How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell In Vigina

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How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell In Vigina

You’ve come home to rest after a long day of travel, but you’re not just reminiscing. An unpleasant smell has followed you and you want to get rid of it. But how to get rid of it?

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The smell of fish can linger on your clothes and be difficult to remove. But not everything is bad. We’ve put together this guide with some handy tips and tricks to help you get fishy smells out of clothes and other fabrics.

You’ve probably heard about the great cleaning abilities of baking soda, and it can also help get rid of fishy odors. There are several ways to use baking soda for this purpose.

You can lay your fishy clothes flat, sprinkle baking soda on them and leave them outside in the sun for a few hours. Alternatively, place your sprayed clothing in a sealed bag and leave overnight. Brush with baking soda and hang outside in the fresh air.

Another way is to fill your sink with water, add half a cup to a cup of baking soda and let your clothes soak, preferably overnight. Whether you soak it or spray it (or try both), you can wash it normally in your washing machine.

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You can also add half a cup of baking soda to your washing machine to give it a boost.

Vinegar is another household item that can be ideal for cleaning and removing fishy odors from clothes. Just like you can use baking soda, white vinegar can be added to the sink full of water where you soak your fish clothes.

Additionally, you can add a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine along with your detergent and this can help neutralize any odors on your clothes. White vinegar can also increase the power of baking soda in your washing machine, so it can be used together in the wash cycle.

Leaving clothes outside to air dry can help get rid of any odors, especially if you’ve tried other methods to get rid of the fishy smell. Airing clothes before washing them before soaking them in baking soda or vinegar can also help reduce the fishy smell.

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Vodka might not be the first thing you think of when trying to get that fishy smell out of your clothes, but it can actually help. Since the alcohol content is clear and high, you should be able to apply it to most clothes.

The alcohol content helps to get rid of the bad smell, and once it dries, it should remove the fishy smell from your clothes without leaving an alcohol smell behind.

If you can put it in a clean spray bottle and then spray it evenly on your fish clothes before you hang them to dry.

Trying to get fishy smells out of clothes after a fishing trip or after cooking can be a bit of a challenge. But hopefully with our helpful tips, you’ll soon be on your way to fresh-smelling clothes.

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Remember that depending on how bad your clothes smell, you may need to repeat or try several of these methods before the smell is completely gone. Leave us a comment so we know which method you prefer. Don’t want your friends to smell fishy? Share this with them.

Amazon Services LLC is a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through advertising and linking to Our vagina produces a white or clear liquid called vaginal discharge (1). These secretions, mostly odorless or musky, protect the vagina from infection, lubricate, and maintain overall vaginal health (2, 3). However, it can also be responsible for vaginal odor, and many women are looking for ways to reduce it. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of vaginal odor naturally.

Keep in mind that the consistency, amount, and color of discharge can vary depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle (4). In this article, we’ll look at the symptoms and causes along with some of the best natural remedies you can try at home to get rid of vaginal odor. Keep scrolling!

Note: If you feel itching and burning along with vaginal odor, you should consult your doctor for treatment.

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Symptoms of female odor from your private parts vary between women (5). The most common symptoms are:

There are many factors that can lead to changes in vaginal discharge and/or unpleasant odors. The common causes of different types of vaginal odor are as follows (6):

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, some serious diseases can also be responsible for abnormal vaginal discharge and unpleasant odor. This includes cervical or vaginal cancer. Of course, this condition will also be accompanied by vaginal pain and bleeding.

To get rid of vaginal odor, all you need are a few natural things you can find in your home. Here are the fastest and safest DIY ways to easily reduce and eliminate vaginal odor.

How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell

If you’re using commercial scented wipes and vaginal deodorants, it’s time to throw them in the trash. The chemicals in these products can disrupt the pH balance of the vagina and cause infections and unpleasant odors. To eliminate bad breath, use natural tea tree oil dissolved in water as a vaginal wash.

1. Mix three to four drops of tea tree oil in water and use it as a vaginal wash.

2. You can also mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with a small amount of olive oil and dip a tampon in this mixture and insert the tampon into it. Let it stay for an hour.

Wash daily or several times a week with tea tree oil water. For the “tampon and oil” treatment, you can repeat it several times a week.

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Tea tree oil is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and therefore prevents infections while fighting bad breath (7).

Always do a patch test on your arm as tea tree oil may not work for everyone. Tea tree oil is very strong, so dilute it in water or olive oil.

You can add a few drops of witch hazel to your tea tree oil to relieve vaginal itching.

If you think baking soda is only used in cake and bread recipes, you are wrong. You will be surprised to see how this test method will help you get rid of vaginal odor quickly.

Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor

2. You can also mix a teaspoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water and use it as a vaginal douche.

When the PH level of the body is bad, the smell of the vagina becomes stronger. Baking soda helps restore your pH levels to normal, thereby controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi. It cures the infection and eliminates vaginal odor instantly. You can also use baking soda as a vaginal wash (8).

Hydrogen peroxide is a multipurpose chemical that can be used to treat bacterial vaginosis and eliminate vaginal odor. It is one of the most effective female deodorants.

2. Dip a tampon in this mixture and quickly insert it into the vagina. Do not leave it for more than 30 minutes.

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The natural antiseptic properties of hydrogen peroxide destroy bad bacteria in the vagina. This increases the number of naturally occurring good bacteria there. Many studies have been conducted and all of them prove the abilities of hydrogen peroxide to treat infections (9, 10).

Rose hips are the seeds of the rose plant and contain high levels of vitamin C. Rosehip alone or in combination with a vitamin C pill can be used to eliminate vaginal odor.

Crush a vitamin C tablet and mix half a teaspoon of rosehip powder in 2 ounces of water. Dip a tampon in the mixture and insert it into the vagina. Leave it in place for 1 hour.

Vitamin C helps boost immunity and helps remove harmful toxins from the body. This pill in combination with rose has an acidic pH and is an effective and safe way to treat bacterial vaginosis, one of the main causes of vaginal odor (11). An efficacy study conducted in 2013 also found that using vitamin C tablets six days a month for six months could cut the recurrence of these infections in half (12).

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Who knew that betel leaves can be used to treat the problem of smelly discharge? Read on to find out how.

Repeat this daily for a week. You

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