How To Get Rid Of Bad Spirits In A House

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Good and bad times are part of life, but have you ever found yourself in a situation? Despite all your efforts, things don’t fall into place and you go through too many obstacles and difficulties! According to astrologers and healing experts, all these things often happen due to the presence of negative energy around you and it is believed that there are certain foods that can help ward off negative energy. These simple tips and ancient remedies can help remove negative energy from your life and it is believed that these tips can give way to prosperity and positive energy if followed correctly! Disclaimer: It is only a statement of prevailing facts and beliefs and Times of India does not endorse or support it. read more

How To Get Rid Of Bad Spirits In A House

A common saying fits perfectly in this case – “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” You would be surprised to know that lemon can keep negative energy at bay. That is why you will find a lemon and chilli in every Indian home. It is believed that storing 3 lemons in a glass bottle filled with water can remove all kinds of negative energy from your workspace and attract positive energy. So next time you’re having a hard time at work, give this a try! read more

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Salt is believed to absorb negative energy and there are several ways to use salt to keep negative energies away. Some astrologers believe that adding salt to the home cleansing water can help absorb the negative effect of evil energy. It is also believed that keeping a bowl of salt in the eastern corner of the house brings positivity, focus and prosperity to the family. If you have children at home, you can put a bowl of salt in their study to improve their concentration. read more

Alpana or Rangoli are traditional ways to beautify the home or place of worship. It is believed that drawing alpana or rangoli attracts positive energy and brings prosperity to the family. Adding turmeric to your rangoli also helps in removing the bad effect of the evil eye. Rice flour alpana is usually drawn on special occasions in Bengal and it is believed that the goddess enters the house by walking on this beautiful path. read more

Not only in India, but also in Istanbul, cinnamon is thought to be a powerful way to ward off negative energies so strongly that they often hang cinnamon with stones on evil eyes. It is believed that placing cinnamon sticks in the place where you keep your money can help to remove all financial negativity from your life. Healing experts believe that this common spice can also help improve health conditions like insomnia, if you can put a few cinnamon sticks under your pillow. This helps get rid of bad dreams or nightmares and can help bring positivity and prosperity.

Indian traditions are often so intertwined that every little thing is a path to prosperity. In some cultures you must have come across people who practice Haldi Kumkum tikka. It is believed that a pinch of turmeric can bring good luck and ward off negative energy from your married life. read more

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Another Indian herb commonly used to ward off negative energy is bay leaf. Even according to medical experts from western countries, bay leaves are believed to help bring prosperity and positivity to the family. Burning some bay leaves in a jar can remove negative energy and the smoke from bay leaves brings a wave of calm to your home. read more

A traditional Indian remedy, it is believed that randomly scattering mustard seeds around the house can ward off all kinds of negativity from the house. It is also said that this traditional trick helps to protect the family from major troubles. läsmer Sometimes your house can get old – literally and figuratively – but that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away and start over. Every now and then it’s good to clear out the cosmic cobwebs in your space, whether it’s during the new moon or as a daily cleansing ritual. We have treated you with rituals, recitations and spiritual revivals to get rid of all the leftover bad vibes in your space and fill your home with positive energy using these steps.

Imagine a white light around you and the rest of your space. Pure white is associated with protection and purity and is considered the true color of the soul. Start by imagining this inner white light emanating from your center and shining throughout your home—filling every room with pure, white light.

Dried white sage has been used for thousands of years in “cleansing” rituals, especially by the Native Americans. You can find bundles of them at your local metaphysical store or herbal store (or grow/dry yourself!). Start by waving the smoke around your body, head to toe, imagining it absorbing all the negativity. Then go through the house with the burning bundle and smear every corner of the room.

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Keep in mind that smearing is an ancient, sacred art form and it is always good to respect its cultural origins. Melissa Madara, co-owner of Catland Books, an esoteric shop in Brooklyn, recommends making your own incense blend from frankincense, angelica, hyssop (the most common herb in the Bible), juniper berries, and copal resin. “It’s good to get tired of cultural appropriation with sage. So a good alternative is to make your own blend that makes it personal to you.”

*If you are really bothered by smoke, you can skip this step. A good alternative to incense is to clean all your non-porous surfaces with vinegar and set aside a bowl of water and vinegar to “absorb” negative energy.

All crystals have different properties, meanings and purposes, but the best ones for clearing negative energy and creating a sense of peace are kyanite, selenite, obsidian, hematite and desert rose. “I have a charged piece of kyanite at home – I leave it on my windowsill during the full moon to recharge it every month. It is known for creating a peaceful and cool atmosphere. Selenite and desert rose are also very good in removing static electricity, Madara says.

Soak your crystals in salt water overnight to “clean” them. Then leave crystals in plates at home, at your bedside table, or wear them as jewelry.

Prayers To Cast Out Bad Spirits From My Home

Expressing your positive intentions can have powerful effects. While smearing your space with sage or frankincense, repeat the following incantation several times as you walk around the house:

“I ask the universe to bless this house and fill it with light and love. Negativity and darkness are not welcome here. This is a positive refuge.”

You can even add the words “Thus it is said, so shall it be” at the end of your song. It is another positive (powerful) reinforcement of your words, just like the “amen” at the end of the prayer.

You’ve heard of vision boards, right? An altar in your home is basically the same, but with physical objects, and can be permanent or temporary. What makes you happiest? What brings you the most joy? Collect a few things that represent positivity in your life (family photos, jewelry, statues of your favorite saints, candles, signs of love, etc.) and place them together on a small shelf or table.

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From time to time, light candles at and around your altar and focus on gratitude. Try to do this daily for seven days in a row, or at least once a month to “clean out” any negativity in your home.

It’s best to do some candle cleansing rituals around the new moon, so if possible, start your candle/altar ritual for the most powerful effects. The New Moon is particularly good for bringing about new changes and a beginning in life; remember that the energy in your space starts with you.

Salt is another substance known to ward off evil spirits and clean spaces. From Buddhists to pagans to Native Americans and Catholics, it has been used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals for centuries. Salt also has amazing health benefits, including healing wounds, detoxifying the body, and soothing sore throats.

Try sprinkling some salt in the corners of your house and over your doorsteps after you’ve cleaned your space to keep negativity from returning.

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Some people consider this a New Year’s tradition: it should chase away the ghosts of the previous year. But Melissa Madara, co-founder of Catland, says the practice isn’t just reserved for January 1. “One of my family’s magical folk traditions is banging pots and pans around the house. It ‘shakes out’ the bad energy.” and delete it.”

Candle rituals can be found in almost every spiritual or religious tradition. Whether it’s the dance off

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