How To Get Rid Of Pincher Bugs In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Pincher Bugs In Your House – Have you found tiny holes in the leaves of your favorite plants? You know, the ones you make sure to drink regularly? Which ones do you keep healthy to produce ripe vegetables or beautiful flowers? If you are faced with this problem, it is time to find a home spray to get rid of these pests.

If you find holes this small, you likely have a pest control problem (hint, hint, it’s probably an ear problem).

How To Get Rid Of Pincher Bugs In Your House

And, if you let the problem persist for too long, you may notice that earwigs have left your garden and entered your home. Although they do not breed indoors, they do find hiding places and then come out.

Pincher Bugs: What Are They And How To Get Rid Of Them

Remember that an ear trap may not help you save all the plants in your garden, but it will get rid of pests in time. Additionally, natural ear repellants use ingredients that contain no trace of harmful chemicals.

The spray uses spices to kill the ears, which is convenient because most households have the necessary spices on hand.

Mix the ingredients and let the mixture stand for at least 24 hours. Strain any solids from the mixture and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

Test the solution on a plant first by spraying a small area and giving the plant about 48 hours to see what results you get. If this process works on your earwigs, continue spraying your plants early in the morning as this will allow the solution to soak into the evening.

Earwig Bites And Dangers To People And Pets

Making ear traps is relatively easy, especially if you have the necessary ingredients and containers lying around the house. If you don’t, head to your local grocery store and pick it up.

Grab a can or container, preferably the size of a tuna can or cat food can. Half fill the container with fish oil or vegetable oil.

Once you’ve filled your small box, place it at ground level where earwigs can attack your vegetable garden or plant material.

Next, place a cardboard tube near the box and add oatmeal or bran to the tube to attract and trap the earwigs. The next morning, shake the ear in a bucket of soapy water as this will suffocate the insects.

Evolution: Score 1 For Earwig’s Odd Claw

Diatomaceous earth is known to help get rid of many bugs, including earwigs, also known as pincher bugs. Diatoms on diatomaceous earth scratch the surface of the eardrum and extract oil or wax from the insect’s body, causing them to dehydrate and die.

If you want to control earwigs and keep them away from your organic matter and flower beds, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around your plants as a protective barrier.

If it rains or is very humid where you live, be sure to apply diatomaceous earth throughout your plants, as moisture can affect its ability to function.

Many people try to combat these natural predators by using chemical sprays. However, this is not wise, especially if you are trying to keep beneficial insects and your fruit trees healthy.

Brilliant Ways To Stop An Earwig Infestation

If you notice tiny holes in your leaves, flowers or fruit, take immediate action and prevent natural earworms. An excellent way to do this is to use neem oil on the plants you are trying to protect.

Simply mix equal parts neem oil with insecticidal soap and spray on the areas you suspect of having earwigs. Other insects such as Japanese beetles are also killed by neem oil.

If earwigs are attacking your plants or using entry points to enter your home, try using oil traps.

Mix equal parts soy sauce with olive oil or vegetable oil and pour the solution into a small container. Attach the cap, then poke a hole in the top of the bottle for the earplugs to go inside.

Earwigs: How To Get Rid Of Earwigs Or

Proof the container in the soil so that the holes are visible. Eventually, the soy sauce will attract the ears and the oil will trap them. Make sure to change the mixture regularly.

Some steps are easier than others when trying to get rid of earwigs. For example, you can simply spread petroleum jelly around the stems of your plants. Ears refuse to crawl over this stuff.

Additionally, this trick works in any humidity zone around the world, including but not limited to the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and all of Europe. The best part is that this is a very affordable solution to such a well-known problem. You probably already have a jar in your bathroom cabinet.

The only ingredient that will get rid of European Forficula auricularia, otherwise known as earwigs, from crawling through your wood pile is sprinkling borax around your plants.

How To Get Rid Of Earwigs

After a few days, you should see ear droppings and debris from the dried insect bodies. Discard the ears before they absorb into the soil. Be sure to keep pets and children away from wood chips if you use borax to prevent ear plugs from getting inside.

Here you’ve learned how to make an effective homemade earwig spray to get rid of the reddish brown earwigs hanging around your plants.

As a cooperative extension mission, we’ve put together educational information for you so you’ll never have to deal with an earworm problem again (or know what to do to stop it when it does).

Use these natural earworm recipes and tips to protect your plants, wood chips, and fruit trees. Even if your plants look better than ever, don’t give us all the photo credit, because you’re the one who took our advice!

Earwig Control With Diatomaceous Earth

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Affiliate Disclaimer: Amazon Services LLC participates in the Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means of earning advertising fees by advertising and linking to But don’t worry, they won’t eat your brain, unless they lay eggs there. At least some people think so. Talk about a bad rap.

Although they’re pretty fancy-looking, pincer-like bugs stick out of their bellies (hence the name pincher bugs) and make up their rear end, and they stink, they’re pretty harmless. Earwigs (or pincher bugs) have definitely gotten a bad rap.

So what is their story? Although their appearance is somewhat scary, they are not poisonous, do not spread disease and certainly do not eat brains. There are 22 species of earwigs in the United States and over 1,000 species worldwide. Depending on the species, adults range in size from 5-25 mm. Earwigs like to live in dark and moist places, and while the ear canal and the inside of the skull can fall into that category, it’s not their jam. Instead, you can find them outdoors, living on leaves and wood or under mulch, feeding on decaying vegetation. They are not big fans of cold weather, in winter they can sink up to 6 feet to hide from the cold. Unfortunately, instead of burrowing deep, they may choose to move into your warm home to hang out during the winter months. Some of the most likely places you’ll find earplugs include the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. They are nocturnal, so after you sleep, your basement can become a playground for ears.

Why Are There Earwigs In My House?

Earwigs do not live in colonies, however, mother earwigs choose to live with their babies to help them become contributing citizens of the earwig world. So resourceful, earwig families will feed each other their highly nutritious excrement, called frass, to make them more hungry. To each his own.

Many earplugs that don’t smell bad have the ability to secrete foul-smelling fluid. Kind of like skunks, but on a much smaller scale. Also, like their squishy friends, these fluids can also be released when run over by a car or crushed by a shoe, whatever. If being sprayed by an earwig (or skunk) isn’t your idea of ​​a good time, it’s time to turn to the pros, or at least try the products.

It has every product you need to get rid of your ear problems. They may not be sliding into your ear canal to feast on your brain, but they’re still no fun to have around. Admittedly, they look an awful lot like steamship-driven bugs. They are long, flat

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