How To Fix A Toilet That Keeps Clogging

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It’s safe to say that your bathroom is a fairly important part of your home. You and anyone else who may live with you will use it at least once a day.

How To Fix A Toilet That Keeps Clogging

The last thing anyone wants is to be absolutely desperate for the toilet, close to bursting, and then find that the toilet is clogged and unusable.

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At the very least it will be seriously inconvenient, at worst it will be very inconvenient.

This happening once is enough to frustrate any homeowner, but if it happens often it can become a seriously annoying and distressing problem.

If your toilet clogs frequently, you’ll want to find out what the problem is as soon as possible, especially if you have to call a plumber every time it happens and this can be quite expensive.

So why does your toilet keep getting clogged? There’s a good chance you have a solid partial blockage stuck in your drain pipe or toilet trap.

How To Unblock Your Toilet And What Not To Put Down It

This will limit water from flushing the contents of the toilet when you are done.

Blockages like this can also happen if you flush things down the toilet that you really shouldn’t.

I’ll list them all below, and hopefully you’ll be able to identify the adverse action for your circumstances.

In order for your toilet to flush properly without clogging, it needs a large amount of water to pour into the bowl as quickly as possible.

How To Unclog A Toilet With A Plunger

If your toilet flushes slowly anyway, you also cause a partial clog, and it will clog again and again because the water can’t move effectively because there isn’t enough water to push down the drain pipe quickly enough.

OK, so you’ve identified the problem, but how do you fix it? Well, it all depends on the cause of the toilet blockage.

Since there are so many different options here, I’m going to break this down into parts because there isn’t a universal solution to every problem.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that they are doing laundry in the bathroom.

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Washing things you don’t want to clog will cause them to clog and clog.

Human waste and toilet roll are really the only things that should go down your toilet – and even then, having too much of it on the toilet roll can still clog the toilet.

However, just because they’re in the same room as where you go to the bathroom doesn’t mean they have to go anywhere near it.

First, I always advise just making sure everyone is aware of the damage they can unknowingly do to anyone in the home.

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Second, I suggest making sure you have a trash can in your bathroom so that you don’t throw things like sanitary napkins.

A toilet trap is shaped like the letter ‘S’. You will find the trap between the bowl and the drain pipe.

This design has a specific purpose, firstly it acts as an anti-clogging technology to stop items entering the bin from further blocking the drain in an inaccessible location.

Second, the ‘S’ design means that a small amount of water is trapped. Why is this useful?

Ways To Unclog An Overflowing Toilet

It stops the rather unpleasant gases from the sewer drain into your bathroom and home.

Now remember, when the trap is completely blocked with something stuck in it, it will not be able to drain.

This can cause your toilet to back up and even overflow when it becomes clogged.

If it is partially blocked, the water will rise but then drain very slowly, but you will notice that the toilet is still not clogged.

How To Unclog A Toilet When You Don’t Have A Plunger

Although you might not think it, a completely clogged toilet can clog more easily than a partially clogged toilet.

If you flush the toilet, you may have a temporary solution, but until you actually remove the toothbrush, the toilet starts to clog again.

Flushing is usually the easiest way to clear a toilet and keep it unclogged, but if you try this and it doesn’t do the job, you’ll want to grab an Auger.

Sage can be a little more effort to use, and it gives you the option of getting partially stuck items out by crawling into the toilet.

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Calcium accumulation caused by hard water can reduce the internal diameter of the trap and cause blockage. So you might want to check this out as well.

Chronic constipation can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating, so if you have this problem, you should seek medical advice regardless.

Because the intestines are stretched and your colon is bigger, you can store more in it than the average person, so when it’s time to empty it, it’s bigger than most people and clogs the toilet.

If you suffer from this condition, staying hydrated and consuming high-fiber foods can help soften what’s stored in your gut and thus help reduce the toilet timer.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Toilet Is Clogged

In fact, older toilets were designed to flush about 3 gallons of water with each flush, so clogging wasn’t really a problem.

The first generation of this design required quite a bit of work, including redesigning the pipes, trap lines, and jet siphons.

The design of the new generation is certainly improved, but if you do not have the opportunity to buy the first generation, you will need to replace it. If not now, certainly down the line.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just how much water comes into your toilet bowl, but how fast that water comes.

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If you want a powerful flow that ensures there are no blockages, you need a sufficient amount of water that enters the bowl in a few seconds.

If your toilet does not do this and the water flows slowly into the bowl, the siphon element in your toilet is probably broken, causing the toilet to clog.

Typically, a vent stack runs from your bathroom drain to the roof. This is to allow the waste gas to escape from the drain.

This ensures that the toilet siphon gauge is more powerful and therefore won’t clog (or at least won’t clog as often.)

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It’s easy to tell if this is happening because you should be able to hear a bubbling sound coming from the toilet.

To solve this you need to grab your ladder with a hose and climb onto the roof.

You will need another set of hands to turn the water, and then you will need to pour it into the ventilation chimney.

Sometimes the problems are bigger than your toilet. If the city sewer line is blocked, you will also see some problems.

Five Tips To Prevent A Clogged Toilet

In this situation I suggest checking with the neighbors down the street to see if they are experiencing similar issues.

If they are, you may need to notify the relevant local authorities so that they can resolve the issue.

Clogged toilets can certainly be fixed, however, it is much easier to prevent clogs than to fix them.

So make sure you always use your toilet properly and don’t flush items other than trash and toilet paper down the drain. First place! But aside from this obvious statement, we all know that solid waste and paper can sometimes cause a blockage. For this reason, it’s a good idea to know in advance how to unlock an RV toilet before it arrives.

How To Clear An Rv Toilet Clog

So, if you’re dealing with a pyramid plug like this —>💩 causing a problem in your toilet bowl, black tank, or sewer line, we’ve got you covered with the knowledge to beat the 💩!

Some blockages come through the blade valve at the bottom of the toilet bowl. This is usually because there is too much “stuff” (solid waste and toilet paper) sitting in the bowl itself, or there is not enough water in the bowl before this “stuff” is added.

An RV toilet can also become clogged in the pipe or tube that carries the contents of the toilet from the toilet to the black tank. The cause of the blockage at this point is the same as a blockage of the blade valve – too much “stuff” and / or too little water!

A block can be located at the outlet/inside of the black tank itself. In other words, just before the waste and paper leaves the pipe/pipe and falls into the black.

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