How To Get Rid Of Spirits In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Spirits In Your House – Dark figure The difference between dark matter and ghosts: 13.7: Space and Civilization You can’t see dark matter and dark energy, but like ghosts in movies, they interfere with what you see. The difference, says Adam Frank, is that there is no data to show that ghosts exist.

The main character walks into a kitchen-like room and opens all the cupboards and drawers. He is confused. He didn’t remember leaving it like that. So he closed all the doors and drawers and left. A minute later, he returned and everything opened up again.

How To Get Rid Of Spirits In Your House

According to a 2013 Harris poll, about 45 percent of people believe in ghosts. In the same survey, nearly 30 percent of respondents said they believed they had personally been in the presence of a ghost.

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When I searched for “true ghost stories” I found many accounts like the classic sighting above. You can’t see the ghost, but you know it’s there. They mess with your stuff.

Most scientists, myself included, are skeptical of ghost stories. But after attending a recent lecture on the “dark universe,” I wondered: How are we different from physicists who tell ghost stories?

In recent decades, Scientists have created a new picture of the universe in which about 95 percent of matter is of the “dark” form (27 percent is dark matter and 68 percent is dark energy). But what exactly do physicists mean when they say something is “dark”?

Basically what they mean is that the darkness acts like a ghost in a horror movie. You can’t.

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Dark matter and dark energy – but you know it’s with you because it messes with your stuff.

It is important to understand that dark matter and dark energy are different “things” in the sense that they infer their existence through different processes. This means that they enter the night in different ways than we see.

Dark energy was discovered decades before dark matter by looking at how galaxies operate. This was Vera Rubin’s famous work in the 1970s, which showed that almost all spiral galaxies are rotating too fast due to the gravitational pull of their “luminous” mass (as seen in a telescope). Rubin and others found that stars in these galaxies must be surrounded by a giant sphere of invisible matter that attracts them and accelerates their orbit around the galactic center.

Dark energy was discovered 16 years ago by observations of the universe’s accelerating expansion (known since Edwin Hubble in the 1920s). Again, the pattern of invisible objects was used to explain the movement of visible objects. In this case, Dark energy is blamed for nature’s heavy pedal on the cosmic gas pedal.

I See Dead People’: Why So Many Of Us Believe In Ghosts

Physicists and astronomers claim the existence of cosmic ghosts (dark matter and dark energy) and how can they turn a blind eye to more of the earth haunted house type?

There are now thousands of studies of extremely fast rotating galaxies, all of them the same. There are significant results. In other words, information about the existence of darkness

. It’s not like you see the effect once and it goes away. the size of the effect; This means that its strength remains fairly consistent from study to study. The same is true of dark energy research.

It is synergistic; Repeatable More than a century of attempts to obtain large signal-to-noise data differ from few (one million parts

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Another important point is the evidence that the dark matter surrounding the bright objects we see appears in many places other than rotating galaxies. It is necessary to explain the bending of light by gravitational lensing and to understand the billions of galaxy clusters in the universe. In other words, dark matter is part of a dense web of observations and their explanations. There isn’t a single reason to “believe” in dark matter.

But here’s the rub. People have searched for direct evidence of dark matter for years. It’s the equivalent of seeing the soul with your eyes instead of constantly opening kitchen drawers. After much work, No one has ever found conclusive evidence for a particle of dark matter.

It’s still early in the game, but if you don’t see anything at some point. Scientists may need to reevaluate their “faith” in the dark. In that case, Other explanations apply to the explosions we hear at night.

Adam Frank is the co-founder of the 13.7 blog. Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Rochester; Book author and self-described “science evangelist.” You can follow Adam’s thoughts on Frank T. McAndrew for personal stock in any company or organization benefiting from this article; Not consulting or working for own stock; He has disclosed no affiliations other than his academic appointment. .

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But despite evidence that our brains are wired to see ghosts, The features we see are usually different.

Historians who research and document ghost encounters over time will say that ghosts come in many forms. Some haunt people by appearing in dreams or appearing at unexpected times. Others are hiding somewhere, ready to terrorize all passers-by. Some are spitting images of real people once upon a time. Then there are the noisy and troublesome poltergeists as uncontrollable supernatural forces instead of humans.

What can explain such discrepancies? And are some people more likely to see ghosts than others? It turns out that our religious background may also play a part.

Some argue that religion has evolved as a terror management tool, a convenient way to remove the uncertainty that surrounds one of the most terrifying things we can imagine: death.

How The God You Worship Influences The Ghosts You See

Almost every religion offers an explanation of what happens after we die, and the assurance that death is not the end. In fact, There is evidence that religious extremists do not fear death as much as others.

Protestants; Catholics and Muslims all believe in a day when our souls will be sent to heaven (“Jannah”) or to hell based on our good (or bad) deeds on earth. . Catholics also believe in a halfway house called Purgatory, where those who are too good for Hell to pay their dues before getting a ticket to Paradise are those who don’t deserve Heaven.

Buddhists and Hindus believe in a cycle of death and reincarnation that ultimately leads to a permanent spiritual state. They believe that you play your cards right in every successive life. Even the Jewish faith, which does not really focus on death, assumes that there is an afterlife.

By following clear rules, worshipers can take control: What must they do to make good things happen, not bad, after they take a big dirty nap?

Get Your Spirit In Shape

Religion’s gift for alleviating our anxiety about death is ghosts, It may have the perverse effect of increasing our contact with spirits and other supernatural beings. However, It may depend on how religious you are.

All the available evidence suggests that those who identify themselves as religious but do not regularly attend church are twice as likely to believe in ghosts as those at the two extremes of religious belief: non-believers and deeply religious.

Most religions have impressive prophets, spirits spirits As angels and miracles exist, tenets of religious belief can shape what you see. You can decide whether a visitor from the spirit world is welcome or unwelcome, and can influence who you think you will meet.

For example, In medieval Catholic Europe, Ghosts are believed to be the tormented souls of those suffering in purgatory for their sins. However, During the Protestant Reformation, Because most Protestants believe that souls go immediately to heaven or hell. A special action is performed by angels, demons or believed to be the work of other apparently supernatural beings.

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Most Protestant denominations today are silent on the existence of ghosts, but Catholic theology still accepts the existence of ghosts. Catholics generally believe that God can allow the dead to visit their counterparts on earth, but the Church has traditionally condemned occult practices such as chants and Ouija boards.

In some religions, such as Voodoo, spirits and ghosts play a central role. Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism support belief in ghosts, but ghosts play only a minor role in religion. For Hindus, ghosts are the souls of people who have suffered violence.

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