How To Get Rid Of Performance Anxiety

How To Get Rid Of Performance Anxiety – Performance anxiety is one of the most common issues I deal with with my male clients in my private coaching practice.

Every man is afraid of sex at some point in his life.

How To Get Rid Of Performance Anxiety

Whether it’s a new lover you’re madly attracted to and you’re worried about premature ejaculation, or your wife in her twenties and you’re worried about not having sex for her on her birthday… totally normal for men. is (and general). experience some degree of performance anxiety throughout their lives.

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Men often worry about whether they will be able to get and maintain an erection, how long it will last, and how often their partner can reach orgasm.

If you think about it, this says a lot about the person suffering from performance anxiety because it means they care about how much fun their partner is having. You could also argue that it could mean that the guy is egotistical and just wants to appear sexually competent so his lover won’t talk bad about him to others. But I won’t go down that rabbit hole. I want to accept the best in people. Also, if you found your way to this article, on this particular site, then it is much easier to admit that you are a person who wants the best for yourself and others (come on!!!). You are a person who is interested in personal growth and has a fulfilling sex life. So here we are.

Performance anxiety lives and dies in your mind. Your pen doesn’t tell you to be nervous. Your heart rate doesn’t tell you if you’re nervous. Sexual performance anxiety always leads to your thoughts and expectations about future sex play, which makes you anxious.

Sadness is a perfectly normal and reasonable emotional response to some things in life… but sometimes, as in performance risk, it can be overwhelming and it’s welcome.

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Instead of reacting to the thoughts or feelings that trigger performance anxiety, listen to them. What is the underlying fear that leads to your anxiety? Is it about whether your partner will agree or not? Is it about your sexual stamina? Is it about your erectile power? Is it about whether you really want to have sex now? Or have sex with that special someone? Whatever your concern, listen to it. A lesson may be learned from what is being said.

But if the persistent thought pattern that your performance anxiety presents you with isn’t that valuable or productive (for example, if your anxiety is because you believe you *must* make your partner orgasm eight times before you give permission completion) then this might be something you want to ask.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself before, during, or after your performance anxiety attacks that can help you feel better about your future sexual performance.

– Do I feel safe with this person? If not, then why would I have sex with them? If yes, then is there really anything to worry about?

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– If the negative thing I imagine happens, will it really be the end of the world?

Anxiety about sexual performance is caused in our mind by fear based thoughts that we have. If we can draw a line between our unconscious thoughts and the present moment, it can focus our attention on the sexual bliss that lies ahead.

Do you want to last longer in bed, be constantly in command and give your wife multiple orgasms?

If so, you should watch this video I just made where I show you the sex techniques that women *beg* me to teach men…

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Currently, one of the biggest concerns I hear from my male clients is the basic idea that sex has a linear progression that needs to happen in a certain order, and if they deviate from that order, then they have failed their partner. .

The general assumption is that they have to go out with their partner, have oral sex, penetrate their partner and bang them once or twice, and (assuming the entire penetration process took at least 20 minutes) they orgasm and call they do it’s night

And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with having an order you follow often, or even if sex is somewhat predictable, this kind of rigid thinking that sex “should be a certain way” is one of the main causes of performance anxiety.

Sex doesn’t have to be one-sided. It can be separated. It can meander. It can backfire. It cannot have any direction.

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One exercise I give my clients for this is to replace their linear thinking with non-linear thinking. In practical terms, this means letting go of the need for an A-B-C-D approach to sex, to a more circular or non-linear approach where you can explore a structure in your mind, such as stopping intercourse for a while. … or engaging in mutual masturbation as foreplay… or one or both orgasming multiple times during a multi-hour sex play session. So instead of playing checkers in your sex life, you can start playing chess… except… a less competitive analogy. 2D animation to 3D animation? Bud Light for local craft beer? You choose your analogy. I believe in you.

Non-linear lovemaking brings more life and fulfillment to your sex life because the expectation of a “right” order is eliminated.

And if your performance mind is worried that your partner will think it’s weird if you stop a sexual activity to engage in something else, then this might be an assumption worth testing. . More than likely, they’ll appreciate the variety and lack of predictability, or they won’t notice.

If your performance anxiety is ruling your thoughts, your hands are sweaty, and you’re having a hard time getting an erection because you’re so nervous and in over your head, one of the best things you can do is to speak of an elephant among elephants. the room

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Well, take courage. Yes, you might feel a little uncomfortable for a moment. But openly telling your partner that you’re emotional takes a lot of the anxiety out of performing. Because now it’s not just a thought pattern repeating itself in your mind, it’s something your partner is already aware of and can help you overcome.

As I mentioned in the first part, one of the best things you can do for your performance anxiety is to relax your mind. And if you say out loud to your partner that you’re upset about something in particular, then they’ll have the opportunity to verbally encourage you and tell you that your worries aren’t real (ie, “I I’ll be happy even if I haven’t finished five times… I just love being here with you.”) or they can physically nurse you, which can be just as comforting.

Whatever unique way of thinking your performance anxiety holds, addressing the elephant in the room can help both you and your partner through the potentially awkward transition phase of helping you move from your head to your body. .

Expanding on the concept of managing expectations in mind, perfectionism is often a big part of why we worry about sexual performance.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

If our thoughts tell us that we must immediately have a rock-hard erection and that it must remain hard throughout your sexual performance, and your partner must reach orgasm 3 to 10 times before you believe that you have done a satisfactory job , then you are setting yourself up for failure from the start.

Depending on your hormones, recent sleep patterns, diet, health and current thought processes, your erectile strength will vary. During the long sex game you will feel a little soft. This is normal and healthy. It is a human thing. It doesn’t *mean* anything. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date your partner. That doesn’t mean you fail them. This does not mean that you are not a man. It just means you’re human. And this is something that happens to people.

So many of the unrealistic expectations we have about our sexual performance come from outside influences that aren’t true or real to begin with. Maybe you have a friend who brags about his sexual prowess. Or maybe you see men in porn who look like ants who seem to stay hard for hours without even touching themselves. Well guess what… your boyfriend might be lying to you. And this porn scene could have been filmed over several days and the actor may have accidentally ejaculated several times during filming.

Except, they are not

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