How To Get Rid Of Dandruff In Curly Hair

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff In Curly Hair – Curly hair care Head n’ Shoulders? Here’s What You Need to Know (Additional Tips for Treating Dandruff)

It was GOOD before I started the CG method (before any of you go – Oh, it must be all the products you use!)

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff In Curly Hair

Sometimes it comes back, no matter what anti-dandruff shampoo, scalp cleanser, DIY oil you use, sneaks in like a villain.

Best Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair

Have you ever wondered why there is such a HUGE industry in anti-dandruff shampoos when they all really, really work? In a study it was actually titled – DANDRUFF: THE MOST COMMUNICATED SKIN DISEASE

I have also seen so many people who, after starting the CG Method, struggle with communication or who don’t feel what to do next.

I mean, we don’t want the dryness that comes from harsh shampoos, but we also don’t want to be that person in the anti-cleansing commercials scratching up and leaving snowfall dust on our shoulders.

So, in this post I will tell you in a very simple way why your tan does not disappear and what you can do about it step by step with natural and chemical treatments, even if you follow sulfate, even if it is silicone free. hair care

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I’m going to tell you what I do every week to make sure my scalp stays as clean as possible, which helps with healthy hair growth.

This is NOT medical advice. This is just what I found after research as well as my personal experience. I would highly recommend that you consult a dermatologist if you have an itchy scalp, dry scalp, itching, redness etc – they will be the best to tell you the root cause (haha) !

Dandruff is a milder, more common form of seborrheic dermatitis, a scalp condition that causes red, scaly, itchy skin.

People who suffer from dandruff have an overgrowth of, or a stronger reaction to, a yeast-like fungus called malassezia globosa (it’s usually on the scalp and doesn’t cause problems in most people).

Effective Hair Masks For Dandruff

This fungus eats your scalp’s natural oils and produces ‘oleic acid’ (an oily chemical) which causes the skin to break out.

Although there is a lot of hoo-haa online about the causes of acne such as dry scalp, oily scalp, etc., there is no conclusive proof that any of those causes definitely cause it.

Think of it as your body’s abnormal response to yeast, so some steroids help reduce shedding and dandruff.

Any treatment for toothache is temporary – it does not last long. After the initial suppression of the yeast, after some time, their population reached the initial level and therefore the fungus returned.

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So for some it is a chronic condition that needs to be managed throughout your life, especially in the winters which always make it worse.

And it has nothing to do with ‘poor hygiene’ per se, unless you’re actually someone who hasn’t washed their hair for weeks!

So, if you are someone who feels ashamed or embarrassed about getting a seed, even after trying so hard to get rid of it – stop!

This is where it’s especially important to see a dermatologist about your itching – the rash could be caused by a very dry scalp or it could be something more serious like Psoriasis or Eczema.

Devacurl Blog: The Lowdown On Dry Scalp & Dandruff

A dry scalp usually has smaller, drier white patches, while a dry scalp can be yellow and oilier. But a dry scalp can actually cause dandruff.

You can use less shampoo or milder shampoo, even switch to co-washing to reduce scalp dryness, but shampoo requires stronger measures.

So don’t ignore the itch. Try these things I have listed below. Start with natural methods and if dandruff still refuses to go away, move on to stronger, chemical methods.

Now, if you have tried ALL or many of them but they are not working for you – don’t stress. I’ve also tried all these DIY treatments and they won’t help!

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They are very effective in clearing the fungus and stopping the growth of yeast. (Read more about this)

Head & Shoulders has zinc pyrithione as a key ingredient, so it works! (Also contains silicone, so don’t use it if you follow a CG method of caring for your piercings.)

They also help to remove oils and products and deep clean the scalp.

So look for shampoos that contain one of the ingredients above – most medicated shampoos have one or the other as an active ingredient.

Is Curly Hair More Prone To Dandruff?

Most anti-dandruff shampoos will contain one or two of the ingredients above, but may also contain silicones!

I get them from the pharmacy and they both have the exact same active ingredient, I just bought them together once for fun, now I alternate.

So how do I prevent my hair from getting super dry and frizzy like when I use it? By following the steps below!

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Curly Hair and Self Care (@curlyhair_selfcare) You Should Wash

A Curly Girl”s Guide To Remedies For Dry, Itchy Scalp

If your scalp is prone to dryness, rather than severe dryness, you can co-wash without worry. If you have a terrible headache, you better use a proper clarifying shampoo.

JUST don’t co-wash without cleansing and clarifying as this can burn your scalp over time. Also use a shampoo brush with your co-washing, it helps exfoliate your skin a lot!

As I wrote before, sometimes I use an anti-dandruff shampoo and then leave the conditioner on.

If not, stick to your shampoo / DIY regimen that works for you so it doesn’t seriously come back.

Causes Of Build Up On Curly Hair & How To Prevent It

Shampoo regularly, maybe twice a week at first to reduce dandruff, then wash once a week – just wash your scalp regularly.

But don’t shampoo every day – you don’t want to completely strip your scalp of its natural oils so that it overcompensates by overproducing as an overreaction.

With curly hair, most of us can’t help but use leave in conditioner, curl cream, etc. not to use!

So I would recommend that if you find that using the product gives you more breakouts, don’t apply it anywhere near your scalp.

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Apply from the mid-lengths to the ends, then press just a small amount of the leaf into the crown with your palm to prevent the crown from getting wet.

It’s also easier to apply the product this way without it coming back into your head. Then use a t-shirt to remove excess product while in that position.

If you’re trying to reduce dandruff in the beginning, I wouldn’t recommend it – it might just encourage the product to come back into your head.

Finally, if you use styling products, be sure to lighten and deep cleanse every 2 weeks to ensure there is no build-up of product that could potentially irritate the scalp.

Eliminate Dry Scalp In Natural Hair Fast

I haven’t found any solid research for this claim – I had dandruff years ago when I had never heard of something called conditioning.

But the same points I mentioned above apply here – don’t leave it on your head and make sure you wash it well (especially from the crown).

Methylisothiazolinone, Benzyl Alcohol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hydroxyl Methylglycinate, Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM ​​Hydantoin, Quaternium-15

If you suddenly find that you have dandruff, check if you are using something that contains it.

Effective Natural Remedies For Dandruff In 4c Hair

There are several shampoos on the market that do not contain harsh sulfates, but contain other ingredients such as tea tree oil, charcoal, salicylic acid, etc. which can help cleanse or exfoliate the scalp.

You can find a comprehensive list of many more here on the Sceince-yhairblog site (this site is a treasure).

I hope this all helps. Don’t skip a visit to the doctor if you think your tick is difficult to manage – I can’t stress this part enough.

Do you have any personal tips for dandruff that I can add here? Leave them in the comments below and I’d love to check it out!

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Taking care of your scalp is just as important as taking care of your curls, because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Ours

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