of the time and there are almost 20 comments (on a small number), it tells me that there might be a lot of interest in this topic.

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One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is focusing too much on the number of searches or comparing the number of transactions to the value of the target keyword. Going back to the gourmet patisserie example, if the purpose of your content is to build brand awareness and gain new customers, you should focus on things related to the jerky-specific process. rather than a DIY guide on how to cook at home they can do their own thing. enough beef. The second idea might get you a lot of traffic, but probably won’t get you many customers, unless you’re selling DIY jerky kits.

The best ideas often come from seeing a new design or trend before everyone else gets it. It comes from spending 10-15 minutes a few times a week on these subreddits and then writing the threads and replies to your reports. Over time, you’ll be able to see certain words, phrases, and questions that are asked over and over again. This data is often fed for raw content for blog posts, videos, landing page copy, social media, etc.

You can also use this new knowledge to write SEO-friendly headlines, write landing page copy, or even give you a better sense of how your audience searches for or talks about this topic online. Ultimately, content will be the best of anything written and presented in a way that makes your customer happy to use the information.

Reddit can be a great place to ask for feedback and do marketing research. Just be careful not to abuse or try to label self-promotion as “questions”. Redditors will see it right away. When you ask a question that generates ideas or for feedback on an idea, you may be surprised by the quality and variety of responses you receive.

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A good use is to add different headings, tags or concepts to new discussions. it lets you see what works best before spending hours creating a new batch of content.

Take a cue from the press and take the time to find and build relationships with subject matter experts in your area.

Journalists have been using Reddit to mine interview data for articles for years. You can use the same process to create your own content. Additionally, you can also build relationships with the journalists who publish your topic to get featured in the news. With Google E-A-T, referencing, downloading and linking to these expert sites is a way to demonstrate expertise and authority, which can help you rank better on Google.

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

Another advantage is that it’s often easier to start conversations on Reddit than on more crowded channels like Twitter or email.

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AMAs are one of the most common uses people think of when it comes to using Reddit.

It seems that many famous people have done at least one, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Gordon Ramsay.

However, it’s not just for famous people. The AMA is about all kinds of topics. You can do a quick search or two on a subreddit to uncover any past or future AMAs related to your topic. The most obvious use is to reach out to the person doing the AMA. However, you can also find many subject matter experts obsessing over the information in these AMAs. You can usually tell these people by the quality of the questions they ask.

If you haven’t used Reddit to do customer and keyword research, you should start. Here you can see how people are talking about your products and industry, and build relationships with subject matter experts. You can use this knowledge to inform your marketing strategy, write copy that is more relevant to your potential customers, and even test it for copy and ideas. Reddit’s audience is unique, powerful, and engaging. Each of its small villages has its own culture, language and symbols. It has proven to be very powerful in moving markets and promoting forums, changing lives and helping people get quick, useful advice.

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Reddit is always a sacred space. People open up, share what drives them, what they’re ashamed of, their darkest secrets, what they love, where they’ve been hurt, and information they might not share with others. It is close to them. Because of this the community protects itself.

As the 18th most visited website in the world and the 7th most visited website in the US, 23% of Reddit’s audience is not on Facebook, 47% is not on Instagram, 52% is not on Twitter, the 65% are not on Snapchat and 69% are not on Tik Tok. 58% or Reddit users are in the 18-34 age bracket, spend an average of 34 minutes on the app each day, has more than 52 million users, and is one of the most used then for critics. Take a look at Google’s suggestions when searching for a product or brand, and you’ll likely see “Reddit” in the suggested searches.

Sounds like a marketer’s dream. But there are plenty of research examples of brands trying to participate or post on Reddit and mislead. You may be asking, “how can I use Reddit effectively for my brand?” Must not be. But, ask yourself another question – “what can we contribute to Reddit?” Reddit is based on it

How To Find Someone On Reddit With Their Email

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