How To Get Verified On Spotify

How To Get Verified On Spotify – Being a certified artist on Spotify means more than just getting a blue checkmark next to your name. It can be a huge help in attracting the attention of playlist curators and other influencers and increasing your followers.

The way Spotify identifies artists has recently changed. They actually made the process a lot easier. You no longer need to hit your follower threshold or fill out a separate verification form. Just access the new “Spotify for Artists”.

How To Get Verified On Spotify

How To Get Verified On Spotify

This is a bit on the nose, but above all, your music should be uploaded correctly and appear in your artist profile. There are several ways you can do this. But the easiest solution is to work with a music service company that will do everything for you. Companies like this will make your music available not only on Spotify, but also on many other streaming services such as Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Red, and more.

Get Verified On Spotify

When your music is ready, simply access “Spotify for Artists”. Artists and admins can click here.

Check if you are an artist, manager, label or others. Choose a name, account and email address to use for notifications.

Finally, if you are an artist, all you need to do is find a page and link to it. If you are an admin or label, select the artist page you want to monitor.

Then just hit submit and you’re all set! Very simple, right? It may take a few days for Spotify to grant you access, but once you’re in, you’ll get a lot of new features, including:

How To (actually) Get Verified On Spotify & Apple Music

When you access Spotify, after a while you’ll see a nice blue checkmark next to the artist’s name.

Want more tips and guidance? Join our mailing list and receive posts directly to your inbox! A blue check mark or check mark icon confirms that the utility bill is the real deal. Major brands, celebrities and other celebrities are easy to impersonate. Anyone with an internet connection can impersonate themselves, spread misinformation, and defraud fans and customers. Certification badges are used to distinguish public figures from scammers.

A checkmark next to a name is an important milestone that many musicians and artists look forward to because they symbolize authenticity and notoriety. The process of getting certified badges on social media platforms and streaming services has become easier over the past few years. You no longer have to be a world-famous star with millions of followers to qualify for certification, but the requirements vary from platform to platform.

How To Get Verified On Spotify

Let’s take a look at the specific parameters and steps required to get certified on various streaming services and social networks in 2022.

Spotify For Artists: How To Claim Your Profile And Build Your Following

Spotify may be the least artist-friendly platform in terms of paying royalties, but it’s definitely one of the most demanding platforms when it comes to validation. Spotify has required at least 250 followers on its platform for verification, but this number has dropped in recent years. Now literally any musician can register as an artist and easily get a badge next to their name. Here’s how.

Please wait a moment. It may take several days for your confirmation request to be confirmed. Use this time to prepare your Spotify artist account. Add images, update your bio, upload new music, organize content and set up artist selection.

It’s also a good idea to check out popular and relevant playlists and consider subscribing. Check out our detailed guide on how to get placed in a Spotify playlist.

If your application for certification is approved, a blue checkmark will appear next to the artist name. Then you can access your analytics and see who’s listening to your music.

How To Get Verified On Social Media

Apple Music’s authentication process is almost identical to Spotify’s. Here’s what you need to do:

Your application will be reviewed and approved within approximately two days. If all information is correct, you will receive confirmation without any problems.

Tidal is one of the most generous companies when it comes to royalty payments, but programs for artists are still being built. The only way to claim, view, and get paid for streaming on an artist page is through one of our music distributors. Tidal’s current partners are CD Baby, DistroKid, STEM, Symphonic and TuneCore. If you are not working with them, you can contact Tidal directly to find out options.

How To Get Verified On Spotify

From this point on, certification becomes more difficult. Unlike streaming platforms, which are done only by providing artist information, SoundCloud must meet parameters to qualify for further validation.

Spotify Playlists: Your Secret Guide To Getting Featured

Application review may take up to a month. Watch time is shorter for Pro Unlimited subscribers. If your request is denied, you have 30 days to re-apply for certification.

Musicians can create official YouTube artist channels with tools for automatic (and manual) content curation, promotion, and fan engagement. There are several requirements that must be met to qualify as an Official Artist Channel.

Upon successful receipt of an artist’s official channel through a record label, distributor, or YouTube Partner Manager, it is automatically verified as genuine.

If you haven’t yet achieved as much media awareness as Instagram demands, it’s best to spend some time preparing and getting more impressions before applying for certification. You may be able to contact some branches or hire a PR representative to help get your name out there.

Verified Artist Profiles

Claim your Google knowledge board, appear in dozens of publications, and add your own photos to social media, as well as album covers and logos. All of this helps to build a convincing case and greatly increases your chances of being confirmed on Instagram.

If your application is denied, you can apply again within 30 days. Do not log in multiple times in a row. It doesn’t increase your chances of being authenticated. Instagram says these actions actually invalidate your login.

Many people believe that when you receive a verification badge on Instagram, you are automatically verified on Facebook and vice versa. Not true. You must apply for certification separately on each platform.

How To Get Verified On Spotify

Eligibility requirements are the same for Facebook and Instagram. Check above and fill out this form to request verification on Facebook.

Musixmatch Pro, For Artists And Music Creators

TikTok is the most difficult row to gamble on. The platform doesn’t even offer a certificate registration option! If you’re popular enough and your content is performing well, you’ll receive a verification badge. TikTok has a dedicated team to find celebrities, famous creators, influencers and brands.

To be one of the chosen few, you must meet almost the same criteria as other social media platforms. This means you must be authentic, unique, prominent person with an active account and of course comply with the TikTok Terms and Conditions.

What will help you get noticed is to keep your posting schedule consistent, keep your audience engaged, grow your followers, and build word of mouth. Everything is so easy. If your TikTok manager or PR rep doesn’t have enough time, creative juice or money, it’s a good idea to use your resources to master the technique and get featured in more and more media. In this way, you will organically grow your notoriety and TikTok will probably take you there with no extra work.

In the process of earning badges with ticks, you will come across an offer to confirm your purchase. Avoid like an epidemic. Anyone trying to sell verified badges is committing a scam and is violating the rules of the platform.

Spotify For Artists: The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your Streams

Even if these sellers offer badges, the risk of being detected is higher than you think. After this type of policy violation, you may be permanently blocked and lose all audiences, links, content, etc. You have to force start from scratch. safe!

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How To Get Verified On Spotify

8 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2022 Level up your music marketing game. Use these tips to grow your fan base and effectively promote your music online. Alas, the blue tick I always wanted. Instantly certify your favorite rappers on Twitter, certify travel photographers on Instagram and legitimize some of the biggest brands on Facebook.

Spotify For Artists

Validation remains a mystical (and inconsistent) honor badge everywhere.

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