How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu – IMVU is home to a large and diverse creator community, many of whom make real-world money by selling their creations in the IMVU catalog. For some people who treat this as a hobby it means a little extra money here and there, but for others who treat their IMVU store as their business, it means a living!

Creator Payments is open to all creators who are able to verify their accounts and receive payments through PayPal. The account verification process involves providing us with identification details and a review of your catalog.

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

You will earn at a rate of 40 cents per 1,000 credits*, depending on the profit set for your products. So for example, for a product where your reward is 100 credits, you will earn 4 cents every time you buy with actual credits. Sales made with Promotion Credits (also known as Promo Credits or Promotions) continue to earn you one Developer Token per sale.

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Although IMVU reserves the right to change this rate, we do not expect this to happen often or in the near future.

You must read and accept the updated Creator Agreement and Policy before you can register.

Once you’ve done that, go to Creator Payments (you must have accepted the Creator Agreement to view this page). Click the Account Verification Page link or the Submit Request link to begin the account verification process, as shown below:

This will bring up an account verification window that you can use to provide us with the details we need to verify your account. You need to do this once. All creators will need to provide their full name, physical address (no PO Box), phone number, and PayPal email. All developers must also complete tax-related paperwork in accordance with IRS requirements.

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* Non-US filers may choose not to provide us with a completed tax return (form W-8BEN), however, in that case all their payments will be subject to a 30% withholding.

Once you have completed your information and uploaded the relevant documents, click the submit button. You will be assigned a unique verification ID for your request and will receive a confirmation message (and email) to notify you that your request has been accepted.

You will receive a confirmation message once your account has been verified. Click the Accept button from the same page. You can request payment now!

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

Yes! Once you sign up for Creator Payments you can set the percentage of your earnings that you want to receive in cash or credit. You can earn 100% cash, 100% credit or anything in between. Use the slider on the creator’s checkout page to set the distribution you want.

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Like credit earnings, cash earnings are held in a 14-day bond. You can see how much money is due and how much is available by visiting the developer’s payment page.

Now that you are registered to the program and once your available balance reaches at least US$50, you can request a payment. You can claim for any dollar amount (as long as it is US$50 or more).

A window will appear where you can fill in the amount you want to withdraw and your PayPal email. You also have the option to provide any additional information you require.

Questions about the Provider Payments system are submitted through the Provider Payments page instead of the Help Desk. Click the link near the top of the page to go to the Creator Payments ticket page.

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Fill in the subject, describe the problem and upload a document or image (if required) then click the Submit Request button.

As well as sections in your sales reports for cash balance events and close cash schedule, you can download a CSV file detailing all the transactions that earned you money from the Developer Payments page. Select the months you want to download the report to click on the Download Report button.

A minimum of US $50 is required per cash payment, with a maximum amount of US $10,000 per cash payment.

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

Developers are also subject to limitations in any 30-day period. This cap is equal to US$10,000 or the producer’s average monthly sales (known as MASA) over the most recent 12 calendar months – whichever is lower. Your MASA is calculated by multiplying the total amount of credit owed by your account for the most recent 12 calendar months, the payment rate, and dividing by 12. Imvu Gift Card $25

Additionally, if you make more than two payment requests in any 30-day period, you may be subject to a $5 US payment processing fee, which will be deducted from your payment amount.

You can register for as many creator accounts as you want but each one must be verified separately. Log in to each account and follow the steps above to verify the account.

Currently, we only accept payments through PayPal. Paypal is widely available in over 200 countries and is free to set up.

You can also earn credit for every sale you make, but you must pass verification to earn money.

Imvu Age Verification — Imvu

We recommend that you consult your tax advisor for assistance in this matter. None of the policies or information in this or other articles on IMVU is intended as tax advice. Roblox is introducing an age verification feature that will allow players to verify their age and gain access to features reserved for older players. Age verification will be optional, Roblox said

Right now, only one feature requires age verification: Roblox’s new voice chat feature, Essential Voice. During its first beta test, it will be available to players who confirm that they are at least 13 years old. (Roblox has not said it will be available to users regardless of the verification status later.)

But the implication seems to be that other features — whether certain Roblox games or community tools — could be tax-restricted as the company works to protect its relatively young user base. More than half of Roblox users are still under the age of 13 (Roblox says that “about 50 percent” are over 13 in the second quarter of the year).

How To Get Age Verified On Imvu

Verification will require uploading an “ID card, driver’s license or passport” as well as a selfie taken “on location” to help verify that the ID was actually issued by the person accompanying it. Roblox only accepts government-issued IDs, which can cause problems – younger players are more likely to have a valid ID than older players, and it’s less common in some areas where IDs can be difficult. to accept.

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The feature starts today and will be available worldwide for users who are at least 13 years old.

“Almost” half of Roblox users are over 13 years old; More than half over 13 years old, the story goes.

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